United Breaks Guitars

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I just saw an article suggesting that the resulting poor publicity from these videos caused a $180,000,000 drop in share prices. They probably should have just bought the dude a new guitar.
They should have bought him a new guitar because taking reasonable care of customer's belongings in their care is their responsibility. That bit about $180,000,000 drop is a nice way to end a story on a feel-good note, but the conclusion you are supposed to draw from basic stock-market volatility is as misleading as any Hollywood fairytale ending. 
United is actually using this video as an example of why you shouldn't go around breaking people's luggage, and why good customer service is important.
"United Brakes Guitars" should be a t-shirt. "I can't afford a Taylor" would be a good one too. (LOL) Way to go guys! I still play (semi-profesionally) on my old beginner with a slightly warped neck. An airline misplaced my guitar ONCE. I was so freaked out. At least this airline was helpful (it ended up on another flight to my destination), but when they asked the value of the guitar I had to ask, "Do you have kids? If you can put a value on that...". They nodded their heads, in understanding. Got it back the next day. A new Taylor, or Gibson just wouldn't replace my old girl, "Jackie".
+LS R I'm not saying anything without my lawyer present. "Let me guess...". Go make some friends.
+LS R "Let me guess..." the nurses at the State Hospital said, "No more internet until tomorrow"?
14M + views? I would say we are all United! Great song.....and a great way to get back at huge corps for being negligent...I will NEVER fly united again! Because i love my Guitar!!
+Jeff Mutton United now uses this example to train their employees on baggage handling and customer service.  
I really like all the parts with the guys in sombreros and fake mustaches. I love my parody videos to be full of racism..this one doesn't disappoint.. 
+ryan eko You guys realize they've actually TRIED to close that ride, right? XD
+anonymouswriter5 Are you kidding me? I guess it's only a matter of time at this point.
Thex Dar Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Looking Back Looking back thru my list of favorites I ran into this one  United Breaks Guitars   I am not a big fan of Country but the story was what got me...  This gentleman, Dave Carroll has a great sense of humor, the video is very cute and danged if he didn't come up with two more to follow up on it... Here are the links just in case you want to keep on laughing...  Also the first link is a short interview after the first video and Mr. Carroll is trying to take a little heat off of Mr. Irlweg but you see how that went as the videos continue... (^_^)    Have a great day and keep smiling...  United Breaks Guitars Song 2 United Breaks Guitars Song 3 - "United We Stand" on the Right Side of Right ____________________________________ It wasn't about money just about doing the right thing... See if United does the thing... 
+Bill Smith I am sure someone from United flagged it as spam!  
+Thex Dar It more than rings true to life... Dave Carroll had his guitar smashed by United baggage-handlers( the whole story is in the description).
John Fogerty also pleaded, United, do not Put Me in Coach....................... 
I prefer to fly Southwest. They have great service. And, they don't throw fragile luggage! I flew a few days ago, and I have a wheelchair, and I was watching through the airplane window to see how they would treat my wheelchair, and they were very careful in putting it in the plane :) Also, there was another guy who was allowed to bring in guitar on the plane. So if you ever fly Southwest, know that you cam most likely bring your guitar as a carry-on.
THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Finally a constructive answer to horrible "Customer Service" NEXT STOP SPRINT...
I've been having a problem with Sprint for well over a week. My phone, which I bought just over a month ago, will not send or receive text messages. I've been to 2 Sprint stores that were unable to resolve the issue, and talked on the phone with 4 different representatives. I've been told 4 times that someone would call me back, and I have yet to get a call back. The last time that I called was to cancel my service. I was told yet again that I would have to wait for a call back. I have the names of all of the people that I have talked to, as well as the confirmation numbers associated with the telephone transactions. I told Molly, the last person that I talked to, that I would be recording the conversation (they record me, why can't I record them?) and I was told that they could not speak to me unless I stopped recording the call. I was again told that I would receive a call back in 24 hours, and was hung up on. What should I do next?
+Andrew Weyant Check your state's wiretap law. Twelve states require two-party notification, whereas all the others and DC require just one. That girl Molly telling you she couldn't speak unless you stopped recording the call was bullshitting you hard. If you're told that again, just tell them you've read the wiretap law and that they can get someone else to speak if they're too uncomfortable lying to you on tape.
Dave Carrol from the east coast had his guitar busted by united airlines ... this is my TOTD . He did two more videos , there were case studies it launched his career more  .
United Airlines  SMASHED MY GUITAR ...classic
Love it.  I can't stand United and would quit flying them in a NY minute if a competitor would serve SFO-MSY direct.  Their service sucks as do their fares.  Terrible airline.
Band guy in the middle window looks like Phil Kessel
im flying with united to america tuesday with my guitar in a gig bag will it be allowed on board? Because they aint putting it in the cargo hold with all the suitcases...
U.S. Department of Transportation just issued a ruling that you are now allowed to carry your guitar on the airplane.  http://thehub.musiciansfriend.com/bits/new-musician-friendly-carry-on-rule-board-early-to-benefit?source=3XFCBK1 
Some years ago a plane left CLT , gained altitude ,and as it banked into a turn the cargo door popped open and luggage rained down on a soccer field at the high school in Huntersville NC  ! 
wow that's it for me I'll never fly with them!! everyone should take this opportunity to show 'big money' that we the people won't stand for this shit and boycott United for good! c'mon people tell them to go jump!! that will send a message to the rest of the corporate world..
His 14mins and 50 seconds is up and still no one has heard of this guy.....    It's easy for someone to have an "experience" and then try to get famous from it.  For what he paid in production costs for this video, he could have bought a guitar.
If I had broken it I would expect to have to pay to replace it. As a matter of fact United broke one of my Nikon lenses.  Did they care, NO! I know that the TSA and baggage handlers just toss your items around.  They don't give a crap because it's not there things. I'd like to be their fuel supplier and charge them twice the going rate.  It would hurt the company because they couldn't fly just like they broke your guitar and as a musician that is your instrument to make money with. I will never fly United again.  
Thanks.  Enjoyed it.  Go back quite a few years and listen to "Thank You Republic Airlines" by Tom Paxton for another airline guitar experience.  Its on his "One Million Lawyers and Other Disasters" CD (the best cuts are probably Don't Saly That Potatoe, Yuppies on Parade, and One Million Lawyers)
+EarlRegent lol I doubt it was a mile. The Halifax airport is pretty small.
+Kyle Morrissey Transit Newark. Had to run around newark airport and i tell you, they are not very helpful.
Now you know why it's been more than a decade since I last flew United, and why it is consistently rated as the worst airline in the United States.
that is not all that United breaks! I have had my luggage lost, stolen, and damaged. United always say they are sorry, and say that they are going to take care of the problem but never do! The only real question is why do i still fly them? I am Platinum and i am going to check around for my next trip. Thank you Dave for getting me to re-think my choices.
Would you put your GF in the baggage hold, of course not!  You should of put Miss Taylor in the cabin in the seat alongside you if she was worth anything to you.  Pay for the extra seat if need be...  if United would not allow that, then walk away.  Anyhow, if you were doing a boring, low paid, mind numbing job for a company that does not give a rats arse about you or its customers... well, you know "Baggage handlers have gotta have fun too, eh!"  When I travel, Miss Gibson is at arms  length.
I flew United last summer with my banjo. The boarding people looked at me and said: "You're gonna have to check that in". Thanks to helpful on-board personnel i got to keep it as carry-on. At one point they actually took it in a closet on board which was nice of them. But i am doing the same trip this summer - and with a 4000 dollar banjo. I am a little nervous they might give me a hard time...
Fly with another airlines!
Ok, so I completely agree with Dave taking down United with this funny song, I however never understood the Mexicans in the back, what does this have to do with the Airline?????
If you like guitars music and great guitar players the you must check this out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1738684971/the-guitar-show-channel?ref=video
Bad customer service never pays off. Its cheaper to please one guy, than lose 1000's of people.
If it wasn't true they would sue him. Ergo...
I'm about to travel overseas with a Taylor... I'm terrified. I'm thinking my best bet might be to mail it to myself and insure it. Any suggestions?
+G. Steven De Amaral Pad the case with towels to stop hard impacts. There is no clear-cut distinction between 'flight-cases' that can withstand actual impact and ordinary travel cases that prevent dings and scrapes but don't hold the guitar tightly enough to be thrown around. Hardshell travel cases can be converted into ad-hoc flight-worthy cases with the intelligent application of towels/cloth buffer material. That's about all you can do. 
Tell them its a violin, so you can carry it on. Hopefully you get an ignorant attendant who believes it :P
United Airlines Lost my Bag Last month and they cant find it, and well reading about this video i found that "Rob Bradford, United's managing director of customer solutions, telephoned Carroll to apologize for the foul-up and to ask if the carrier could use the video internally for training.[6] United mentioned it hoped to learn from the incident, and to change its customer service policy accordingly"   but it looks like United Airlines dose not learn from the mistakes
I had to do the same haha. Dang marketing electives. 
+JOHAN BRAUN  Really? Ha ha that is awesome! Would have been alot cheaper to replace his guitar. But of course a multi-million dollar company isn't gonna spend a few hundred or few thousand dollars to fix their mistake.
I tell you what, its a catchy tune and its going through my head again and again.
I haven't seen this song, its great! I hate United, it was a horrible experience to travel with them not to mention my baggage was opened and ransacked! Never traveling with them again...
Welp.  NOT gonna fly United anymore.  They break someone shit, and won't pay for it?   I like my stuff!!
The huge drop in stock is just proof that no one, including big corporations, can hide!  If you do something wrong it is going to end up on the internet.  #IntegrityCounts  
You go for it Dave. You sang a song for the "little people" who get hit with this crap from "big corporations" that the Supreme Court declares are people also. I hope you make a LOT of money off this song and that United loses customers. 
They don't do well on shoe sample cases either!
Great video just what they need they should have paid for it
Wait.. What does United break?
Having worked for a couple of airlines, never United, I can say our crew did try to be careful with ALL cargo. But a coupe of us were musicians ourselves. So Guitars , Drums, etc... were handled with care. But , that was just our crew, one shift. I have seen some very bad people do some very bad things on the tarmac or behind the luggage carousels. That said..... I'd buy a seat for my guitars if I ever flew with them. Poor guys. Know  how I'd feel. Like losing a best friend. Irreplaceable. Well, maybe the Taylor wasn't irreplaceable    :)
This song is great. People who will read this comment in my google plus, watch this video. It's funny. United airlines has since paid for the guitar, since the video went viral and everyone would hate them even more if they didn't pay for it.
Jeff Smiesk is also a bad airline CEO as well.
Not just break guitars just make mistake in the system and rob's ther costumers
I had an atrocious incident with United Airlines last year (the first and last time I flew with them) where I was treated so poorly that my extended family refuses to fly with them anymore. Alaska Airlines did what they could after United left me stranded with nothing for a day, so I am more than happy to stick with them anyway. Hearing that United treats their luggage similarly to how they treat passengers doesn't surprise me in the least!
1,615 United employee thumb-downs....
Wish I'd heard this song before :( destroyed my cabin bag along with the paintings I was carrying after asking me to check it in at the flight door. You suck, united!
Just plain wonderful and inspirational.  This is self-empowerment, the powerful new voice of the individual through social media, in its finest form.  I am a professor of English as a Second Language; one of the marketing students in my class introduced me to this video and the backstory a couple of weeks ago.  I have since bought and read Dave Carroll's book, and now I plan to make the story a two part lesson.  I found Carroll's TedTalk plus a few other interesting tidbits that I will sprinkle into a lesson for the Chinese, Saudis, Italians, Japanese, Latinos, Russians and others in my advanced classes.  Just my little contribution in spreading the word... Dave Carroll: You rock!  You are the man!  (I am 49, so maybe I should not say this...  But.... As my students say...) You are da bomb!
Them did it again RT @theregoesbabs Evil United Airlines leaves dog on rainy cold runway for + than a half hour despite alerts to staff pic.twitter.com/EvhFZQgK9u
United is awful! I've had nothing but bad experiences with them. Love that this video exists
I was crying the whole time
Dave Sanders Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
A musician named Dave Carroll recently had difficulty with United Airlines.   Dave spent over 9 months trying to get United to pay for damages caused by baggage handlers to his custom Taylor guitar.   During his final exchange with the United Customer Relations Manager, he stated that he was left with no choice other than to create a music video for YouTube exposing their lack of cooperation.   The Manager responded: "Good luck with that one, pal."   So he posted a retaliatory video on YouTube.   The video has since received over 6 million hits.   United Airlines contacted the musician and attempted settlement in exchange for pulling the video.   Naturally his response was:    "Good luck with that one, pal."   Taylor Guitars sent the musician 2 new custom guitars in appreciation for the product recognition from the video that has led to a sharp increase in orders.   Here's the video
I am flying in March with Emirates (luckly not United) but this makes me pee my pants! I have a cheap hudson, but it means A LOT to me. Anyways, amazing vid! So catchy I'll certainly use it for my singing classes.
This occurred more than five years but is always present. Dave Carroll was very happy with his music and how to complain. Unfortunately companies only understand when they are hit. And Dave hit the United directly into the liver. Congratulations Dave. Great !!!.
ok...I love this video..but...the guitar he's holding is a Gibson Hummingbird..nice guitar..just not a Taylor.
+XxGenroxX No, the BROKEN one in the shot is the Epiphone.
He couldn't afford a new Taylor when he did this video. Not long after this video dropped the President of the company that makes Taylor guitars gave him one.
The list of the 5 companies with the worst customer service for 2014 is out. Only one airline made the list: United.
United always has, and always will...........  SUCK!!!
My son was flying to Houston to visit me. He had his guitar, not a Taylor, but a good one. We actually paid for a seat on the plane for the guitar! He carried it on and strapped it in. The flight attendants were stunned. Hey, paying for the seat was cheaper then paying for a new guitar! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!
That was brilliant! And I'm still laughing. Passed it on to lots of friends.
united just sucks,all employees sucks,their attitude on me just feels like my dad
United needs to own up and fix it.  Great video.
I'm flying Delta , because UNITED  breaks guitars
Fun and scary! The "I don't care" flight attendants killed me. Bravo!
My mom recently flew with them, and they broke my little brother's car seat. I have a feeling they're not going to pay for it either.
In 2009, Dave Caroll an American singer/songwriter was flying on United Airlines with his band. He heard a fellow passenger exclaim that baggage handlers on the tarmac at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport were throwing guitars. Later he discovered that indeed his $3500 Taylor Guitar was broken. For nine months, Dave tried to get his damage claim processed with the airway with no results. So Dave did what he could do best!! He wrote a song and produced a video ‘United breaks guitars’. The YouTube video was posted on July 6, 2009. It got 150,000 views within one day, prompting United to contact Carroll saying it hoped to right the wrong. United mentioned it hoped to learn from the incident, and to change its customer service policy accordingly. However the damage was already done. Dave Carroll’s video is an example of how in today’s age of social media one voice can triumph over a giant corporation. It exemplifies the threat corporations faced in today’s age It is also an example of a good way to complain while remaining "respectful" and "not yelling".
I took the united airline 1 month ago.. this video reminded my horrible memories of the faces from United Airline again!!  Great Song!!!
And when they aren't breaking guitars, they are cancelling connecting flights so that you miss an event you paid thousands for.  United breaks hearts.  Thanks Sons of Maxwell for telling it like it is.
Reading the book Contagious and before I started to watch this video I was overtaken with laughter. Lol...Wow....Untied United this was good revenge on you
seriously, united is such a fucking horrible airline. delays, cancellations, and fuck all for customer service if you end up stuck in chicago because of them
Khổ thân cây đàn của anh. :)))
Thumbs up if you agree this song deserves an oscar
Awesome way to make lemonade out of the lemons you've been handed!
GunsandSpuds Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
United Breaks Guitars! 
this song did 180 million dollars in dropped stocks for united airways. don't fuck with musicians.
Kambiz Daneshyar Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Airline revenge   A  musician named Dave Carroll recently had difficulty with United  airlines. Dave spent over 9 months trying to get United to pay for  damages caused by baggage handlers to his custom Taylor guitar. During his final exchange with the United Customer Relations Manager, he stated that he was left with no choice other than to create a music video for YouTube exposing their lack of co-operation.   The  Manager responded: "Good luck with that one, pal."   So he posted a retaliatory video on YouTube.   The video has since received over 6 million hits.   United Airlines contacted the musician and attempted settlement in exchange   for pulling the video. Naturally his response was: "Good luck with that one, pal."   Taylor Guitars sent the musician 2 new custom guitars in appreciation for the   product recognition from the video that has led to a sharp increase in orders.   Here's the video:     http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=5YGc4zOqozo  
Our 100% Success rates keep our Clients happy and the Bad Guys unhappy!
This is revenge served in the most delicious form.
as the proud owner of a wonderful Taylor myself I understand.  United should be ashamed.   Love this.
Kotler brought me here.
Been around for a while. Beautiful "payback" on United Airlines in the U.S. They busted his guitar and refused to pay compensation and gave him a real hard time. He threatened to write a song about the incident. United Airlines told him, "Good Luck with that."  The song got heaps of airplay, United asked him to drop it. He told them, "Good Luck with that." Real case of Poetic/Musical Justice.
Makes one feel SO GOOD when someone "sticks it" to a company that treats  customers like crap. That is exactly what happened when United Airlines decided to give Dave Carroll a hard time. His SECOND great song about the lousy service by United Airlines follows the one above. You can click on it after the first song finishes. Then, just for good measure, there is a THIRD song, also another "SMASH" Hit. Oh, Did I mention he also has a Book about it? 
What a nice guy to put a video that doesn't step on blacks but makes fools out of Mexicans. Dave Carrol wears panties because if he would have made the video with blacks, that's is all I see at Chicago airports, the backlash would have made him... I must stop, white male pu$#y makes me sick
Go back to tumblr you twat waffle.
United breaks Everything! Broke my tuba too!!!
I think I saw this on WGN America's "Skydives".
I should play this every time I fly United
As long as you continue to fly United, I don't think they would care that much.
really good  song haha airlines !
AWESOME song!!!! TSA broke my carbon fiber bicycle frame in August this year (2014). I had just competed in one of the hardest races in the world (Norseman Xtreme triathlon). I return to the USA to find the $5000 frame broken. I filed a claim with TSA. From what I have read and heard, I should not expect any compensation. I had not heard the results of the claim yet but I hope TSA does the right thing. I might have to right a song. You guys are great
How on earth was the TSA able to break a carbon fiber bike frame? I wouldn't expect that to be easy to do by hand, especially if it's rated to be used in "Xtreme" anything. I like to imagine them setting up a golf-cart obsticle course in the terminal, and using your bike like a speed bump while wearing Tshirts saying "Your Tax Dollers At Work -- And yes Congress Knows we are Ineffective at Preventing Terrorism."
+czdaniel1 But, back on topic, what did they do to your bike?
Read about this song in my lecture book about "quality from need to usage", had to look it up, real funny haha
Very entertaining and good hype, but the fact is that the ground handlers (employed by the airport) broke the guitars, not the airline, and United just didn't care. Perhaps it moght be wise to take out insurance next time?
Never tired of listening and being encouraged by this song! Each and every time "bullied" by merchants the words "customers are never helpless" gives strength to get even!
Terry Harpole Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Write a song; right a wrong!
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