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TFS DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 30 (Part 3 of 3)

by TeamFourStar • 4,498,645 views

Episode 30: Freeza: The Final Cut (Part 3) ADVISORY: Check out our website at for the FULL-LENGTH EPISODE, WITH AN EXTRA SCENE AT THE END NOT ON OUR CHANNEL! Visit our website...

i just had this macabre thought that since they wished for EVERYone killed by Frieza and his men to be brought back. So does this mean the inhabitants of planet Vegeta came back, but are now floating in the vacuum of space where they asphyxiated and died all over? Cuz that's kinda funny. Genocide of the same race twice,
Nappa didn't get revived in the original, TFS just did so for comedypurposes.
+Ph4nt0m But its still made sense that nappa wouldve gotten revived though.
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YAY NAPPA IS BACK (late reaction comment)
Something that still confuses me after watching this Abridged series a couple times through... Why wasn't Krillin revived when they wished to have "everyone killed by Frieza and his men" brought back? He was directly killed by Frieza himself.
+Matheus Moura Dude regardless if you watched DB or not, Goku already explained from the beginning of DBZ that Krillin has already been wished back to life, and that the dragon can't wish the same person back to life again...
Maybe It's because DENDE doesn't like krillin
2 of the wishes were wrong. Instead of building a planet like Namek, they told Porunga to bring the souls of Krillin and Goku to Earth (ended up being only Krilling because Goku haven't died). And instead of just teleporting all nameks to the planet Porunga created, it was to teleport the nameks to a planet similar to Namek.
its a parody. freeza also never promised goku two stuffed crust pizzas
+Jesse Floyd He did in the Directors Cut.
Yamcha: "You're acting like death has no consequence!' Tien: "It really doesn't. We're literally waiting to go back. This is Chiatzu's second time!"
Chaotzu: "If I come back the third time I get a free sundae!"
That nappa part was awesome! And why didn't the grand elder fuse with one of his namekian friends since he was dying as a parting gift or something.
Well honestly he had no power. It would do nothing. Also the namekians are very cultural people. Perhaps the elder namekian is forbidden to fuse.
All of them are forbidden to fuse, it's just that Piccolo and Neil/Nail , and I quote, "abused it maliciously".
5:37 Why wasn't it Shoot to Thrill? Is Chi-Chi close enough for AC/DC but not enough for the exact song?
+G. That's called hyperbole. Big difference. My point was that it is much, much more common to use that syntax as a joke than in serious conversation, hence, I expected anyone reading it to reach the former conclusion. I was asking because the sentences I wrote were made to be grammatically correct. The only thing distinguishing them from the speech patterns of a serious, experienced English speaker is that they are unnecessarily drawn-out (and perhaps logically incoherent). I'll assume you're not trying to hide an insult in the third paragraph. If, hypothetically, you are, you'll get a hypothetical slap for giving it so little hypothetical quality. Hypothetically. First of all, "not using the Internet much" and "not using social media with inexperienced English speakers much" are two totally different things. Second of all, I'm specifically talking about the drawn-out speech pattern I was using in humor. "I see sarcasm that doesn't make sense and I don't see sarcasm." I've seen plenty of comments and posts that make less sense than that, but not ones that are similar enough to be called "Like that, but worse". ...Does that make sense to you?
+1101Archimedes I know what a hyperbole is. What you did doesn't really sound like one. A hyperbole would involve over-exaggeration. Phrases like "I'm 1000% sure noone would say that" or "I know a million people that are bad at speaking English and they wouldn't make such a mistake" are good examples. You simply said "No one talks the way I did". Not a hyperbole, although once again you could've been just kidding and not saying it seriously, like you did in one of your first comments (which is what started this discussion in the first place. LOL Holy shit we're walking on circles here.), but once again there's no way I could tell if you meant it or not. Oh, so you're indeed asking me. Well, honestly I don't think the length of the sentence is a huge deal here, those things you were saying weren't as unnecessarily lengthy as you claim them to be, but that might be just me. No, that wasn't meant to be offensive. I'm just saying I have my doubts about how you claim that you're not unnecessarily trying to sound wise and thoughtful about something you may not know that well (referring to being fairly new to the internet). For what it's worth, there would be nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. But I gotta say, the idea of you so confidently slapping me over the internet made me giggle. lol First of all, the social media was an example, the first that came to mind. You asked me for one, so I gave you. I don't have a separate list of places on the internet where people usually have bad english, but they're definitely not that rare! lol Second of all, alright, I got that. But I'm not talking about that at all. That's not even what I referenced when we started this argument. I quoted the "isn't it not" part of your comment. NOW, just to make myself clear, once again, no, I'm not trying to be offensive or rude in any way, but I have a feeling you're being kind of hostile. So I think it would be better for both of us if we just dropped this, don't you think? I'm sure you have some complete answer full of fancy words at the tip of your fingers, and I'm not even saying you're wrong, because I may be missing some point here. But I have a feeling this isn't going anywhere since we started this. You seem to have a good answer to what I say, I have a good answer to what you say... and it goes on and on. So if you want to reply to this, feel free to do so, of course... I might read it or not, but I don't really feel like replying anymore. This all feels like a huge waste of time. lol So have a good day, night or whatever it is over there. And if there's anything I can tell you out of this is, keep in mind sarcasm/intentional jokes and mistakes aren't as easy to understand as you seem to think when you can only analyze people's words. It may look easy to you, but as one of my Portuguese (my main language whether you care or not) teachers taught me, when you're writing a text, you gotta make sure the reader doesn't have a hard time understanding your point, and discerning what sounds clear to you from what sounds clear to a stranger might be difficult at times. And I just realized I kinda sound snobbish and arrogant after saying that. OPFPDSJAOIHEOTHEQ9 WHATEVER JUST HAVE A GOOD DAY AND NIGHT AND STUFFS leaves
Is my favorite character Trunks coming soon?!(Not future Trunks , kid Trunks) He's the perfect mixture of Vegeta and Bulma, my favorite pair. I like the Cell Saga but I always felt that it really could've been avoided if it weren't for the stupid Saiyan's nature. Tournament and Buu Saga are easily my favorite. 
My favorite sagas are the Tien Shinhan, King Piccolo and Piccolo Jr sagas. I actually prefer the original Dragon Ball to Z, still love Z though.
What the hell was Bulma's dad saying there at the end before it cut to the end and Vegeta's scene?
I think he meant F.A.G meaning freaky.alien.genotype
+Josh the slayer It's a two-way joke, methinks. Since Dende 1: was a freaky alien slug person, and 2: had just confessed his gay love for Gohan.
I realllyyyy wanted to see the part where Vegeta beats the shit out of Gohan dubbed... :(
what is the song played between 5:37 -5:44
No it's spelled darude
Well good news, bad news and worse news. Good news we have another seemingly insane DBZ character, Piccolo with Nail. Bad news ghost Nappa won't be haunting Vegeta with his humorous retarded remarks. Worse news, Nail isn't as funny as Nappa so the comedy died down a little. At least Goku is still dumb while Tien and Vegeta make out with hateful insults.
Basically instead of stupid remarks they do stupid arguments? Makes sense, I see your point. Still Nappas stupidity will never be matched, not even by Goku.
+MatrixMiles17 It's more that Nappa gets funnier one-liners, but the whole banters you have with Piccolo and Nail going back and forth can just keep laughs going for a bit longer (in one instance of course).
+KawaiiKemonomimi namek roughly translates to slug
Namekians reproduce asexually via eggs, they don't have genders.
I thought that there was a special ending with freeza drifting in space after the credits?
Everyone wished back while Vegeta technically worked for Frieza, I can't help but think about that bug planet. They had no planet to be revived in, so did they suffer another death? Or could they survive in space?
No it was a year to get there plus a week in namek so basicly they were a week off
Wait...if Vegeta technically worked for Frieza when he killed Nappa then that means....oh my, those poor bug people...
Burma: Hey Gohan, Your dad's dead. Gohan: Damn it!
Oh, god. I just realized something. Mr. Satan comes in at the end of the cell arc and Nappa has Mr. Satan as an actor. We might be seeing Nappa in the main series again.
What did the policeman say to calm everyone down? All I heard was "Godzilla, godzilla, godzilla..."
The thing I always asked myself was why does porunga have a six pack?
You want an out of shape dragon?
00:50 literally its like he didnt stop on accident
"I gotta go patch up Yamchas leg"... Yamcha screaming in background lol
1:06 Hey, buddy the planet's about to blow up so "CHOP CHOP".
Awesome! And welcome back Nappa :D
That Star Wars music was awesome
And thus ends season 2. Goodbye Super Kami Guru.
Omg the credits ... one guy plays most of the protagonists.
Haha the way they dragged nappa out is just beautiful. i wish he stayed alive in the original just so they could have more nappa scenes in the abridge
godsilla godziraa godzirra godzilla :D :D :D i can't hahahahahahahahahaa
And thus ended the greatest season of the greatest parody series ever created.
The Earth dragon, Shenron, can't bring back people who died more than once. Krill in had already died before
there is an actuak fanfiction where frieza have those thoughts and stuck through it and eventually becomes the hero of the universe 
What's the track that plays when Yamcha yells, "Goku, no. NNOOOOOOOO!!" after King Kai tells him Namek and Goku blew up?
Man........ ............... ............... ............... ............... ............... ............... What a fa- TFS ENDING
... Muffin Button
That little Dende and Gohan moment at the end 😂
Krillin on namek:AH AH AH AH AH AH AH Krillin wished back:AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH
The dragon should of had the 2014 Godzilla roar but it didn't exist sadly it would have been better!
whats the track from 9:57 - 10:14 ?
So is Two Saiyans Play canon? Why would Vegita do that?
After what's probably my 10th watch, I've only just noticed the Huckleberry Finn joke that links to the start of 'Dead Zone Abridged'!
Star Wars music in the background rofl
no longer ghost NAPPA!!!!!!
Why was Krillin not wished back on the original Namek? He was killed by Frieza...
Freaky alien genotype
You just can't keep Nappa down XD
The Mr. Satan joke is funny, but still incorrect. While Mr. Satan's real name is Mark, "Mr. Satan" is a stage name.
ahhh godzirra godzirra
A nother briljant episode
Question, where did you get the animation of Nappa in a suit? Was that like a OVA or was that just photoshopping him on another guy in a suit's body?
+AdicusDeath reaper Also the Guldo Dog trreats, verious instances of vomit etc. :)
+AdicusDeath reaper The entire scene with the muffin button (Goku included) was stuff that they drew/had drawn for them.
Freeza lost; like a BITCH
Rap fan:1 Frieza: 0
Well that could have beem possible since Nappa was killed by Vegeta and Vegeta worked for Frieza. Too bad that didn't happen in the actual series but this one did.
I think Vageta needs to make a call in the new episodes(to Napa about lunch)
Just realized Spirit animal crab got wished back too.
When Tien snaps Yamcha's leg he says "Ow! My good leg!" Which is making fun of Tien breaking his leg at the world tournament.
For one, he was wished back. But also, in the original, they did call the dragon twice. That shot is from the second.
Holy crap your right his dumb ass was in the water complaining about gangrene
Haha they referenced the Buy saga at the end with nappa talking about Mr. Satan and how in the English version they changed his name to Hercule.
Wait, so, Goku gets the option of being brought back to a world or not, but Piccolo doesn't?  lol
A. The dragon was exhausted from building a planet. B. Goku is stronger than piccolo, so he had more say in whether he actually got brought back or not.
I wonder if tfs will ever make dragon ball abridged the first series. Showing goku growing up
Did anybody else notice how krillin and yamcha's clothes changed
I knew Freeza sounded like Marik
Gojira? gojira gojira.
just gonna say all the sayians should be alive because killed by well everyone knows 
And that how Vegeta and Nappa start tsp on tfs gaming.
Mark Satan... See who got it
The end though with dende and gohan 😂😂😂
There was no organs in Friezas body:p
The ending was so funny I'm crying
Did they ever explain how the Namekian dragon balls still work with Guru dead?
same happened with earth ones... once dende took over they became even more powerful, as in two wishes and unlimited revivals, neat huh?
+Dewani90 Dende wasn't more powerful than Kami but he was a properly trained member of the Dragon Clan so he knew his shit, his dragon balls were life savers over the Buu arc =D
It's Gojira, not Godzira.
Love this series, but I always notice when I rewatch that Krillin never came back when they wished everyone that Frieza and his men killed back to life. Add one more Krillin Owned Point please.
I mean in the abridged series.  Not the real one.  They wished everyone back and Krillin still didn't come back. 
That ending makes total sense when ya think about it.
+Wayne Ekeh That Nappa should have been brought back to life with the Dragon Balls, because Vegeta worked for Freeza then.
+TeamFourStar  Where did you guys get the ringtone at the end of the episode? I'd really like to know so I can eventually put it on my phone as my ringtone.
It's a Ghostbusters 8-bit song. Might be a remix.
TeamFourStar make a movie about dragon ball z battle of gods
+Jay M they will make it a soon as it is english dubbed
Hold on i know the namekian dragon balls are only strong enough to bring back people killed by frieza and his men on namek but (and i know gt is non canon) couldnt the black star dragonballs bring back the saiyan race and everybody else killed by frieza?
Ok I have to explain this to someone else again, The saiyan race and everyone else WAS brought back without Goku and the others knowing. The bad thing is, the dragons can not bring planets back without it being a wish first s everyone else who was wished back had no planet to go to there for they all died in outer space due to suffication.
+AdicusDeath reaper Actually, no. That is what WOULD happen. But the wish made to bring everyone killed by Freezer and his goons back? Made by the terran dragon balls. Meaning anyone who died in the year before that was brought back, the Saiyans however were wiped out over 20 years ago by that point and therefore were not brought back.
This doesn't make sense why krillin and the others didn't come back when popo made the wish
Ok looks like I have to explain this agian, Krillin and chosu have died before in dragon ball. Plus vegeta and nappa was not working for freeza when Vegeta landed on earth.
seriously watch dragonball
Maybe I should change? OH HECK NOOOOO!!!
What think i might just be stupid but if they wished everyone back that was killed by frieza or his men wouldnt that bring back bardock and planet vegeta and vegetas dad or is there something that explained why that cant happen
You can only wish back people if its been less then a year
And even if there wasn't the year restriction, Planet Vegeta itself would not come back and all the Sayians would die in the vacuum of space.
Wtf Dende is gay?!? :O
Can't be, there's no such thing as a namekian girl
.... technically all the sayans are back
They're not, they're still dead. The dragon balls on earth can only bring you back within the year of your death, the saiyans died more than 20 years ago. Even if they're brought back, don't forget planet Vegeta was destroyed, their would be no oxygen for them to breathe, they would just die again
yeah i forgot bout that
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