Things to do in: Skyrim - Psst Psst FUUUUUUUCK!

by Rooster Teeth • 1,586,807 views

Geoff and Gav show you the benefits of taking a stealthy approach.

Yol has a bigger launch than fus ro dah.
This is a lot easer when your not wearing loud armour & not being sneaky at all.
Funny, after months of playing this, after I fucked up something in real life, I half-thought I could go back to a previous save and start again.
+Aidan Kimball Are you former NCR's president's Aaron Kimball's son? This is from fallout NV by the way, if you wanted to know
Lawl. I got that reference.
I remember that if you have your speakers really loud and the music and dialogue off you can hear your character say like for example," Hey skeever brain!"
I was laughing my ass off you guys are so funny!
a graybeard did that to me because I tried to kill him didn't work
I'm extremely pissed with the "Good Mythical Morning" ads.
Gavin and Geoff, you should try and make a things to do in called Guard Bowling
Where do you find throw voice?
at a dragon temple near whiterun, but you have to fight a dragon priest
ShearPoint. You find all three in the same place. Prepare to fight a dragon priest and a dragon at the same time.
Psssst Pssssssst FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK !!!!!!!!!! This is just twisted ! ^^
how that guy is laughing its fucking hilaryous ''heheheHEHEHE''
+Eric Bishton I think you just got sarcasmed, either that or you were on the ball with the density comment
+Jacob Blaidd I think Eric was right on this one. There wasn't even a hint of sarcasm in +MsGoguletzu 's comment. Some people really are that dense.
I think that's Windhelm, at the bottom of the cliff.
Its windhelm, lydia pushed me to my death there.
playing skyrim in 2013 near christmas time, still very fun
One the first RT videos I ever watched.
That large mountain at 1:10 is pretty hard to scale down, especially with a pretty weak horse... I survived after like 20 or so tries....
Gav filmed Geoff in the shower?  0:12 ...
You're right. Youtube is a fucking shithole of a website and cannot joke around. As long as you curse, throw around racial slurs, and call everyone who disagrees with you "gay", you'll fit right in.
FUCK YOU making me think there was a god damn spider on my screen.
I kinda do the same, on PC I would put god mode on then I could use shouts without the recharge. First I would use the command code 'player.placeatme whatever npc I want then I would use slow time shout, followed by the unrelenting force on the npc. LOL you could see them slowly flying away, buttttttt it doesn't end there, I then move to the opposite side and use unrelenting force again!
never odd or even backwards is never odd or even... its cool
after seeing this video I went around saying 'psst psst' for at least two weeks
The laugh just makes me howl with laughter !
Actually in one of my games he actually said the captions when he shouted but now it doesn't I don't get it
When he does the throw voice move, from here it just sounds like he's clearing his throat.
You CAN hear what the subtitles are saying, you just have to turn up your volume or put your headphones on the right way
There on the throt off the world I've been there I've got the notched pickax
your fucking picture made me get a broom and whack the shit out of my monitor.
I've heard about you and your honeyed words.
Thai reminds me of when I fusrodah'd silus velarus of a mountain that was as big as high brother and he freaking lived
Gavin is possibly the most creative man I know
When he throws voice at the troll he whispers "Hey, Troll Bait!" That'll tick it off!
why would you think that posting that comment would in ANY way be a good idea?
wait how was a troll troll bait?
rats live on no evil star - Same thing backwards.
make a video about how if you piss of a guard in markarth and then run to the highest tower in the city, and fus ro dah them, you basically have a hailstorm of dudes.
Master Robes get em by completeing the college missions
no ur not cos i know now and so are a bunch of other people who read ur comment know
Scchhh! Stop screaming, I am trying to kill the spider on my screen.
5 months later, and I'm STILL getting replies...
On mine I actually hear wat the subtitles say, is that weird
evil and smart hmm evil + smart = MEGAMIND
I'm pretty Shure it is in solitude
2:43 Imperial falls on woman!
shouldent you be saying meme's too random people while takeing arrow's to knee's?
Lol when I get that shout on my skyrim game I'm so going to do that fuuuuuuck! XD
please make a mod someone that instead of fus ro dah it makes you say ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkk
I thought there was a spider on my screen...
Rats live on no evil star = rats live on no evil staR
i love geoffs escalating laugh
Lol the ad before this was more interesting then it's self
Notice how it says troll bait and it is a troll 2:14
im going to have to ask you to stop that shout.... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
i love you things to do you are so funny! :)
i was just suggesting not calling you the only one smart enough for something, but it looks like you have other things to work on too.
Did anyone notice how he called the snow troll "troll bait"?
Oughtta be "Psst psst FUUUUCK HE HE HE HE HE HE HE "
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