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Macbook Pro Tricks

by omikehall • 576,701 views

1= "Smackbook" 2= "Shadowbook" 3= "liquidmac"...

  hi boy do u have any idea for hacks macbook pro or dock ? how l can download game on my macbook pro ?
Прикольно !!! :-) ...
Omg I love that song and the keyboar... WOOOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOW
how do u do that if u make a vid and show how ill subscribe to u do you do this????
surely thats not a macbook pro coz it has the superdrive on the front not the side
you can recycle this macbook now
Lol all I see is battery life going down lol
kl stuff but we dont know hhow to do them
Does this software work with the newest and previous MBPs ?
@Xan3200GT Try for a refurbished one, still pricey but i got my 21.5" for £950
lol wie geil wusste bis heute nicht, dass mein MacBook nen Bewegunssensor hat
every body check out my channel it is amazing i am doing a tutorial over macs, i also do gameplay on consoles n macs, i do giveaways, reviews, and unboxings thanks n be sure to subscribe
What is the name of the song that plays at the end of this video lol I like it but dont know the name lol would like to buy on itunes thanks for the help
i belive that the lastone, with the flashing keyboard is realistic. but the first two is...not realistic at all. or he maybe has installed sensors in his macbook...well, who knows! XD
It is not a mac you retard do not try.
can i do that with my imac keyboard? the light up thing?
that cool i wish i could afford a macbook i love them every much strong cool chill laptops
Could you please explain how to do these tricks?
check my macbook pro tricks on my channel OnTheAn
ispazz screws up ur backlight...just sayin
I have a better 'trick' 1- take the macbook 2- throw it off a bridge cus it's lame.
@wehatemacs I'd like to see your PC do this. :) Oh that's right, even if it could, your system would crash.
i have all of them. the only one that doesn't work is shadowbook because my MacBook Pro is to new and there is no update for newer editions.
i was waiting for you to drop your mac on the water trick.
Is there an accelerometer in the macbook pro lol? WHY DID THEY PUT IT?! Y DO YOU NEED IT?! lol
@Moe3391 Well for the last one only mac book pros have a blacklit keyboard I believe....
@jetpack1986 Thnks, yeah a frind told me it was incorpored to macbook to safe disk or something like this
. I soon buy one. Looks like it's pretty cool
hey can you teach me i would love to make my mac do all of that and prove my bf that my new mac is better than his vista
@MegaRandomCo it is, it's the old version MacBook douche!
@CTS1PHMST My PC doesn't get taxed by cinema 4D or by the far superior 3DS Max ergo, not taxing, and that's according to your idea that PCs can't run taxing programs ("Your PC would crash"). Hardly, In fact, the PC form factor is used at ILM & Pixar. What 'big games' do you play then, out of interest, what is so amazingly great that it would be taxing on a lowly pc? You can't be playing any Direct X based games. also, "and if they do, not as good" is your own personal opinion, not fact.
@vonnieblunts09 my left foot is better than Vista......
@TheSummerfrench MacBooks have an accelerometr inside. Like all smartphones.
can any body tell me if is it true that macs don't get viruses? because i have one but i don't know if i should buy a anti-virus
cool stuff but i think you should show us how to do it :L
That's not even a fucking MacBook
0:27 is a program called Liquidmac
that song with the ispazz thing . what is it?
@ThereDeadpoet all macbooks from 2006 (I think) got accelerometers but as a safety feature not for entertaining purpose!
isn't that the macbook airs song
How do you do that can you explain? :/
Were the new MacBook Pros installed with an accelerometer?
Dood you gotta tell me how to do that mac trick so amazing when you tap the sides and what app is that when theres like sand and you move the screen ? tell me
does anyone know that name of the song btw nice video
That is SO awesome!! I'd buy one, if my parents weren't so strict and if I actually had the money:(:(:(
Do new macbooks have a motion sensor ? It could be useful to tell if your macbook is taken. Specially with the MBAs lacking kensington locks.
@TheSummerfrench There are tons of software out there for customization like that, but for the screen stuff my best guess would be it was done using the built in web cam. That's just a guess though.
I liked it but how'd u do all that stuff explain?
@CTS1PHMST Another thing, Pixar was created by Steve Jobs, for the most part they use Mac's. Second, ILM uses both, mostly PC, but that's because their programs only run for PC. George Lucas had one around all the time. Like I said, I don't PC's, I do like Mac's better, the only reason why I argued your MacBooks suck statement is because they don't. I'm not saying they are superior over PC, just that they aren't bad computers.
@matt16001 I own a mac. you'd know that if you took 20 seconds looking. Unless you're just aiming to post an ill informed comment. In which case, well done.
q2um hasb ich dihc abnniiert hahaha epic fial
Hello! can you explain how you do the tricks or where to download de applications! THANX!
@AdverageIdiot96 it's "New Soul" by Yael Naim...
i cant download the smackbook :(
@johnathon124 I should call Apple, someone must have let mine out of the box
@00WatermelonMan00 None of it is fake you idiot...
The name of the first trick is Lilt !
I love how it's actually a video :)
@TheSummerfrench option and a =  at least on my keyboard (it's Finnish). I have heard some other shortcuts but they didn't work for me.
so u must punch ur computer from time to time?
cooool!! :D how do you do all the things though? :)
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