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Sorry but Nicki KILLED that Britney remix ! She's so innovative ! "Im not talkin poultry when isay these chickens frieeeeed ! "Cryyyy , I den slayed ur mufuckin liffffeeee" like  thats artistry ! Its just fucked up she was comin at Lil Kim when she actually DID steal Lil Kims whole life ! Even her perfume bottle ws the same as the gift RIcki Lake gave to Lil Kim" "Oh what u tired ? U Need a break?You was hot when ? Ricki Lake" ! Damn lol smh
Really Britney I'm here for my girl nicki
@loro2608 the one who's singing the chours is ester dean , not nicki
did anyone else notice how britney spears was mouthing it?
Nicki sucks listening to her the difference in the music videos totally see they change her voice a lot and that nicki only got famous for ONE SONG
@loro2608 If you think Britney can't sing you are not properly educated on the subject.
@loro2608 well, its not Nicki that sings in the chorus, it Ester Dean ;)
I love when she says "you got some Epson salt"
1:09 - 1:10 The ankward moment when it's totally quiet...
Nic CAN sing live though. I mean, the performance with katy perry when they sing 'girls just wanna have fun'. Her voice is amazing. She is amazing.
That's bad. If you're invited to perform with someone, atleast sing live!
It is going to take more than a large behind to turn this woman into a performer. Talented yes, but there was absolutely nothing about that display that would make me want to pay for a concert ticket. N O T H I N G. I actually like her style and her music, I just don't believe her video show transfer over well when she has to perform live, it usually ends up being a mess. Luv Brittany also but she looked out of place, and the final expression left me going DUH.
Is that supposed to justify something? Thats like saying "Microsoft may be horrible, but at least they don't kill grandmas"
Nicki sang more of her song than Brittany did... Brittany didn't sing at all she lip singing the hole time!
Love nickiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
jesus of course britney is playbacking what the hell did you expect
she is actually terrible live :L
She isn't singing that chorus because it's Easter Dean or what who sing in studio!
Nicki's Sex Tape! --->\zkIN5L THUMBS UPP!!
Of course people go crazy when Britney comes out, she's a legend in the business and it's rare these days that she performs at award shows.
This is awfulllllll she cant sing at all.
@GuitarGreek006 She doesn't sing the chorus, so why sing it live?
she cant sing alive better my girl rihannnnna .
Idc if britney does playback , notice how crazy the crowd went when they seen her but nicki didnt get that much hype.
Yeahhhhhhhh...Hmmm..You're RIGHT!!!! "she cant sing at all" Lol That's because she raps, rapping isn't SINGING!!!! Just to clarify. why so much hate in this world? )=
she is annoying to listen to and look at. like nails on a chalkboard. i'm stopping now.
i really wish britney still sang live! cause if she did i'm telling you no1 would say shit bout her!
britney spears will lip sync till' the world ends :)
2:15 chuck the jehdgdhsjshsrah :L hilarious
Yeah I agree, I loved the circus tour..I really don't mind if she does lipsync or's still my Britney bitch lol.
Her voice is boring, i cant belive tha i once love it
Britney was miming! lol great niki ur amazing! x
I love her when I'm famous remember this comment
I am French and I know that song by heart :)
when brit in the scene public make so much noise!!!
You go enjoy good singing and then take a hip hop dance fought there so you can not
wtf brit u just killed the song
That was brill FUCK all nicki haters yews are just jealous that she's got everything and yews have nothing
The mic wasnt even up to her mouth towards the end..... Oh britney
@Meeggiiee she does her manager even said she hasn't sung live in years.
Nicki and Brittany Spears look like Best Friends!!!!!!!!!
@Boultlt02 Its a shamed to say you LIKE hip hop
Britney Spears - Till The World Ends Remix (feat. Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha)
actually she was singing the chorus you can hear her voice because she doesnt sing it like the real chorus I think she is amazing thumb ups for NICKI MINAJ !
@Kn0ck0uTk3n Oh it wasn't her singing the chorus? I love that chorus girl's voice though.
Nicki and britney in the same stage ?? WOOOOOHOOOOOOO
Britney spears moves so ugly like a man
Can Britney be anymore obvious that she's lip syncing?
lmaoo she look like pregnantXD but Stil lovin it!! Like whatevaa she doesn't is super live, be happy with that! lmaooo lovee nick nack and then britney comes, playbackin-__- lemme love NICKI MINAJ.
@TheSinMonster we know she sings .... but not live :(
@loro2608 Oh and it's because ester dean sings the chorus
This was the first time I saw her and the rest is history
My god, when does Britney NOT playback? That people even have attention for this bitch is something I'll never understand!
So sad Britney was lip singing wat a pitty
I love u Britney <3 Nicki did a good job too :)
nicki was singing live in the chorus, it's just that she was harmonising.
wtf! cant believe u guys like this piece of shit nicki minaj.she cant even sing ! plus,shes not pretty.plastic barbie doll type.pfft.its because people like u guys making artists like lil wayne,nicki,bieber,pitbull,etc big and famous but talentless.i prefer 90s music until honest trolling opinion
I understand lip syncing when she's dancing but when you're walking on stage the least you can do is sing with the tract instead completely lip sync!!! love Britney though lol
2:13 -> Back Coupes Up and Chuk the ouh ouh ou ouh euuh
She is fucking shit why am I watching this wtf
NICKI MINAAAAJJJJ <3 NEVER STOPPED BEING HER FAN n_n ...britney sucks...nicki doesnt fake ..
Britney aint even singing, hilaaaaarious
Wats da song nicki was singing afta supa bass?
seriously !! britney is just kissin ass !!!
My utube recommended this utter fkn shite I absolutely hate this talking fkr
The END of the party: 3:37 The Britney bitch came here with her playback pff
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