Jeffress: Gays Brainwashing America

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Robert Jeffress cites the anti-gay group NARTH to argue that gays are brainwashing America

Charles Socrades died in 2005 so since Jeffress said he was the current president of NARTH, it appears that this sermon is quite old.  Jeffress said that gays want to make Christians appear shrill.  Gays don't have to do anything to make Jeffress appear shrill.  Have no doubt about this, Jeffress does not care one bit about homosexuals.  He just doesn't want any contradictions with his religion.  And the crap that Paul wrote about homosexuals clearly shows he didn't know what the hell he was talking about.  In Romans 1 Paul claims that homosexual attractions develop in people who worship as god the statues of ancient pagan religions.  Paul was an idiot.
If anyone is shrill, it's this guy. Yack. His voice grates on my ears.
1972 Gay Rights Platform- they wanted to abolish the legal age of sexual consent AND legalize prostitution.  If you dont support this, you are a bigot and not tolerant.  And lets not forget the ever popular "why do you care, how does it impact you. 
They have been doing this for years.  Im glad I am not the only one to notice it.  Where were all these supporters 5, 10 years ago?  Whats that tell you?   The media normalizes it, they are like sheep and line up "yes sir, yes mam. Look at the replies below from the homosexuals.  Just like the man said.  They redefine words, twist meanings etc.  Example:  if someone is raped and you dont like it, YOU are not tolerant of rape and YOU are the problem.  Then they use "bigot" all the time.  The definition according to dictionary.com is "person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion".  Well have you EVER met a homosexual who was tolerant of your opinion to disagree with their lifestyle?  There you have it folks, its easy to see.
Holy, pot calling the kettle black?  I do love irony.
@Ranokian When did I lie in my comments, slander you, blacklist you or disrespect you? You are officially lying on me by implying that I did all of those things & thus disrespecting me. I respect people, but I don't agree with homosexuality. Now, my point in the matter has always been that those who disagree with homosexuality are being called homophobic & that is an abuse of the term. You are assuming a lot about me & officially lied on me concerning the arguments I have put forth.
Oh no! These people happen to be people!? Oh the humanity!
"They portray... anybody who is against homosexuals as being shrill, being uneducated, being bigoted in their beliefs..." Now who would want to portray Pastor Jeffress as shrill?
religion is just another form of brainwashing you try to make people think your faith is truth
The Chinese?! Oh, we can't have that!
Why is he the color of a Dorito?
I know! It's so frustrating! Only us Christians should get to brainwash people!!!
@Ranokian Simplicity is how I stay out of webs of deceit & I'm very capable of delving into complex issues, but the gay lifestyle (or you can choose the title), is one that I don't waver on. I have NOTHING against the people. I remember working with a woman who happened to be lesbian. I told her straight up that I did not agree with her LIFESTYLE, but I respected her as a person. We worked better together than anyone else in the office & she NEVER called me homophobic. I respect her to this day.
this guy is definitely a repressed homosexual...so sad
@jeffsandychelsea My "own book?" Excuse me but you don't think you know what "my book" might be. Besides, it sounds like there is some confusion between the Hebrew (Old Testament) and the Christain (New Testament).
either way it makes no sense ....gays are people tooo
@MyVideoStop 1 of 2 Very interesting view (I like the shows listed, but not the Beatles:>)). I actually see the bigger picture of what he is talking about. Just look around or listen to what is happening, there is a growing move to discredit or verbally abuse those (by using the typical homophobic, hater, intolerant labels) who have the right to disagree homosexuality. If someone says Jeffress is wrong, then fine that is their right, but that is not what I am seeing & reading. continued...
It is as normal as heterosexuality. The only threat to marriage are heterosexuals who, with all the legal structures and protection of society and church, routinely commit adultery, molest children, legal together un-married and divorce at at rate of 50%. Get the log out of your ouwn eye before removing the splinter from your neighbors!
@DrSanjayRape You're analyzing & have enough sense to blame the writer. However, may others do not. Most people will fall victim to the agenda & believe me, it is an agenda. Who wants to be called hateful,homophobic or intolerant when they simply disagree w/ homosexuality? People have been backed into the corner & are afraid of the labels & it goes beyond media. Take a look at the results of the agenda, i.e. YouTube comments, even on this vid. They won't challenge facts,but will attack w/labels.
isnt this guy just one small step away from White Supremest? And ill almost put a hundred on it? He's probably gay himself.
This is laughable. These hateful bigots will be part of our history soon. Let's just stay strong. Justice will win.
It's just plainly obvious that Jeffress is a closeted homosexual, so is Rick Perry.
WATCH OUT! will&grace is a brainwashing show!! LMAOO
I cant believe I went to this church 2 weeks ago:( I've been brainwashed by churches and christians. Fact. The manipulation tactics hurt like hell. Gays are people too. Sorry. We have feelings. Does Jeffress want us portrayed as freaks? Like animals? No. I can see clear. The only animals are the ones beating us into the ground. And that is a fact.
God has condemned you for cutting your hair, shaving your beard, wearing cloths of mixed fabrics, allowing women to speak in church. With all the religious schools, day cares, and camps, who again is recruiting people?
@BibleThumperTV I did not say you are doing these things. Sorry if you have that idea. What I'm saying is as long as you dont do you these things, respect is given. You seem like a intelligent chap to me, so why an earth are you speaking about the homosexual lifestyle? it is quite obvious that such a word is a gross simplification. I cant imagine that it serves for any other purpose than to identify the "other", the opponent, if you want to use that word.
God's truth has a way of convicting. Our sin isn't pointed out to us because of hatred, It's quite the opposite. The homosexual lifestyle basically tells God that he made a mistake.and that men should be with men and women with women. It takes love to show a person where they are wrong and offer them salvation. That's what God does for us all
I think normal people need to be strong and not accept this media brainwashing. If you dont agree with it, just say in a nice clear voice to anyone who pushes it to you.
@DrSanjayRape Noted concerning company kept. "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners", the Apostle Paul wrote in 1st Corinthians 15:33. It is sad to say, but the blind rage has become the standard reaction towards those who disagree with the gay lifestyle. It is rapidly becoming the building blocks of persecution. For some, the issue with NARTH is not the catalyst for their rage. I appreciate your kindness, intelligence and the information concerning NARTH. Thanks again!
This moron Jeffrees calls himself a doctor.. where did he go to school? Somewhere on "Little House on the Prairie" He preaches hatred and non-compassion which creates division and separatism instead of preaching love to all.
Showing people who are anti-gay as uneducated? You're doing a good job of that yourself mister.
Wait, ZombieJesus guy is talking about the indoctrination of brainwashing?
i wonder if he can get it up anymore? doubt it.
@CosmicApe2 really! ..and against Jews...thats all it is....bring it back to early 1930's germany - and there you have it....... :)
This man is 100% correct. The queer train has gone down the tracks far enough. It's time to derail it.
normalcy has nothing to do with % or numbers. It is simply part of the mix of God's creation. There is very little mention of homosexuality in the Bible although it is called an abomination. It had nothing to do with morality. It had all to do with the then understanding that all life was carried in the male semen, that the woman was simply a vessel to carry the seed. Wasting the seed on another man, masturbation, sex during menstral periods, etc. was the abomination. Only God judges not u!
@Marqus33308 So the Old Testament just doesn't count anymore? Is that it? God's perfect word is complete shit now that a new book came out? Spare me.
This would sound better in German.
@Ranokian I can't give credit to the right wing for me noticing the agenda hard at work. Now, I was simply amazed that Jeffress listed everything that I have notice over the years. I observed the agenda for myself through media, conversations and a number of other ways. So, for me, & many others, the right wingers had NOTHING to do with it. Even my children noticed it in school. My son, who is very peaceful, was labeled as a person "who beats up gays" just b/c he disagreed with the lifestyle.
@BibleThumperTV I'm not asking you to agree with me. I just want some basic respect. What I do care about are the lies. The slander. The so called "facts", information pulled out of context. The generalizations, the deeper thoughts about the whole choice argument. Even you speak about the lifestyle, while it should be obvious that not all gays have the same lifestyle. And talking about my morals while YOU do the blacklisting is pure hypocrisy. You're not in the position to cast the first stone
He is right. I dont really care if your a fag or straight. If you thinks it is OK to be gay,good for you. I shouldnt be shunned because I believe homosexuality is wrong. Relegion aside,using science,the main agenda of ALL animals is to reproduce to keep the species alive. That is a fact,its been written. Im not a racist nor a bigot,I dont commit hate crimes. Im not even a religious person. Organized relegion is stupid to me. This is fucking America and everyone is intitled to their own beliefs.
let me get this straight. His name is Charlie Socrates and he works at Einstein College?
He sounds like the closeted version of the super-gay guy from the Youtube channel What the Buck
Id love to meet this asshole and punch him right in the mouth.
This guy is so ignorant, it's not even fucking funny.
I'm glad attitudes like this are dying out. It is nice to see that support for gay rights have become a majority, albeit slim, and still growing in this country. Science and understanding advance ever onward and religious stupidity dwindles wonderfully.
As soon as he said "Dr Socrates of the Einstein foundation" I knew it was a bullshit appeal to authority.
Sorry but this guy is a ((MARY)) a Closeted Mary........bet he has a Good Porn Collection, hidden well of course......what a sad pathetic person.
@MyVideoStop (oops 2 of 3) I listened to the vid several times & did not hear any hate in it. He strongly disagreed, but did not call any names or use derogatory terms. I will copy & paste some the responses to his message. "Jeffress is a closeted homosexual", "Religious freak", "isnt this guy just one small step away from White Supremest","bigot","wow- what a sick man", "..bet he has a Good Porn Collection, hidden well of course......what a sad pathetic person". continued...
If I was so successful at brainwashing America, I'd probs be getting a lot more straight guy sex. What's up with that, Rob?
@Marqus33308 The bible tells you to kill gays. It also tells you that people who work on sunday should be killed. You have NO idea what your own book says, do you?
I am sure this guy has had a lot of jamming sessions with alter boys.
"....He is also the President of the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. I have no idea if he is a Christian or not...." Really dude? A guy that is the president of an organization that supports reparative therapy; bases their arguments on a hodgepodge of pseudo-science. An organization that claims to be secular yet time and time again participates in ex-gay events put on by religious zealot organizations like Focus on The Family. Of course he is a religious zealot!
there is one just type in 3rd reich speech and thenclick any of them and you got his entire thing
“homosexuality is being crammed down our throats."-Evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress Tee Hee! ^_^
I am not a right winger by any stretch, but the challenge for those cursing this video is to prove him wrong in regards to the methods used. NOT all the "F" this guy & all that immature nonsense. DO YOU SEE THE METHODS used on the MASSES that he talking about? I do & have seen it for years. So many people are claiming to be scientific, well here is your chance. Analyze the data & see what the truth is. "F" this & "F" that is a cop out for non-thinkers & angry folks. RESEARCH!!!
What is up with these weirdos, so obsessed with gay people? Yeah, we ARE people just like anyone else. *Sigh*
@BibleThumperTV If you show a minority as normal people, the sympathy for that group will grow. That is a normal reaction. There is no agenda involved here, no movement of people with a goal in mind. What the right wing has done, is to vilify gays on a large scale. The "homosexual agenda" for instance, is a cash cow. It creates cash for the right wing, and it is used to identify gays as an evil movement, one big conspiracy. What the right wing does is methodical blacklisting. Here is your method
God is perfect. He makes no mistakes at all. Only people make mistakes, whether that is through their actions or through their interpretations.
@BibleThumperTV Dear Biblethumper, I'm afraid that you do not understand, or perhaps do not wish to see, that if you talk about gays in a very general term, like you do, its flat out insulting. It is close to nigge... Well you get what I'm saying. There is no "gay lifestyle". Adapting that word shows that you are willing to think in very simplistic terms. And that is never a good thing. And I agree with you, the language used against you is not correct. But you do spark emotion, a lot of emotion
Why yes, my Homosexual Mind Control Device has been working overtime lately because I need to convert some people so I can get my toaster oven.
@CosmicApe2 That, in a hysterical tone of voice, with violent waving of arms, from behind a podium - preferably in a vast crowd of hearers with attitudes like the speaker's. Yes, gay people are human persons, just as Pastor Jeffress is a human person. There is no need for sympathy w/ fictional gay people, for many gay people have real problems - as in Uganda. What is wrong with compassion with those who suffer ? St. Paul says "Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep".
These despicable animals physically attack gays publicly all the time.
clean up your own yard. Remember Rev Page Patterson from your church. The high ranker which was a secret gay many people knew about. Just clean up your own dirty yard and try to teach the Bible.
oh my god, this guys voice is grating! Note so self: Next time visiting D.C., must check out underground gay brainwashing facility. Ask if they have extra giant doom lazars.
Oh yes, that's definitely what God wants us to believe. Bigotry is not wrong. No one deserves to be treated equally as God's perfect creation. What a good CHRISTIAN MAN!-_-
Dr. Socarides has a gay son who worked for President Clinton. If the leader of a "reparative therapy" organization can't raise his own children to be heterosexual, why is Robert Jeffress stupid enough to consider him an authority? ("Stupid enough"? Answered my own question!)
@BibleThumperTV No one wants to shut you up. Just behave in a reasonable manner. No more lies, no more generalizations. An example: Hitler's normal soldiers wound't perform the atrocities he wanted them to do so he had to recruit Christian soldiers who had no moral limits to hurt whoever they were sent after. This statement is absurd of course. These not the exact words of Bryan Fischer's AFA, he replaced Christians with "homosexuals". That is hate speech and not disagreeing with a lifestyle
As for you comment that no one dares use a Biblical verse to support LGBT persons, the writer was not supporting homosexuality. They were quoting Christ's call to humbly realize that we are all sinful creatures and not to focus too much on other's sins. It would appear that you do not feel that you measure up when confronted with the truth of the Gospel.
@Marqus33308 HE SHOULD SEND YOU A THANK YOU CARD because you actually proved his point!!! Where is the hate in the speech? Do you know what the Bible, in which Christians believe & follow, says about the subject? It is actually unChristian to be in approval of the lifestyle. Proverbs 18:13 "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him."
didn't i see this guy licking a koala bear's ass hole?
notice how he quotes this "doctor" who has been dead since 1995 and who was one of 3 psychs who were in denial of the APA removing gays from disorder list. he saw deep pockets of the morons who still thought like middle age idiots. he tells the flock about him like he is a legitimate doctor.
Mr. Jeffress, I fully believe in and support the first amendment so (although I disagree) I respect your thoughts. Keep in mind however they are YOUR thoughts. God never called any of his children are abnormal. After all in Jeremiah 1:5 it states that God knew us in the womb before He created us. Why would He create something abnormal??? Lastly, I'll use your own weapon Matthew 7:12 "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you," I will continue to pray for you, brother
@Ranokian I want to make sure that I am not misunderstood. Disagreeing is not hate speech. Even saying "this is bad for my kids" is not hate speech. "No one wants to shut you up", is not true. There are plenty who do not want to hear ANY opposition to the gay/homosexual lifestyle. So maybe you should, "I don't want to shut you up". Take the time to read the comments aimed towards those who disagree with the "gay" lifestyle. There you will find extreme hate speech as well.Thanks for the response.
@pinkmonkeyfrog It is from that "allover" spray tan. The thought of which almost made me lose my lunch.
How the fuck does he know what god said? What a moron sounds like to me he is the brainwashed scumbag trying to brainwash others.
@fromthehaven94 Ooohh, yeah, jam that shit down my throat bitch!
I'm happy that I'm not a delusional ignorant raggedy ass motherfucker that believes in fictional characters and books and therefore is discriminatory against others that don't believe this. I go as far to daresay that religious Christians are tantamount to the inferior Islamic people that also want to subjugate people under their will At the end of the day,I don't give a fuck if my next-door neighbor is gay or what. Now, I want to confess something: I think The Lord of the Rings is a true story
I should do a shot next time I hear someone say "crammed down our/my/your throat".
Two hot guys, with amazing bodies bumping uglies; these baptists just cannot stop think about it. Over and over, they just can't believe how sinful and awful, yet they cannot stop lookin and thinkin and dreamin. IT Does not take an astrophysist to figure out that deep down they love young men, really love handsome, hunky, & sexy fellows. Queer they be and queer folk they hate. Leave the judging to someone else; & stay away from Jewish Holy Books, you don't understand Hebrew traditions.
@Ranokian I will go back & read the posts. As you stated in a slightly different way, YT does not send a notification for each response. I have no idea how many responses I received on this video.
@2:00 Hey, at least he's honest about being a bigot....
@BibleThumperTV The problem with arguing with this guy's theories is that there's not much "meat" to his arguments. I'll accept the possibility of a mass homosexual conspiracy, but I'll need to see some more solid proof. When I see negative depictions of gays in the media I tend to blame the individual writers, not a vast anti-gay conspiracy. I think his point about jamming gives me some more to work with- incidentally NARTH, which he's quoting has problems with dubious research and fraud.
@BibleThumperTV I've read those comments and they are frankly, disgusting. It's clear that people are blinded by rage. However the tenor of those comments is perhaps unsurprising considering the fact that members of the NARTH board of directors have been accused of torture in their pursuit of experimental neo-Freudian "ex-gay" therapies. Pastor Jeffress and all Christians would be wise to be careful of whom they associate with in their mission to spread the Word.
@BibleThumperTV RIghtly said! Not agreeing with homosexuality does not mean Homophobic. Many such as yourself you don't agree with it, but respect homosexuals. Furthermore, I for one am actually am a homophobic yet I do agree with homosexuality.
What's being crammed down our throats is your religion!
@BibleThumperTV You clearly did not read my post that started with: "Dear Biblethumper". I dont blame you, Youtube only sends one reaction to your mailbox, while I posted two. I suggest you read that post, it contains whatever I wanted to say about the "Lifestyle".
So...if we've been using these brainwashing techniques then they must SUCK because I still don't have all my FUCKING RIGHTS. Idiot motherfucker.
haha wow you know what people like him make me proud to be gay just so we can spit in his face
And he calls himself a "Christian?" His speech is nothing short of what is total unChristian like hatred.
I bet he likes things crammed own his throat
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