True Facts About The Tarsier

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A Tarsier disguises itself to look like a teddy bear, undergoing colonoscopy 
This here folks is a MONKEY MUST watch for funny bone ticking at it's finest!  Thanks for the heads up on this one +Walter White !
Yes Paul Geiger, the World NEEDS more people like him RIGHT NOW, to lift the spirits of the disenchanted who ARE everywhere, and LAUGHTER is SUCH a RARE thing to have people doing these days, and so it IS A GIFT to be ABLE to do that! Lesley
+Lesley Mills giggle 100% agree !!!!!!! 😍😉☺😊😀😃😄
"Remember to eat your vegeetables or else you'll look like this freaky tarsier."
I almost could not breath for a few seconds after he said that.  He has a rare gift, IMO
Thomas Sanjurjo Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
If you are in for a rough day, watch this.
I'm a 29 year old man. Why have I spent an entire hour watching True Facts? What is wrong with me?
Nothing, says you have a sense of humor.  Not all people do
Hey...that's that guy from Madagascar.. I meant king Julian's posse ..right??
No, Mort is a pygmy mouse lemur. This is a tarsier.
I always thought he was a tarsier... Then I thought he was a bush baby... And now looking it up Kevin is right he is a mouse lemur
u forgot a fact about this tarsier: Tarsiers lives in Bohol, Philippines
Some of his videos have more facts than others.  I like most of them, but it's very cool when he can squeeze a lot of facts in between the humor
There are a million reasons why this is my favorite animal but this video explains enough of them to allow the world to see a peep into why.
When I was a toddler I thought this animal was a cute gremlin 😑
That moment when your anthropology professor shows this video in class as an educational tool.
Yep. Mine did the same thing.
I don't know why but this video cracks me up every single time, especially when the narrator gets thrown off by the sight of this thing. My wife thinks I'm crazy as a result.
its pronounced tar-SHEER
you people are morons, mostly Jami Clayton. It is totally immaterial of pronounciation.
I lost it when he started laughing lol
"if you challenge the tersie to a staring contest, it would not understand a word you say" i fucking die 
Please, do one about the Slow Loris!
XD it would a pee pee
+Michael Leavitt  mentioned the tarsier, however you pronounce it. What planet did they come from?   Wow, interesting and funny. 
I think I saw one of them at the Duke Lemur Center this spring.  Lemurs are very interesting.
Its pronounced "Tar-sheer" not pronounced in a french accent, in the Philippines
He knows that. Watch the Chameleon video and you'll understand.
They are both creepy and cute at the same time. It's the hands that freak me out 😬
It's not pronounced as " tar-see-ay". It's pronounced as "tarshir".
He knows that. Watch the Chameleon video and you'll understand.
Fucking lost it at the description of it's camouflage strategy!!!
I have watched this video several times and it makes me crack up every single time. I love it!!! Tarsiers are so freakishly cute!
True Facts About The Tarsier: http://youtu.be/6Jz0JcQYtqo My new favorite animal
Thanks! You made my day!
The tarshir has indeed not invented a single item.
I love your videos...you are a genius...and a funny one at that. Be well. 
Am I the only one that thinks the tarsier is kind of adorable?
True facts about the wolf! Please!
"A teddy bear undergoing a colonoscopy..." LMAO
If I had to choose between Ze Frank and Morgan Freeman narrating my life, I'd tell Frank to tell my friend a story.
Dude you need to work at Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, millionarie idea ;) It would be a hit! I almost pissed myself watching several of your animal videos.
Oh my god it's so cute I could die.
at 4 month they can what?
Those eyes! It looks like the spawn of satin in monkey form
Josh Schneider Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Your life in Jelly beans. I bet you'll go "hmm.. Huhm. hmmmm" then think about things for a few seconds. ... before you click something else and use up another jelly bean.
Wait this was the wrong video. lol
'you may not have noticed, but a tarsier's eyes are large'
check my channel out !  LEMONADE LEMONADE LEMONADE
Robert Mathies Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
are humans kin to this ?
My cat and this thing are twins.  HUGE EYES & QUITE SMALL.
LOL OMG this is so funny, his comments are hilarious!!
I blacked out from laughing at this video.
Omg funniest thing I have ever seen ever!!! Had to pause it so many times just to give myself time to calm down :')
+zefrank1 True Facts about Elk....that should happen
true facts about the salamander 
At 1:07 I laughed so freaking hard :D
haha you seriously make me laugh , love your videos!
At four months old- what??? CLIFF HANGER noooo.
I'm a vegietarian raptor so no danger. Peace be with him, but bad karma.
Do one on the Pangolin!
No offense, they are really cute but they kind of look like elderly animals. Just saying, they're are very cute. ^_^
Luc De Coninck Shared on Google+ · 16 hours ago
I have never watched one of these videos without laughing my ass off
I laughed too hard at this
Any time I'm trying to blend into the forest, I pretend to be a Teddy Bear undergoing a colonoscopy! 
do they wear contact lens
1:34 "this, incidentally, is the cover of the children's book ........" LMAO
This is the same voice that does that cat commercial...
+Elise Wilson The one that's rom the cats' perspective towards humans. Several times human behavior is mentioned its commented on as odd.
It is illegal to use flash photography when taking a picture of a tarsier because of it's large eyes and it can blind them
Must stare straight ahead and swivel its ne-holy crap! Did you see that?! That's like some exorcist shit lmao XD
I don't know if it's cute or terrifying!
Looks like a Furby after taking LSD for the first time...
love you strange world and animals
Hey Ze Frank! Im filipino and its pronouced as Tar-Sheer.
Morgan Freeman needs to narrate About the beginning of tarsiers eating vegetables so it will look nicer :-)
Genius writing lolll Love these :)
"Lizard Has A Shitty Day"hahaha I lost it 
its pronounced tar-sheer not tar-shee-year
oh and also it is only native to the Philippines, and it is now an endangered species
Are fruit sufficient to not look like a tarsier?
man did it looked stoned
I couldent see its eyes :I
Is there a Pangolin true facts?
0:00 to 0:17 looks like it's drunk XD
This has been my favorite animal for over a decade and I never knew it was pronounced "tar-zee-A".
+omggg94  Actually he is pronouncing it correctly, it's kind of like tomato tomato, but the way he is saying it is most common.
kia inkognito Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
sarcastic documentary about tarsier ^_^ hahahaha the speaker
This cute little animals may look cute but thay can kill people believe it or not
I absolutely love your videos. Great footage and the commentary is informative but so god damn funny its not even fair. I cried laughing watching this one in particular.
That really rustled my jimmies.
Dmitriy B Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
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