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Fox 5 iPhone 6 "new features"

by ralphardi • 1,059,807 views

so fox 5 news in NY thinks the iPhone 5 will do some pretty amazing things.. take a look..

Here's a news story about the iPhone 5. Watch until the end. You'll find the features to be surprising.  Fox 5 iPhone 5 "new features" It's not just kids who need to brush up on their infolit, crap detection, skills.
Looks like someone's gonna get screwed for not doing their research!
And i lov seeing people still rockin out with the iphone 3GS! so cool :) just yesterday i pulled out my ipod touch 1st generation 32GB from Aug of 2008. Now given the processor is slightly lower, but it STILL works flawlessly to its ability and the options it has for that time and date. i love the 08 iOS Apple operating system!
this is such a fake commercial lol
Samsung shud learn to get people to wait in line every year like this too. Then maybe they will be a successful company too. #lolpushingpeoplesbuttonslol
Lol those people sitting there in line for days are retarded. Not that there is anything wrong with being retarded in New York City but just saying :D.
The sad thing is Apple has this technology but they don't make great improvements to the phone because they know people will buy it.
how the hell do these dumbfucks get hired???
if it had the laser keyboard i would be there
again, the ball is still in apples court. and it will be for years and years to come. because they are a global power house, have over $100 in cash worth of profits, and will have the new Apple Headquarters flagship building done by 2015! it looks like the pentagon. im just amazed by how they changed the smart phone industry in 2007! total domination!
This is so great they think its from star wars (holograms)
The features they are referring to are part of a parody video..... Is Fox News REALLY that stupid?
All of this just for a bigger phone... wow
hahaha i think they get their facts from youtube videos that seem to be popular months before products come out
its also a local fox network. "fox" networks are all over the country and arent even the same as the national Fox News that you are so ready to hate on. this channel 5 Fox thats in the video is simply ignorant lol
for example, the screen size: apple has been yawning since 2007, even if other companies were making money. they followed their numbers and still are raking in over $100 in profits. but just recently in the last 2 years, android phones discovered how to get competitive against iphone and made a wider screen. bravo for them. they are finally getting & understanding healthy competition. now they forced apple to make a bigger screen. not wider, but just taller ;)
 Ha ha ha Fox is so stupid ! 
My sister got cancer and died after Sept. 20 now. I miss my dear sister ...i don`t buy one iPhone 5.
I was in NYC that day...why the fuck didn't I wait longer to be on the retarded news...but I met snoop Dogg/lion so that was epic
to even mention retarded shit like "holographic imaging"..... fox
wow, that was a fake cgi iphone; a concept video never watching fox news ever again
I still don't know how Fox News stay on air they never fact check anything
Indian Guy was strategically placed there by Apple. They're outsourcing spies.
Watch the movie guys please its the best movie ever
The ONE good thing about the iPhone 5 not having YouTube already installed is the decreased amount of app trailers spam.
oh fox..... no wonder The Simpsons make fun of you.
Sigh~~~~~ Fox! Why so biased!!!?
haha, really?! You missed out that its also a time machine
u f*cking prick i bet its a virus CONGRATULATIONS YOU GOT MY SPAM
Best Iphone 5 new features: Enlarge Asshole Benifits
Holographic Images? Laser keyboard? FAIL
LOL "Americans are stupid" (Zadornov)
haha you got the point, dont take it so personal....grown sum thicker skin
Don't rely on Fox for honest journalism.
Faux News wins the sensationalist award again.
Wow so no one at fox knew that was a very popular actually fake iphone video?
Fox news never fails to exaggerate.
This news station is stupid. That was a random person who felt like making a fake iPhone 5 reveal video a couple years ago
So they took that troll video for this
Holographic keyboard and projection. Hilarious how people fall for this crap
I have seen the iPhone 5 it doesn't have holographic imaging. All it has is that piece of shit robot voice.
it's like a north korean news that kim can do magic... i'm not an american and i have watched like 10 american news since born... do they report that kind of crap often? the news about a fashion show for cats in movie 'anchorman' is 8 trillion times better that this... i'm fan of iphone and that is why i 'trapped' to watch this, man, this is piece of !@#$ i must say
Wow fox news didnt do research before 'reporting' thats a first
Fox news is terrible. lol.
For anyone that doesn't know (fox news) it's common fucking knowledge that the iPhone doesn't have a laser keyboard. Dumbass motherfuckers at fox.
why doesnt the iphone 5 have laser keyboard i thought it was suppose to be the best phone
the features of iphone 5 were not even explained and he says: "best product"
If u think about Samsung GSIII has all ready done all that the iPhone 5 did
holographic images and a laser keyboard, i wish!!!!
most people who are on the side of the sgIII don't actually have one, although i do see that apple is slow to pick things up.
I know right. Damn apple flowers stealing all the business for the other flowers.
sadly the news lady doesnt know what shes talking about smh
Wtf that's not what the iPhone looks like. These people got fiooled
больные людишки!!1
laser keyboard and holographic images? are you shitting me?
Iphone 5 rocks yall dickheads dont kno shit
I think these "idiots" are among the false publicity for iphone 5 which is not as it was expected.
LMFAO, hahaha. The ending, I can't believe a news station believed that!
Sounds like somebody is going to get fired.
No, i have a iphone 4s and it has the robot voice a.k.a siri i see no point in iphone 5.. there nothing too it alil Bit more HD? hah joking theres no more HD then what we already have if anyone wants a iphone i think the should go with iphone 4 s ;)
i have the iphone 5 and i don't see a laser keyboard
Thats proof that god will give upp hope on earth soon that is proof tvat those peapole got no lifes thats proof thats humanity is getting fucked upp those who are waiting for the iphone wasting 1 week of ther lifes thinks life is a joke they think there gonna live forever fucking dumb cunts. Anyone watched the movie ,time,? Its avout lige in the feuture watch it and younwill respect tour liife much more and trust me u will whanto watch that mobie again headcharracter is timberlake the siner
I heard the iphone5 also turns into a lightsaber.
no, the people in line are stupid, why wait in line for something that you have to buy, and then pay more to buy apps?
Holographs!!! WHOAA!!! But seriously, somebody's gettin fired.
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hahahahahahahahahahaha fucking idiots
i wouldnt call it a status symbol. if i was the only one using an iphone, i wouldnt care. it works, and it works very well, everyday. its a work horse, and it organizes my data & information very fast. i actually went from an ipod touch to an iphone. and i do not spend extra money i dont have just to buy the latest iphone. my upgrade from the iphone 4S is next sep 2013, then i will get the iphone 5S. some people need to buy it every year. but thats not necessary.
My iPhone must be defective because my laser keyboard isn't working...
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