Penguins Rescued from Oil Spill

by uzoouk • 7,635 views

In Maldonado, Uruguay, these unlucky Magellanic penguins were rescued from an oil spill during their annual migration to Brazil. Click to subscribe for more cute videos: http://bit.ly/ZqphqC Why...

Penguins!!!!! sooooo adorableee, yeah thank god for rescuers!!! and UZoo sharing all of these amazing stories!!!
d'awwww Penguins. Thank you for the vid.
when you stay at a hotel for a week, u forget how to cook? its instinct they will do fine :)
@Francesca Silvana Scoppio What are you talking about?
Won't these birds forget how to survive and die when sent back out in the wild?
Wow, thank god for rescuers
It's like '89 all over again when I was in Juneau, AK during the Exxon Valdez spill...big oil sucks!
I didn't know they came to Brazil every year... :D
Hey! I'm from Patagonia. And I'm study to make the change and being useful. I didn't know the emigrate to Brazil neither! xD
The unfortunate thing about oil-soaked birds is that after they're released they often die anyway. So a lot of the time these efforts are in vain.
did you know penguins can fly at a speed of 200km?
ONly stupids could enjoy to see animals in a cage...
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