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Jurassic Park Trespasser Gameplay and Commentary

by penguinz0 • 982,853 views

This is the greatest dinosaur hunting of All Time

"Like minecraft with guns" -IGN 2014
''Like Skyrim with IGN'' -IGN 2015
Was the boob tattoo supposed to be the health bar?
Why would it even... No, I guess I kinda... yeah, whatever...
This game scared the shit out of me as a kid.
5:25 Wait a second: Did this game actually have bump-mapping? Goodness, it really WAS ahead of its time
how do you get this i also literally almost died laughing
Look down. See tits. INNOVATION!
i dont mind a tomb raider FPS with that innovation included lmfao
the best kind of innovation, i must add.
Surgeon Simulator 1997.
Did anyone notice that the heart tattoo on the breast is actually the health bar? When he died, it turned full red.
+Enzo _ The tattoo should have been on her wrist or something, that would have been cool and a good idea :)
+yocleo3007 That would be way better 
Epic deadly duel of titan again the Velociraptor.
Jojo arm pose simulator
His voice is kind of hypnotic :\
MLB? more like MLG [Muffled Airhorns in the distance]
Ha I got this game for my birthday as a kid when it came out, still have it too. Its a shame it didnt turn out well, the physics and how the arm worked was on its way to a much more realistic platform for shooting games. Instead of having just the gun model shoved in your screen
I agree, but it just doesnt work so...
"Gargantuan meat cleaver hands" is the reason i subscribed.
Anyone else want more shooters where we can not only see our feet, but when we look down we see tits?
I have small hands but I'm pretty sure they're still twice the diameter of my wirst, although towards my elbow they're slightly wider then my hands. Basically I'm either normal or an abomination apparently.
"E.T phone home WHAT THE FUCK" LOL
Nice Titties, The terrain may look like shit. The objects may look like shit, The texture may look like shit.. But these tits look marveles. xD
The heart on her boobs got filled in what
is that a trick question?
Did anyone else notice the tattoo was just a sketch at first, but when he got knocked down, it became a full one?
When the game came out in 1998 one german magazine commented this with "Je roter, desto toter", roughly "The redder, the deader"
HEgeHEYH GO TO tRutHcOnTestcOm< rEAd The PreSEnt`5
The heart tattoo on her boobs fills in with color as she takes damage, so to find out how much health you have, you gotta examine the titties.
I haven't noticed that music or voices in this game until today
The tattoo on the left boob coloured itself when you died lool :D
It's your health indicator; it colors when you take damage
How does this have no comments
7:01 looks like my germanshepard trying take the stick :D
Aww the first critical I ever watched. It was just sitting in the front page of YouTube alluring me with mystery, so glad I found this guy two years ago
"un-sportsman like behavior... you piece of shit... he just walked over the baseball bat and i think it killed him" you got me i have asthma jesus christ
u sound like the actor who plays dexter on dexter but more dry
Back these days this game had to be impressive. A primitive physics. Open world. The graphic suck, but each game form this eriod looks similar, or even worse.
why is it not as simple as download and play? 
+Skullreaper7  Search for torrents. Trespasser CDs might no longer exist at this time.
Shes got hands like the mighty Truckasaurus Rex!
This was the first game using ragdoll physics, just a fun fact.. if anybody.. cares.. Anyway awesome vid :D
+irbster Ernest Evans for the Genesis.
As soon as he looked down I was waiting for "Nice titties"
If I had made the game, the controls would be a lot easier to comprehend. Toggle pickup/ drop with right mouse. Shoot with left mouse. Move arm with mouse pad/ mouse. Turn left and right with a&d, respectively. Strafe left and right by holding SHIFT and pressing a&d, respectively. Free look by pressing ALT, like in ARMA. Thumbs up if this control scheme makes more sense, thumbs down if not, I can take criticism.
"Oh fuck no. "Stop. "The madness." Funniest part for me.
Where can i download it?? please reply i really wanna play this! :D
google "Jurassic Park Trespasser download". theisozone>scroll down>download>opens cloud something>download
Be sure to use ATX mod for better rendering and high-resolution display.
This was the first video i ever saw with cr1tical, i almost laughted my ass of
This was the first i ever saw of this guy, he is awesome
Welcome to the most godly entity in the world.
Anyone else want more shooters where we can not only see our feet, but when we look down we see tits?
gameplay footage of Far cry 4 for the Wii U
More Trespasser, please? I'd like to see you take on the Tyrannosaurs. :3
Where can I get this game?
I thought a bird had a field day crapping on the tree.
But those titties look marvelous
this game has dinosaurs, titties and sperm covered trees...what more can a gamer want?! 
Damn I used to play this a while back
Cr1TiKaL is the best
Fun fact: melee weapons do no damage in this game because when the player holstered them, they would collide with the player model and drain their health.
Well least i know who's octodads ex wife.
Where do you find these freaking games man?
thats what i always wonder
+Thezombieslayer175 I was just referring to the state of affairs in the English language, and how this is ruining everything, but if you want to play it as if I were supporting censorship, then I will say this. YOU MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKING BITCH WHORE, I CAN ALSO SAY WHATEVER I WANT YOU FAGGOT!
hahaha i was not expecting the turok reference
Turok ain't got shit on this shit.
I can't believe that Dinosaur died after walking over your baseball bat :D
"Her hands were designed to play hungry hungry hippos and nothing else" omg hahahhaha
Because game developers have not evolved like this one has
Are you kidding with me? That game was the shit for its time!
I wonder how much porn Cr1TiKaL watches
This was the hardest and most confusing game of my childhood. I remember me and my friends spending an entire night TRYING to play this game, and we never figured it out. But the boobs were nice. The health bar we figured out pretty quickly.
My first Cr1tikal video was the QWOP one :) so funny.
This game actually has quite a tragic development history.
Yes, because you need high definition for a pixellated polygon game.
i don't want to work i just want to bang on the drum all day
No just the top comment and the 49 people who thumbed it up.
"this weapon feels like half empty"
It'd be great to see Cr1tikal do a long play of Trespasser. Mainly because he's one of the few people who somehow managed to get it to run smoothly.
everything is shit exept the tits lol
How do you say this with a straight face I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING
Cr1tikal needs to play Crash Bandicoot.
A phenomenon, an anomaly, a phenomally.
man this game is awesome we have to look at her boobs to know how much health left...instead of the stupid breathing and heart beat sounds in cod...i will try to convince my gf to make a tattoo like her xD
Jurassic Park 4: The Adventures of Bigboobs McNoodlearm and the Mentally Handicapped Velociraptor Coming to a theater near you
Its not a piece of crap ;-; its a vision gone wrong.
There is only one way to defeat a colasol creature like this, u must shove a bat up his anus. Lol
you sounds like barney rubble from the flintstones
you know a game is excellent when a dinosaur can get killed by stepping on a perfectly still baseball bat
This game needs to be remade with Razer Hydra support.
You are the funniest kid on YouTube
A medical mystery, an anomaly, i would even go as far as calling that a phenomenon
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