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San Quentin PeckerWoods

by lifesukzzdie • 6,659,235 views

For full interview of this segment click here to this link

Where do the mixed people fit in? Wtf.. 
they are in with the 'Others'
Hey now king lets not forget they get pools too lol and get to go home on the weekends lol must be nice u.s is on that bs lol
these   white boys look like mexicans and puerta ricans. ..the leader looks like a albino nigger...anybody that calls themselves white to be associated with this pile of diarhea should be ashame of themselves....tattoos everywhere..thank god for prisons..they probably ass fuk in the evenings...what a life
And as far as since it's Ben around logic, rapes Ben around before the term . So does that make rape ok to ? Just don't use racist words. And then try to justify it with oh it means this . That's what racists do bro
It's all right, cause it's all white.
david you have no life...and i dont feel sorry for you bc your broke and you will not make it in nigger lover
Lol you're real side comes out !! Lmfao , sad , lonely racist piece of shit ! I have no life ? When you were first to write me Mitch ? Lmao stop smoking you're crack Mitch . And now I'm broke ? Lmao evidence of this Mitch lmfao???? I have my evidence to back up what I say . You uneducated shit stain !
its so obvious whos in charge lol
fuck yo cant stop wont stop we started that shit lame ass nigga. snortenos are a bunch of fucking Mexican Mafia rejects learn ur history before u worship those coward ass bastards fuck the norte REAL BUSTER KILLERS over here
Theses guys won't last in a Russian prison.
+streetfightwhite Figures, Sometimes They Approach me, and start Speaking spenish. its all good, I could not be a supremacists any way. 
you wouldn't last in a Buddhist temple, son
why are people recast are they so dumb that they thank that having a different skin color makes u better .? I'm white but if i tan long enough i can look black, or mexican so whats the difference?
Typical snow nigger trailer trash meth head's.
Prison Politics is changing: in California, there are too many Mexicans in that prison the BGF are alliance with the Nortenos the AB are allegiance with the Surenos they don't program together but they need that alliance to avoid total annihilation. 
so why haven't these scum been put to death? oh that's right so they can get out of jail and hurt more people.. omg it makes so much sense to feed criminals and let them work out and meet new crime buddies, what a great country we live in
Just say scum the word (nigger) shows you're lack of communication and education .
I bet the big guy in tats and stache not saying anything in back is in charge 
The guy with the black moustache got a big fucking mouth. The one behind the leader. He deserved to be dealt with after that interview.
motormouth mother fucker right there
white power? lol. youre still sitting in prison, dude. thats the OPPOSITE of power. you dont have shit, not even the illusion of freedom.
They look mexican tbh
well Mexicans copied their bald and goatee look. 
i thought it said San Quentin PeckerHeads lol
Many mexicans ARE Whiteboys so yes they would (for obvious reasons) stick together. And you buy into bullshit stereotypes to believe that Whiteboys are scared of negros. The deadliest prison gang in America (actually rated based off of how many people they've killed) is the Aryan brotherhood. The second is the Mexican mafia or some shit. The truth is that most black gangs aint shit without overwhelming numbers and firearms.
It's all about our Heavenly Father!!!!! Not you're selfish pride!!!!
"We're not racist, we just don't want to live with them" smh
these are the lowest of all humans..locked up for coochie only man ass...
Dudes cliche up like this in prison out of fear. If you talk to anyone who was locked up in the 70s or earlier, is wasn't about this race bullshit. Every man had to own his shit.
Attica 1971 changed all of that.  After the Attica riots, the government running the prisons figured out they better fan the flames of racial tension or else more united rebellions happen.   If you want to see the guards getting really worried, its when the races start getting along and organizing.   You can figure it out when you start to realize what literature and influence is even allowed into the prisons.   They want the racial tension, creating artificial shortages of commodities in the prison and making people fight over it.  Infiltrating and provoking groups so nobody can tell who is who, so it starts to separate out on race. 
Guy in white shirt looks like an inbred Jesse Pinkman
Fuck you porch monkeys the inbred trailer trash why you get stomped on you know run shit here
Damn that dude talks too much
these fuckin guys are way too confused!!!they have spanish blood talkin about theyre white!i hate these shows because they always show guys in transit or PC prisoners..they never interview real convicts
Cool.looks to me like they love banging each other.stupid white pride fucks
they shave their heads so their hair won't tickle the tummy of the guy that their blowing. Homosexual men in orange suits are so erotic!
19? Hella young already spending his life there terrible thinkin about it
My favorite part is when the reporter says is it actually a racist thing that this person goes over here and over there they know damn well this
Why don't we send these people to the Middle East? They would love to be out of their cells and kill towel heads. Seriously, it's killing two birds with one stone.
Derrrrrr we got a media retard. No such thing as terrorists dumb ass learn not to be fooled so easily lmao. Prolly believes everything the idiot box tells em.
What fucking losers! Can't believe my tax dollars are paying for their care
Where would the White Mexicans go?
+whatsgoingon07 Yea I know that, but I am sure they wouldn't let a fairly light skinned mexican wtih a name like Jose join even though he could be like 100% Spaniard, and Mexican. Anyways that guy that was the leader or at least looked like the leader looked mexican darker than some mexicans. Also I am not Mexican, I am Italian, but we are basically the same were both Latinos.
Cum on now chris you're being like the white devils with the racism leave it only to them fucks.
Honestly, they do not look white to me, except a few of the young ones.....  I would not find this fun, I like talking to different people.
Scum all of them! Should not be called prison, should be re-named the Scum Wards!
WOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!! there are some really stupid commenters in here
These guys are more whiter than a hot dog!!!
How did u meet these guys? "Thinks back of when he dropped the soap xD"
Jesse pinkman in the white t lol
well they were all pretty friendly for being inmates.  :)
Yeah bc he was their kind lol
They seems like a bright bunch.
Look like a pack of spics to me.
i clown all of these faggots on the streets wannabe ex convicts teal their food their clothes and beat the shit out of them with my machida karate and gracie jiu-jitsu brown shit white shit black shit yellow shit 80 straight consecutive faggots running away
How did you hook up with these guys?? Ugh ugh FRESH ASS They all having a bit of it
yummy fresh butt crave the smell
Gets a  little complicated with the different colors
 You pretty much have to join a gang for protection amongst the animals in prison.
i gotta 308 for every one of you pieces of jailhouse shit
Where did the whites get the term Woods from?
I always thought it was cause we're some cheeky bastards ...pecker is a term for a penis .. i've not heard of anyone liking the peckerwood term .. pretty sure it's just a derogatory slang.
no, white power kids tatoo it on their neck or wear baseball caps monogrammed with the name. it's just like the word nigger. blacks turned it into nigga and "embraced" some just use the term "wood"
My crew would fit in well with these guys.
It's crazy how you can clearly see that some of these guys are Mexican, but it's really easy for them to pass as a skin head. It's easy for white people to pass as one of them too.
Claimimg to be peckerwoods\ white etc. BUT hold on man....they easily pass as Hispanics by a long shot. The only real white was at at end the 2 guys. Not sure why these dudes trying to pasd as white. Am i missing something here ???
Theyre skinheads lol
Being in the sun and the tattoos make you appear a bit tanner
got no education but can tell between colors. and count how many years. way to look out for the young ones.
Pretty easy to tell who's in charge. Huge guy with the mustache. You can tell just by looking at the group, without even hearing them speak. The body language, the fact that he's front and center and they are all either around him or behind him. It's interesting. Almost like watching a wild life documentary. It's funny to me that  although he claims to be white...he seems to be hispanic or part hispanic. At least that's what I would have guessed from his appearance and manner of speaking.
Those are white boys!! They aint mexican! You get yourself killed in there for claiming to be something they aint those are all "white boys Wood's".. Jus because they tattooed down don't make them mexican! Just about every one in the "pen" got tatoos! In there you don't mix races!!
+Jose Reyna I'm Mexican and my skin is light that don't make no white boy lol..some of these woods jus got a darker tan because they out there in the yard all day under the sun wit no shirt on that's why they have dark skin! I don't think these white boys would be too happy being called Hispanic..
buncha toothbrush scraping faggots.
"[whistle] Thrrrrrt, HONK!" with double guns at 0:42 is pretty tough.
Bunch of worthless trash.
Claims white power, tattoos 75% of there body black with shitty tattoos. Puts my fucking race to shame.
shot caller is the guy with hulk hogan mostache 
Is his parrot behind him 2nd in command? 
+Milos Pinstripe Yep,Most Likely bro... 0:41 he shuts'em down
I heard the woods are always doin some weird suspect fagget shit n prison and n jail,,,washin eachothers dicks, backs, n shit...holding eachother.......smh.
Everybody does fagget shit in prison eventually. Some people just lie about it when they get out. 
Lmao everybody? Must be referring to you're self huh? Lol
This group of guys look like drug addict ghetto guys,the blacks and hispanic dont even look this bad,I dont think they represent all the white guys in san quintin though.
That youngsters eyes look full of regret. He is super scared.
Fucking jews. Always stirring up racial shit. They should have beat that fucker down and let him rot in pig shit. 
lol that dudes like "white power" but like "we dont hate them" lol the whole racist thing is slowly dieing in its own way 
+March Fifth googleing does not an education make. western medicine? wonder why they call it that now. 
"white power" is just a political scandal, only to be effective to people who have hard life or no life  
The guys in the front aren't even white lmao
The last white honky probably robbed the pharmacy for oxys or norcoz he looks like a heroin pill billy
Louis Theroux should of just walked up to them and said "z0mg white power, lets do meth k"
These wannabe faggots have no affiliation with the Aryan brotherhood, they aren't pure white, mixed hispanic faggots
Lol WHITE POWER, oh, we arent racist.
I looooove when white gangs claim white purity, aryan nation, pecker woods, KKK or whatever then go and get tattos with black ink. hahahaha it throws their whole logic down the drain.
God's Power is the only power that should count with white, blacks, Latinos r any others, on Judgement Day all this hate mess is going to send any hate group straight to Hell and this is no joke!
Makes perfect sense. Couldn't be coz blacks easy to see on ur skin. Aye y ur at it y dont u not drive on the street neither coz u know its black lmao good logic dumb ass .
I got there once because I smoked weed, and people were paying for me.
Paying u for what lol
Much respect to these bro's! In the inside, if you don't click up with your own kind, the other races will take advantage of you. Call them stupid, but it's survival. Half of you idiots will never understand that. I'm white and proud, we whites conquered most of this planet and created things other races couldn't live without. Look Haiti and Africa, practically unlivable!
So ur proud that whites literally are responsible for like 90 percent of deaths ever lmao. You need god bro not some race shit to make you feel better about the piece of shit you've become in this world.
they all look Mexican
White my ass, they look hispanic to me.
+Ilovegrunge123 It's really not like that at all. 
They are just taned up pill billies
what movie is this from ?
its not a movie its real 
They all look like surenos Latinos
They're all white, idk what y'all talking about lol. Why would they pretend to be white anyway and talk shit about other races? Think about it. Rofl
LOL I am from 707, didn't know the white boys had their own call.
it's an area code lmfao
+sixstrings209 No shit, Im referring to the "agghhh" sound he made. We say YEE
He says "for the most part" races on the outside get along. That is not even close to being true. Races segregate themselves by nature. Man's laws require us to show respect to other races, but in general, most races favor their own race over others. This is natural. And in the prison setting, primordial man is allowed to be himself. And notice how much more of a peaceful life they have staying with their own. 
Yeah racists around other racists that feel the same. Lmao you're logic is ducking shit guy .
fuck peckerwoods dont come to hwd hollywood bitch niggas
Whatever "race" they are doesn't matter.  By themselves, they are scared little boys. That's obvious by their cocky behavior. The only way they can feel "manly" is by joining with others of their ilk.
How the f**k did this get 6.5 million views?
some of these guys could pass for wetbacks rofl "white power" LOLOLOL
Where can I find the full video?
That's funny because that Aryan Brotherhood guy talking looks like he's mixed.  "Oh we're the Aryan Brotherhood, but we're a lot more progressive nowadays, so we take in the mixed ones too, as long as they're white mixed with something else" 
fyi you dummy, the aryan brotherhood's leader is a jew with a jew last name, so the whole thing has never been that much about following hitler's ideals as much as it is about being white and tribal
Deez nigga soft as fuck yo
So these hardened criminals "sound Black even though they aren't.  What does that tell you?
that young cat is probably as big as the other guys now 
Californians are the bottommost worthless, biggest demeaning influences on society, AND STINK! EEEWWWW!!!
what the hell does he say at 0:43 can't make it out what so ever!!!
Actually... he is saying "707" and displaying the 7's on his fingers as well. It is an area code from Northern California. <707, now say it backwards>
He's whistling Honk like honkey Sieg heil 88/14 RWR
00:42 that guy with the mustache stepping out in the background. I think he's secretly Mexican, and just then realized he's in the wrong group, trying to sneak away while he has the chance. Also, I swear I know the older version of the guy in the big white shirt on the far right. 
Usually if your brunette and brown hair your not fucking white and even being blue eyed doesnt mean your fucking white fuckng stupid scumbags should go back tot the rock they crawled out of in europe these guys look like fucking white trash pigs
Peckerwoods don't even have racist ideologies there just proud to be white.
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