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"By My Side" by David Choi [Lyrics]

by xxJASMiNEE • 991,237 views

Wow, thanks for all of the views!.. keep supporting David w/ his music! :) ~ I say this for practically every song I make a video for, but this one is *TOO* CUTE. Everything about it is...

bubz brought me here
Makes me think of you +Jack Frost I love you I need you here forever by my side
his voice remind me of jason mraz :3
this will always be my favorite 
What the..?! Did I just see "dislike"? Are u crazy??
this is one of the best romantic song
Carito Velasco Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
"By My Side" by David Choi [Lyrics]:
i got a stubborn hart for you <3
This song very sweet... :-P
so cute..... impressive :) keep it up.. God Bless
i love the song, as much as i love my boyfie <3 dedicated to hmi ;)
reminds me of someone. <3
+CollisionxD i/m thinking of you babe, call me i like boys. lol jk
I wanna know how to play on guitar, anyone know any links ?? Or maybe if we like it a lot they will see it and make one !!
happy..happy..and happy#listening this song...lope banget ;)
love ds song.... <3
Brandon Collins Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Love This Song!!! 
Ya i know its amazing !!.
This is the sweetest song I've ever heard~!
I dedicate this song to my bestfriend bcoz we are so far away from each other now. But we stiLL keep in touch everyday. <3
Never heard this song before till now. I was able to sing like the ENTIRE song. I love this song not just cause of that though. Because of the lyrics and the background music. It's CUTE!!! Awesome job dude!!
I have a bad voice so I just sang it to my self
someone sang this to me on valentines day xD
The part that goes "I just wanna hold you, I just wanna kiss you" reminds me of Love Bug by the Jonas Brothers.
My boyfriend showed me this song omg i love him soo much hes the best
this song is so gangster thug life
Me and this girl are bestfriends... And i wish she would know that I wish to be more than that someday...
if i get 12 likes ill sing this to the love of my life ONLY 12
its hard too listen too this song sometimes it was mine and my X it makes me cry everytime i listen too it :'(
i love this song and the people that clicked dislike are just jelly of his amazing voice
i to tired to sing it so i lip synced
ich bin zwar erst 20 aber ich weiß jetzt schon...diesen song werde ich auf meiner Hochzeit spielen xDD thumbs up for this song
my ex showed me this song but we had to brake up bc his mom didnt like me n now i cry everytime i listen to it i miss him soo much. he was so sweet n he always made me laugh n told me how special i was. n he promised we would get back together one day. i really hope we do
I sing this to my girlfriend when ever she's sad to make her feel better<3 love this song
I just can't enough of this song I am abscessed with this song 
then sing it to your friend :) but if you can't sing, at least send your friend the link ^___^
@13Invo This is no where near being gangster... If that's what you're searching for, please go search up Usher or 50 cent or something. David Choi's song "By My Side" has nothing to do with being a gangster.^~^
@justonegirl93 same heeerr brooo.. we're like twins. xD aha. jk
Michelle Phan brought me here!!! I love this song!
@PeterPianoXiong I'm pretty sure that person mean its a good song, calm down (p.s. Usher is nowhere near gangster)
ok, i'm a directioner but i ♥ David Choi... loving a song doesnt have a thing to do with liking one direction
My best friend told me this was our song..... I think he likes me!
its fucking hard!!! i never told my crush how i feel!!!
This song is so sweet I wish my crush would sing to me!:D
My Boyfriends Song To Me :D Oh I Love You Babe!
Congrats. Ive moved on and now have found a great girl. thanks for the likes and support guys!
Very beautiful words I actually dedicated this song to my bf :)
I love this songgggggg sooooooo much!!!!!
Ok, now i'm in loveeeee with his work. He is very gifted by God.
I hope somebody sing this to me.
i just love this song i start listenning it yesterday and i have already listened 55times oo!!
The other side of the heart Erisol fans will understand an.. will be cryin all over again
Gonna sing and dedicate this song to my girlfriend 3. Iloveyou.
My boyfriend said this is truely whats in my heart for you. i cried when i heard this song. i love him so much.
( ~ _ ~) this song keeps me calm!!!!!!!!
This would be a perfect marriage proposal song.
if i get 50 likes ill sing this to the love of my life
@saiyan536 It's a sad thing to go through, has she moved yet? I wish u the best.
When I listen to this song, It make me cry :(
I don’t know who you are yet, and I don’t really care. I just know that you are out there, so I want you to hear. Well you make my heart start pounding and you make my mind stop working. I don’t need to know you to know that I love you. One day I’m gonna know your smile and your going to know mine. this is begining
@333starstruck even though im replying far from wen i should have :P The same thing happend to me wow love hurts
I want to sing this song to someone :'(
@crowarc I graduated from high-school last month and my sophomore year, I met the girl who I'm still with to this day. We're getting married in 23 days:) You've got nothing to lose. But everything to gain. Go for it bud
nice song...i want to sing it to my wife...
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