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Skylands 18

by Hat Films • 184,990 views

Buildin' a Filth Bridge song, NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES! Or Amazon!...

gotta say as a kinda new fan they were waaaay better before the yogscast.
I can't recall how many times I clicked the 'and again' button.
Why did they never get smithy footage back then?
shoddy computer most likely.
This is such a good Hat Films video, back from when they were still known as HaatFilms :) also i love how they went through all this editing but they left their IP address in the video :P
Ross just giving up and playing random tunes is the best part of the ep.
4:20 is when the bridge starts
Filth bridge. Old times don't die, eh?
I've watched this episode so many times I've memorized a lot of the commentary... I love this so much :D
Not even 200k views on this amazing episode and this amazing series!? The newer subs should really watch this whole series!
Why is this not the most liked Hat Films video!?
Filth Bridge, probably the best song they have ever made.... xD
wow... Unexpected 'Cupertino' nonsense... what a trip.
The best kind of drugs...Hat Films, singing 'Filth Bridge' with colorful crazy effects for that satisfying feeling.
I like the part of the video while they were randomly creating a song that the screen wobbled around. It is clearly there that this is what it is like in the middle of singing the randomly awesome song.
... Of course he uses this texture pack when Ross's footage is lost... T_T
I wish you could double like or double favorite certain episodes.  This one would get it.
"One man with a rrrandy cock" made me laugh out loud.
Can't believe this was  over 2 years ago?!?!? Jesus! Back when they bleeped out their cursing too lolol
Before alsmiffycam
Is sips singing some of the song
Man, I'm watching the skylands series all again. Forgot how awesome it was. :P
I loved this episode so much
Ahh the filth bridge episode. Such filfy nostalgia
I miss the beeps. They made everything funnier
Oh god… You're tearing me apart Lisa! Quality quote by Ross there :'D
i think this episode has the highes amount of walrus deaths
It just seems like that because your only seen through the Walruses beady eyes.... 
so, have all english peeps read lord of the flies?
+Cristian Smith I shit you not, I've heard of people who had to study it like 3 years in a row.
+Helanio That's not the case down here in Surrey, all we read for our GCSE's 2 years ago was Of Mice and Men, and the school is still making the kids study it :P
I came back after they released the song... memories
Walrus fortnight actually like if you watched it back then
more like month 
I keep re-watching the intro. Those fucking eyes get me every time. When they squint and then get magnified by the glasses... fucking hilarious!
Here we are almost 3 years later with them re-releasing the song on youtube.
So I heard they built a filth bridge or something at some point, somewheres!? :D
Are these all improvs?
THE DIRT BRIDGE... so good so, so good
For those of you who might be wondering, the tune that Ross starts playing (that Trott says is haunting) is "Oh Susannah." :)
Nothing better than the original.
and you may blow up our bridges but then alsmiffy will come along and burn your asses -hatters
around 5:13 my head started to hurt with all the awsomeness of the music video thing
I just like how Ross just keeps rambling about random shit unrelated to what the things the other guys are saying.
I'm a Hatter as well as a Yognaut, and I'm proud of it!
they should edit their videos like this one more! it's full of quality.
No such thing as "too literally" Anyway, I am sick of people being over sarcastic.
filth bridge, filth bridge, filth bridge, filth bridge :>
Lol. Can't see the dislike bar! LET'S KEEP IT THAT WAY! MORE GREEN!
Live To Win, Til You Die, Til The Blood Dries In Your Eyes.
what i've learned while watching hat films: When alsmiffy has the least deaths, you know alsmiffy killed alot of people.
you should use the 'back' command :)
11:08 your pinkey is on the shift finger???
Look at the background of 2:31 its a sand dungeon
Wow, when this originally came out I couldn't differentiate the voices in the intro song. A year is such a long time.
These guys should start making music videos
if anyone is wondering the tune is old Susana
Walrus Vision week....single best tune ever
Liked and favourites just for that intro, no other youtubers would make a whole new intro because of a slight technical issue :D
heres an idea: collect dirt from the spawn point then tp and pray you dont die
BEST SONG EVA buliding a filth bridge
Seeing Walrus Vision week gives me one of the biggest nostalgia attacks ever. (I know it's only been 2.5 years but holy shit, what amazing memories)
i need to know what the texture pack is?
@Randomnpc101 Clearly 'Filth Bridge'... :D ...It's really catchy... ...Filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge filth f*cking DIIRT! XD
I hate when my pinky is on the shift finger aswell Trot
14:18 The music that's being played is Oh! Susanna. Just thought you'd all like to know.
love the song i have it on my ipod lol~
There are no more updated ones for this texture pack. Its called fredmans or something like that.
Filth voices sounds like the hitcher from the might boosh haha :D
filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge filth bridge... Probably the next hit from lady gaga
So what were you guys doing at 5:00 again?
This is the best episode ever. BAHAHAh "filff-bridge filff bridge"
why does trottimus keep falling and failing
I have come back to watch Walrus Vision Week I don't know how many times. I love you, Trott!
6:13 the 200th death with music to match
public sever skylands trottimos: filth filth filth filth filth filth filth filth filth filth filth filth randomguy:ill help*starts building with wood* trotimus:...... filth....... filth bridge trottimos:*punches guy off* this is filth bridge mother fucker
no because they infuse the purest dirt with 13 different herbs and spices
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