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by Smosh 2nd Channel • 3,363,357 views


las consecuencias de dibujar rapido y no saber dibujar, pero aun asi son una obra de arte a comparacion de los dibujos de el calvo poderoso, max scorpion y los dibujos a mano de andrestoons
+Homero simpson el del avatar de max scorpion lo veo regular, cuando la caga es con las asquerosas panzas vivientes
+Super Wario Man si. me dijo que en el chad de los hangoust que va a cambiar de perfil
Black widows power is being bad ass
I pissed my trousers
1. Ian 2. Anthony 3. Nobody... 4. Ian
what about captain america
Ians' hulk looks like the elephant man but with a square head.
Ian's black widow is a hammerhead!!
1. ian wins  2. ian wins 3. anthony wins 4. anthony wins
does eny one have xbox one in 2015 if they doo ut awsome
you know whats sad im only 10 and I can draw better than that...
Black Wifow have the super power of being sexy
You forgot hawkye too
hey guys you guys are awesome
smosh u gotta try and draw a dragon in under 35:00 :3 p,s black widows powers are umm PUT INTO A DRAWING :3
Hulk dusent have a wener
785 Iron Mans, Hulks, Thors, and Black Widows disliked
The actual person who plays black widow has blond hair
black widow(the one ian drew) made me laugh so hard XD LOL LOL LOL
Anthony is better than ian at drawing
You forgot captain amarica
How could anyone like him? (To me, he's more of a loser than Justin Beiber!)
wow the best part is im watching this at 2:00 AM and im not allowed to laugh
Draw dc characters espesially the flash
2-2  Iron Man and Black Widow to Ian Hulk and Thor to Anthony
Hulk dusent have a wener
you forgot captin America and hawk eye !!!??
Black widow her superpowers is fucking ironman
1•both crud 2•Ian 3• Anthony 4•Ian 😉 Winner : Ian !!
dick i say Anthony wins
your black widow almost made me barf
Ian your thor is a stripper
2:12 Hulk's little genitals. Lol
Anthony: 2/4 (The Hulk and Thor) Ian: 2/4 (Iron man and Black Widow) DO BATMAN! XD LOL
draw batman bane super  man and spider man
It would be cool if they do that but they HAVE TO add wonder woman xD
😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈t V
Sorry ian anthony win but you have a best drawinging black widow
What is the song on 0.53
One Anthony Two ian Three ian Fore Anthony Tie sorry
thats to you marco zethof fuck you not you smosh your so cool
hulk will kill u both now!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys forgot the first and best Avenger!!! How?!
+Obie Glover captain America is crap? A guy, who kicked Hitler's ass, fought for America in world war 2, can run really fast without stopping, great reflexes, stayed in ice for 70 years, super human strength, and wields a shield made out of Marvel's second strongest Metal is crappier than some smart guy who's super rich and smart that makes suits, and gets one of his suits TAKEN by his fellow comrade.... Yeah, you definitely have a point....
Iron man is THE crap...
6:03 any explanation for see through boobs
is Anthony and Ian really draw like that??!!
iron man: hulk: thor: black widow: my thoughts? they really don't care who won... they still have money... we don't have money..
Ian's "Scarlet Johanson" is awesome!
Why does Thor have antlers? 
BW has a super power it's invisible
Its not her power its a gadget
You forgot captain America
3-1 anthony wins xD
Captain america and hawkeye? You forgot
hahahahahahahah robo cop
Anthony got all good  (ian sucks)
Ian won the first one and anthony won the last three
Anthony won :( im sad
draw mari and joven and  lazr corn
Ian anthony anthony ian
fuck you you stuped fucker suke my dick
1=Ian 2=Anthony 3=Anthony 4= that's a draw
Anthony's Black widow looked like Gillard
Does anyone know what song it was while they were drawing?
Ian, Anthony, Anthony, tie
Anthony's Face kinda scared in the opening
Anthony is kind of a better drawer but he is still worse than a 2 day year old baby
Ian Anthony Anthony Ian
antony- 2      ian-2
Ian black with black widow is so bad
u forgot captain america and the winter soldier and
why does anthonys iron man have a mouth?
He drew iron man without a helmet that's why it has a beard
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