Kevin Garnett | Naturally Powered: Behind the Scenes Part 2

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Find out how Kevin Garnett used Yoga to improve his game and become a 15-time NBA All-Star.

Hi there, That is great to hear! I am 6' 7" and been doing yoga for several years my self. Honestly, it does not surprise that more and more NBA players are getting in to this. Atlanta Hawks - the entire team is testing it out now a days. Yoga is the exercise, simply because of the understanding of the body behind it. There is nothing like it. I am also writing a blog about yoga, please visit w w w stillischill com and find out more.Peace!
Garnett's discipline = OUTSTANDING
Hell yea, KG beasts on the mat too. Yoga is the only way to go, so good for the mind and body. Focus, conditioning, flexibility, discipline, you name it. I've been practicing two years and have almost no injuries left and am loving it.
Yoga doesn't seem like a violent enough pastime for Kevin Garnett. I was expecting... I don't know, some sort of fighting activity to pass his free time.
I just love that smile of his! He's an amazing athlete!
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