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Minecraft - Gloria Part 6 - Monster Mass!

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,007,809 views

We've crashed on the S.S. Gloria and travel around the Island to help out the poor villagers! Apologies on the quality of Simon's Microphone! We're still testing things in the office! ♪ Outro music...

no that was the mark where u put ur gold they said it in the beginning
The constant rhyming is a bit asinine Without it, I think this map would have been fine Otherwise, it's a decent adventure, I feel But the constant poems make it quite an ordeal.
at the end was creepy as they rode slowly on the minecarts
no it sounded like lois tried to hold in a luagh
If you watch the Star Wars adventure map they did they change it around and say "See you later Sith Lords". I think the source of all this confusion is you never watched that one or you forgot about it if you did.
Hey have you tried the single player command /helmet you put the items number that you want and it will be on your head like a helmet
Epic music playing Simon-Thank you for watching! Music stops See you later shitlords
om lucia is the name of a girl from the anime mermaid melody
Hey guys I just started my chanel tonight and I need veiws for my vids can you do that plox ny videos are mostly going to be funny fake item comercials and stuff
haha so funny lewis doesnt learn that poison hitting the same spot constantly quite amusing
Lewis did have some gold on him at the end.
I think you should kill someone at the endings
Eh? I wonder whats with the secret ending?
Yes. Last episode. I was starting to get tired of this map
i think he should check his pants
One of the best maps I've seen thus far.
best one of your seiries ever se ya later shitlords
probably because they are trying to find the targets
They should do questworld: shipwrecked
i'm sorry i don't care what anyone says but this map is terrible, this vid was only good because of simon and lewis.
lewis had seven gold in his inventory and when simon asked if he had any he just said nope
Oh and make sure Guile's theme is the 10 hour version. Then when Lewis falls down the hole switch to stoner sunshine.
I just found this out, Gloria ends up to be your wife you couldn't find.
Ok who in the hell would flag gloria number one.some dumbass flagged it for no reason
you know they're done with this map.... the tip unfortunately won't help... :I
Wow the end was great but when he said the corruption was still alive that was a real buzz kill.
Gloria 2 is out. That's all I'm going to say.
hey guys wish i couldiv played but im too new D: PS.thx hannah for inviteing me
Damn I can hardly hear whtt there saying by all of the mobs goin for Simon!!
Haha see ya later too shit lords
I wouldnt let the life of the planet on hands of these two idiots haha nice job anyway u are awesome
the boss music is the one from when skydoesminecraft does the survival games
wow shitlord teally simon hahahaha
You stole SkyDoesMinecraft's music!
In the credits it said inspiration
you can watch the mod review by skydoesminecraft he's awsome
what the they got killed come still didnt die
my real mom highjacked my car in roblox
download the more herobrine mod it adds a whole bunch of herobrine's into your game my favorite is the taco herobrine
listen carefully at 4:12 IT'S ZELDA MUSIC!!!!
The secret ending is a place at the bottom of the sea were you can breathe:)
fucking awesome I wacthed part 1 2 3 4 5 6 after anorher
so the person tht made this got the corruption idea from terraria
wait, what did honeydew call us at the end?! 0__o
the yogcast came into my dream and died last night and dint play minecraft and everyone never new what minecraft
do a mod spotlight of famillers mod please simon
I never said anything about The Shadow Of Israphel (<3) I said HEROBRINE Dumb
Lol i found it kind of funny at 14:27 when the music stops then Simon says "see ya later shit lords" then the outro music.....idk but i found i kind of funny
you could cheat to get the stuff to
'In reply to 'Deleted'..... WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!!!
Play gloria 2 nplz.plz,.PLZ!!!!!!!!!
bcuz it's a good episode time 15-25 min. and they can split it up in parts and make more money <3
ges what if you hold shift then jump still holding shift you jump 2 blocks high which pushes you over fences to :]
Imagine If There Was A Creeper Spawner there'
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