Joseph Campbell--Circumcision

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http://www.jcf.org Interpretations of circumcision...from Judaism to the Sudan. This video is a brief excerpt from interviews filmed with Joseph Campbell shortly before his death in 1987,...

Cutting the genitals of children is child abuse. A barbaric blood ritual that harms everyone subjected to it.
Not to mention all the widely accepted mental abuse kids get put through.
Insightful. Always felt, at least in Jewish tradition, some relation to "blood sacrifice" in the old Temple religious practices - certainly in keeping with individual being taken over symbolically by the cultural group. A barbaric practice by today's moral sensitivities. Now "studies" purport to show health benefits - good grief! Where there is taboo, there is power feared.
Trauma of all kind can have a "healthy" effect when it causes the individual to move through the immediate pain and grow. Rape victims often report not regretting their experience only because it has forced them to become so strong.
+Citizen of Earth True. Aware of such circumstances. Like reading about "cancer is the best thing....." Perception; potential in revising brain software, recreating our stories for transformation of suffering.
I come here looking for discussion, yet all I find is bickering.
Shows a lot about where people are these days. It's so easy to be snide when your anonymous. In reality, if these same people were in a room together watching and discussing these videos, there would be more mutual respect. -_-
@freedom0f5peech I can't tell you how very pleased I am to find that someone actually listed the source for their information on YouTube. Thank you, you've made my evening. :-)
@reginaldblob "Once you have intact you never go back!" Rabbi Jedaiah - a disciple of Maimonides- said it better, paraphrasing: " If an intact man gets up to leave after loving her for hours, she grabs him by the loins and begs him to stay." If he is circumcised "he performs his task quickly, immediately upon inserting his crown." See, "Why Jewish Penis is Better Than Christian Penis".
@TheFaustianMan wow fatsy hold ur horses, i was refering u to the readiest available source out there i can also refer u to numerous volumes that describe sexual mutilation in the tribal tradition in africa and south america. but obviously ur not interested because u rather be obnoxious and not admit that u were wrong in ur infantile dismisiveness of campbells informed opinion. read a book, hit the gym chubs and stop posting those god awful, cringe worthy videos.
@rufustspaulding "a simple wikipedia check..." lol. You use Wikipedia for a primary source. And you presume, I am insulting a dead man. Enough said.
@reginaldblob Not so. Maimonides said it himself.
Circumcision is WRONG, such a horrible procedure should never be allowed on Baby's or Children in my eyes this is abuse!!!!! it should be offered at a later age when one can be sedated and one has the choice to agree to it or to disagree with it but no Adult Man or Doctor would have it done at adult age......Baby's have no choice, circumsision is a horrible and painful abuse and it is sad that in this so-called advanced-society it is still seen as humane!!!!
Netflix has several Campbell videos you can stream...
@bluemeeni1658 He isn't simply guessing. Or, rather, it is an educated guess, an hypothesis induced from actual facts he has observed.
@Hugh7777 Wow you just got nominated for the most retarded analogy of the year award. Haha. Dumbass...
He is simply guessing about the origins of circumcsion.
@freedom0f5peech You nailed it. It's not what Campbell says at all. There are no records of the genital mutilation practiced called "circumcision" in either desert tribes or tropics (two very extreme zones....that share little in common, if anything with each other) that are old enough to give this idea credence. But then again, his explanation sounds too "new age" and that's probably what his followers are too.
@Ryan18181 Decreased risk of getting STD's. Google "circumsision health benefits" and you'll be able to see what they are..
@CobainLennon8094 health benefits? maybe cause sex doesn't feel as good, thus decreasing your sex drive and not being as exposed to STDs?
@freedom0f5peech - Maimonedis also knew in the 12th century that a woman who had been with an intact man would never settle for a circumcised man again.
@CobainLennon8094 The CDC doesn't do its own research, just listens to "experts" who happen to be circumcision advocates. Plenty of studies show no STD benefits, or at best slight reductions, not worth relying on it for. Two billion men live very happily without having (the best) part of their d!ck missing - in fact they'd probbly do you violence if you tried to take if from them. I'm glad you're glad but it's not as though you're comparing it with anything, is it?
Intelligent guesses are the best : bored Shepperd fu**g sheep getting STD- circumcision helped and it became a practice. There is no reason to continue such practice as 80% of men do not circumcise and they're good as long as they are indulging in illicit sex. In a way, circumcision is a permission to go do whatever you wish !
mine works perfectly, always has done, is a fantastic organ, functional and extremely erogenous and erotic. Anyone comes near mine with a knife gets his or her brains slammed out in a nanosecond. Done to a defenceless infant it's an atrocity and the perpetrators should be imprisoned for life.
@rufustspaulding Hey man, life is too sweet to take a sip of the hater-aid. oh and KA-BLOCK!!!
What an insightful man. Joseph Campbell is one of my favorite modern philosophers. I just recently saw this documentary on him called Finding Joe. It's really amazing. It looks beautiful, has an inspiring message, and has my idol Tony Hawk in it! If you are all Joseph Campbell fans (which I'm sure you are) you should check it out.
@Rottrsq What a bunch of stupid and divisive rhetoric. You must be religious to be able to fabricate such incredible bullshit.
@Rottrsq I didn't call you stupid, I called the rhetoric you're spouting "stupid and divisive". "stupid" in this case is not the ad hominem, or logical fallacy . "stupid" is also not profanity. The only word you could perhaps call profane from my comment is "bullshit". However, I would argue that you are indeed spouting bullshit in a literal sense. Unlike a lie which involves subverting the truth, your bullshit has no regard for the truth to begin with (Harry G. Frankfurt, "On Bullshit").
@familyworth Why should it be offered? Let people who want it go and look for it.
@CobainLennon8094 Like what health benefits?
I do know, I have this remarkable ability to think for myself and find out whether someone is right or not.
Is it that the foreskin is like a womb, or like (inner) labia that makes the intact penis seem too "female"?
I paused this video at 37 seconds and Campbell doesn't look too zen hahaha but I'd really like to see more after watching the documentary "Finding Joe." Thank goodness there are a million Campbell Youtube videos!!! bitly .com/syDsZQ
@TheFaustianMan hey "man" u started with the insults and now ur pathetic coward response is laughable, u didnt even address the issue loser. nice way to go through life.
@TheFaustianMan an by insulting i meant they are insulting in themselves, they are insulting to anyone who reads them as n they are obviously ill informed pety and unconstructive comments on a subject u know nothing about.
@nippyhippy123 "indeed spouting bullshit in a literal sense" Really? Literally?
@Rottrsq I'm with nippyhippy123 on this one. Although I don't believe you have to be religious to speak like this. All you have to do is sacrifice Reason and Truth to Political Correctness and Petty Morality.
@reginaldblob "The Sages, may their memory be blessed, have explicitly stated: It is hard for a woman with whom an uncircumcised man has had sexual intercourse to separate from him." Guide for the Perpexed, (Shlomo Pines translation, Uof Chicago press, 1963 p 609)
@TheFaustianMan what the fuck are you on? sudanese infibulation is also very commonly refered to as pharaonic circumcision for a reason. a simple wikipedia check will show that there are records that mention practices like this centuries before christ. inform yourself before making a half assed lazy and insulting opinion.
intact men are more androgynous!
@CobainLennon8094 Well where circumcision is NOT customary - most of the developed world except the USA - we don't see any health deficits (just as vampires are also rare where people don't wear garlic). More than TWO BILLION men managing very well without your "health benefits".
@CobainLennon8094 Circumcision has health benefits the way wearing garlic keeps away vampires. See any vampires? For pity's sake, never stop wearing the garlic!
I'm glad I was circumsised just for the health benefits but it is a pretty barbaric thing to do to someone. Especially taken out of a clinical setting. Really creepy how the Jews make a whole ceremony out of it.
@Hugh7777 Hey don't take my word for it. The center for disease control has said it gives you a decreased risk of STD's. Google "circumsion health benefits" and read for yourself. Of course you can live without it. I'm just glad I don't have to.
I agree with Campbell, who does not do a superb job of expositing this theory, which is not his. Genital cutting targets the most feminine part of the male, his foreskin, and the most masculine part of the woman, her clitoris. There are compelling embryological reasons why both genders has genital similarities. The primitive mind sees these similarities as a mistake of nature. In fact, those bits enhance sex, a fact widely appreciated about the clitoris but not about the foreskin.
"I also survived circumcision, a barbaric practice designed to remind you as early as possible that your genitals are not your own." - George Carlin, Last Words
How anyone can look upon a week old baby boy and pay someone to mutilate his penis is beyond my comprehension. And religion is no defence either. So many Jews are rejecting this barbarity now. The sooner it is made illegal, (as it is for females) the better.
this guy is a babeler. I dont hear anyting particularly enlightening. who says he's right about anything? he could be making it all up. you dont know!
Male circumcision was probably "invented" for medical/hygienic purposes in desert conditions. O/c later on people will "rationalize" it with load of mythological crap.
It makes sense, the idea of removing the female part of the man to bring forward the male part, and the removing of the male part of the female to insure complete femininity, but I'd say it seems like all for show and so, pretty hollow. Empty rituals to look good, or look one way or another - where's the authenticity? Leave the kids alone, they are more authentic than any priest will ever be.
Circumcision removes the most sensitive part of a man's penis. The five most sensitive areas of the penis are on the foreskin. The transitional region from the external to the internal foreskin is the most sensitive region of the fully intact penis, and more sensitive than the most sensitive region of the circumcised penis. ---------------------------- Fine-Touch Pressure Thresholds In The Adult Penis British Journal of Urology International, 2007, Vol. 99, No. 4, 864-869 Sorrells et al.
Rabbi Moses Maimonides: "The Reason for circumcision is to bring about a decrease in sexual intercourse and a weakening of the organ in question, so that this activity be diminished and the organ be in as quiet a state as possible. The bodily pain caused to that member is the real purpose of circumcision. Violent concupiscence and lust that goes beyond what is needed are diminished. The fact that circumcision weakens the faculty of sexual excitement and diminishes the pleasure is indubitable."
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