Dog Adopts a Tiny Panther Cub - SO CUTE.

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Apparently this is a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog that adopted a tiny little panther cub in England. So cute! Why don't you come and join Uzoo on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our videos...

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And where did the cub come from....? Was it orphaned? 
yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! so cute!!! (^・ω・^=)~
You thank to have a parents
42 people have no soul.
Particular Pooch Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
I mean, do we even need to say anything?
Hey... that's not a puppy!  Please Follow: +Interesting Videos 
O my God this is to precious for words!! love this
Chantal Pascal Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Une fois de plus, on constate que les chiens sont moins c... que les humains. Venant d’avoir une portée, cette femelle de race « Rodhesian Ridgeback » ne fait aucune difficulté à adopter un bébé supplémentaire, même s’il s’agit en l’espèce d’un bébé Panthère…
That's so adorable!!! I love it! 😍
caterina Carli Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Amore di mamma!!
The little Panther, looks like a little devil! 
AWW. Such a good mommy. Pretty too..  Some people find this weird--buts its been going on in the Animal kingdom forever! Your just now hearing more about it--thanks to YT.  Check out the Polar Bears playing with dogs.  Dogs and Cheetahs, Dog saves kittens from fire and know this too---Animals have even been known to "rescue" HUMAN babies as well.  All to the good. And in the end--in Gods kingdom---ALL WILL BE TOGETHER. The lion shall lay down with the lamb--and a child shall be able to put their hand in a vipers nest and NONE SHALL BE HARMED.  
Doris Devil Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Amore di mamma!!
meraviglioso,cuore di mamma non ha natura,PERFETTO.
I'm pretty sure they mean leopard... 
Black Panther can = leopard :) It's just another common term.
Didn't really adopt more so as kind of a forced connection
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not like the dog had a choice
She could growl at it.
Michael Koppenol Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Just wait till the little guy grows up. It will be more fun then.
You're the idiot here, just jumping to conclusions, "duurr the pathur will eat the dog bcus is pantheur" idiot, haven't you seen other animals that are brought up with different animals? that dog-squirrel, the cow girl or the wolf boy
when my friends dog had pups the first time they were getting milk there was one left out and just started...licking......*Vomites*
What happens when the baby panther claws all the puppies eyes out, cause those are some sharp claws.
Well thanks for clearing that up for all of us.
"Aww that's a cute little fell-AAAAARRGGHHOUCH!"
I wonder how many people are going to post on here when it has grown up that its "predatory instincts will take over and kill them all" This is fascinating, and the comments on here sometimes make me lose faith in our educational systems, on a GLOBAL scale. That aside..... SO CUTE
When babies are itty bitty they can't go potty themselves! The mama has to help them out. :)
They did because it shows the connection between the mother and the pup that she considers herself the mother.
It is a teat. And the little cutie is def holding on like its never letting go of that ninny-LOL!!
No, "Panther" is a derived term from the order "Panthera" sub-family of felids, consisting of the leopard, Lion, Tiger, Jaguar, and sometimes Snow leopard, but it's generally discounted. Panther refers to a Jaguar or a Leopard, or the puma/cougar subspecies the florida panther. So it's EITHER a Leopard OR a Jaguar.
its a black leopard not a panther, panthers dont exist n never have done. its been proven. QI bbc 2
Woo Rhodesian ridgeback that's my dog :)
So the house will have a ridgebacks and a panther as guard animals in about a years time. Nobody is robbing that house.
What I wind funny is that "cub" is gonna grow up to be 3 times the dogs size LOL
you my friend are 1 different kind of stupid...
In the mean time, I'll be thinkin about them titties...mmmhhhmmmm
0:05 - 0:12 The look on the panther's face is priceless.
I think this dog is one of the 47% Mitt Romney was talking about.
Go fuck yourself loser no one gives a fuck about what you in real life or online.... #WASTEOFSPACE
When the Panther grows up, it'll kill you and all your puppies Ms. Dog
OMG ITS A RIDGEBACK!!! They were bred to hunt lions yet this ones nursing a baby panther, I'm amazed she's not killed it :O it's like the same thing but black, not tanned :P
The music in these videos plus the video just make everything in the world right.
The baby cannot go potty without the stimulation of the mother (or in this case the adopted mother) licking them.
Aww so cute panther and doggie
@djking2d The only reason I ask is that a female kangaroo has the most complex lactation system. They have four teats, two teats for the developing fetus which has low saturated fat but low carbohydrates and vice versa for the older joey. Now I know that either milk would be okay for most other animals but it wouldn't necessarily be the most appreciable for them. Yes, other animals adopting one another is beautiful and milking the young is a evolutionary essential.
a panther is the same thing as a cougar, which is almost the same thing as a leopard.
well,by watching this,my enlarged by 4 inches.
all milks the same. is it healthy for a human to drink cow milk?
A panther? Well s lion is panther and so is a tiger. Beside leopards eat dogs, lions don't
mammals do that to clean the babies, but sure it looks a tad gross lol
truly the angenlina jolie of dogs.
Is that even healthy for it to be drinking dogs milk?
"..animal behaves a certain way doesnt mean all animals.." you just said yourself that not every animal behave the same here. so in the end of it you can't tell but simple fact is clear that mostly those grow up with in a a good enviroment (no enemy) they don't fight over territory. So sibling are simpe, sibling and friend. Imagine you grow up with a different brother that obvious not related to you, would you say him to fuck off if he need your help ? there is no room for argue here.
that panther looks PISSED about being licked/bathed
The panther cub looks like a house kitten.
How the hell is that dog suppose to take care of those babies? She doesn't even work! How is she going to feed them? Food stamps... I knew it!
It's a female dog... That is why there are pups around it to. -_-
The way he holds that nipple was like: "I won this one!" :))))
either your an idiot or making a bad joke, hotdogs arent dogs, there leftover meat that you wouldnt buy normally, theyre disgusting but not that disgusting
@MisterDeeAre Hahahhaahahahahahahahhahahaa i trololololed so hard.
i am going to die from cutteness
I'm guessing your dad was the one who breast fed you?
That's actually a fair concern. The milk of one species can be very harmful, even lethal to another species.
I'm guessing you've never seen this before, EVER. there have been tons of cross species adoptions just like this. it's not going to hurt that little baby in the least.
@Shinee319 Most mammals do not have any voluntary control developed with their lower digestive track when that young...........the mother actually licks the anus to stimulate feces movement otherwise the cub could die from toxic buildup in the lower GI...........a few times doing this actualy iniiates the mind body connection and the cub will be able to go on their own from there.....
Yes they do, they lick the actual butt because that's what get's it going! it wouldn't make sense for them to lick the belly...
panther cub: can't wait to put you on my plate in 2 years.
That's weird, when I tried to feed my panther dog milk it eventually died.
Not a bad idea, but two problems. One that dog already has about a dozen pups, so not enough tits already, and two, the large age gap between the pups and cub.
She is licking the 'private' area to clean and help the cat urinate and poop. She does this with her own pups. She is being a mother, and a good one at that :) :) :)
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