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Breaking Dawn

by MissCaseyShirey • 20,075,937 views

This is a video of what i hope the fourth movie, Breaking Dawn, is going to be like!!

I don't know if anyone has tried the links at time code 3:20 but the one that say's emmettmclover doesn't work.  I'll try it again.  But the livejournal is real.  Ok, the emmettm.livejournal say's:  "The journal emmettm is not currently registered." So than I tried it w/ the clover in it and it came as saying, "This journal has been deleted and purged. You can rename your account with this username."  Fake posting.  Then they put in the the video.
Igor Kononov Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
+Annie Fontaine good evening, dear Annie!!! :-))
спасибо) замечательная музыка)
such a great video! Props to you ;D
Awww i remember watching this back when not even new moon was out :')
Ahhhh this sucks don't ever watch this
my dick brought me here... Again!
I gave you a thumbs up only because that looks super frickin cool.
1:50... Am i the only one who noticed the BONER
A un'altra cosa ma come ha fatto l'imprinting con la bimba??? e quindi cosa vuol dire che è un pò anche figlia sua?
It didn't take me long to realize that most of these pics are fake .
Like if you only click this because of the thumbnail .
New song for breaking dawn - footsteps in the dark- ewelina & the godshills
this movie absolutaly changed my life and now i know who i am in my mine...
Because of the whole saga of twilight it seems like they are really married
Aaaaaawwwwww Bella's duater looks so pretty and so dose Bella I love the music and edward still looks super hot
How did you do this love video
fotoshop!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! LMAO! that was pretty bad!! hahahaahahhaha! don't get me wrong...i'm team Edward 4 ever but, SERIUSLY!!!!! sorr for my english..heheh i'm from sweden! hahahaha..... Vet ni ved det här betyder? det betyder snopp!
Hi guys! It's my version of "My love"-Sia, tell me if You like it, or don't. Best wishes!
these are very beautiful !!! this music !! it magic ! ;)
So sadly cute it made me cry***!!!!!!!!!
theese photo's r ****ing photo shopped! d*** head!
افلام توايلايت كاملة
aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love them so so so so so so so so so so so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
i love robert pattinson im a big fan i just will like if u just bite me off my neck love u.
its jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjacobbbbbbbbbbbbbb thats trying real hard to break them upp but its hard hes almost there though]
i love this film and film in a top of the wold no 1 movies
@amilovesnate 28...why do you ask?
i love this video...very nice movie.
I love all the twilight movies I almost have all of th and I seen all of them ecept one of them the new one I almost have all the books and movies on them too
Date each other? :)) They r an Couple since 2008 :) Perfect Couple! 😊❤
This is beautiful LOVE sweeeet!!!!!
Stephenie Meyer wrote twilight while she was sitting at the kitchen table watching her kids she is a true inspiration!!!!PLEASE type in GREEN LANTERN THE ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY and please check out the true twisted story of how GEORGE LUCAS sent off duty CIA agents to threaten my Mother with guns thanks!!!!
wow turns out 16million people can be wrong. this is awful.
omg i love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
@cullenbaby98 I'm just sad and bitter about being single. Every woman that I've ever liked was not interested in me.
thumbs up if your team Edward thumbs down if your team jacob! I am team Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
these are beautiful but some of them are obviously photoshop
there are a lot of pictures of them together why did you put so many fake photos? i dont like it.
oh please most of these pictures were photo shopped and/or not even related to the movie/book
Iblove this because it shows what twilight is all about.
Are Kristen and Rob married in real life? ;D tell me please
Breath taking journey of a story old as time, LOVE, and sometimes some different strange roads to travel in order to arrive! I don't care anything about the critics, the PEOPLE will decide this one, they pretty much already have.
hahaha geiler Name :D EdwardCullenIsSexiii :D Es stimmt natürlich auch <3 x3
I'm a twilight fan ................but i still didn't like this video those pictures were all sooo fake to me.....but I can't wait til the last movie!!!!!!😍😂😘💜💗💝😜😝
@amilolovesnate that's cuz it's not a boner it's a wrinkle in the underwear
I WISH THIS WOULD GO AND ON, I cant seem to leave it, Please bring it!!!!!!!!!! From Betsy,Bobbi Jean, Shalyn, Jack and Lexy and TY !!!!!!!!!!
damn son thats some good windows moviemaker if i ever saw it. breaking dawn was exactly what i expected it to be, soft core porn. but it didnt really pick up for me until jacob married the baby that was wear i came so hard i couldnt see for two weeks. that director is a fucking genius baby
shit a moment comment comerchial as not awsome
I love twilight 😜💙💜💗💚❤💓💛💘🌟💋
i dont think jacob is in the cullen clan
Clair de lune de Debussy, love french music ! C morceau me donne à réfléchir, a beautiful song
I will never get over this beautiful love story. It will remain in my heart........forever.
Where is the pic that shows bella fucking the shit out of the director?
nao to entendeno nada porqeu voces nao alam em portugues?
0_0 hod i cant watch this any more i gonna dislike this...eww
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