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On The Verge - Matias Duarte - On The Verge, Episode 001

by The Verge • 76,578 views

We really did it, guys: we made a show. Special guest Matias Duarte sits down with Josh for an in-depth interview, along with a little game we like to call "Rate That Skin!" We demo the Lytro light...

27:07 the guy holding the iphone is probably asking himself why he bought the iPhone
I love the bald audience guy with the ginger Van-Dyke. He's so happy to be there.
I never thought fonts were that big of a deal. I know what fonts look good, I can tell why a font looks bad, but to pick at it the way the critics of Roboto have seems overkill. Some people are very obsessed and can't see a bigger picture.
this is great i really liked the show
Never heard of the verge before and watched this, a link from the AndroidPolice g+ so yeah, bizarre!
@dudedominicano i would have sold it if they gave me one. and they want to force u to switch to att lol
There's something awesome about a show where the audience applauds an open source announcement. Will watch again :)
The chime at the end of New Thing is from Sonic the Hedgehog when you get a chaos emerald in the bonus stages.
bad ass! keep up the good work!
What studio is this show taped in?
Brilliant! subbed and excited to see more!
I see a lot of Conan in Josh. Especially in his strategically placed 'ahs' directly after a joke.
@Snowblind113 to hide the fact that it isn't an elaborate set... its fine.
Room is too dark. Love everything else though.
Wow. The verge offically killed engadget.
I gotta give Josh props for sometimes asking those hard to ask questions. kudos
Hey guys, I'm still using this Nokia 6300 from like 2006, where do I pick up my brand new HTC Titan? Oh, an amazing first episode by the way!
I guess we could say Engadget took an arrow to the knee?
Also, for a designer, Matias wore a butt-fugly shirt.
I'm digging the topics but that host is a cornball. He tries way too hard to be funny when he's not. You can tell he's nerdherb.
The dungeon stuff is so creepy haha. Great show though!
hahahaha they have the google guy on (Matias), but gave away windows phones! Hmmmm wonder who was paying for the give aways ;)
wow razr hate... wtf are you talking about with the screen?
galaxy nexus is pentile and ppl still praise it..
Sad robot voice adds some thing. I dont know what, but its an integral part of this show.
I like how Josh asks some good questions but i hate it how he interrupts people when they`re answering those questions
will the Verge win7 app have a little technology reviewer in pane to whine about his pixel density on screen?
Good work, guys, entertaining AND informing!
Fuck me drunk Paul is a hipster cunt.
Great video.. Really improved from the Engadget show days!
Great show guys! Like that it wasn't just tech, it was good entertainment too.
Can't wait for the Galaxy Nexus. Google and Samsung hurry it up to T-Mobile already!
Congratulations on an awesome kickoff episode. This Is My Next commute show!
Incredible. The Verge is taking Tech Blogs to a whole new level!
Thumbs up for Frank Herbert's Dune
wow windows phone market share just doubled!!!!!
@Veander The screen uses a PenTile subpixel arrangement which looks really bad at it's (relatively low) pixel density and resolution.
Hey Josh, I've got a terrible phone, the original LG Cookie... New phone please?
@legr8est1234 You are probably talking about Steve Jobs.
fucking well done, josh you're a funny guy
Congrats guys. This is the future of late night tv.
The stage is a bit dark, otherwise this is great. Great production, great presentation, great content. Well done.
Twit better watch out! The production of this show is amazing!
Matias felt awkward during the demo.
I need the song for the theme song? what is it?
if there's one thing i learned from this show, it's this: FUCK NEW YORKERS.
That's because it's an original piece by our very own Joshua Topolsky.
@RealConty stop causing controversy man... they r both fine
Roboto looks so good on a high res screen. Best font I've seen. Roboto also doesn't play nice with MS ClearType.
I am really liking the verge a lot nowadays. In a little more time i have no doubt it's going to be bigger than engadget!
Awesome show! So gonna follow this from now on
The Verge > Engadget, Tech Crunch, Gizmodo, GDGT, Wired, Slashdot, Boy Genius Report...
I need the song for the theme song? what is it?
is there anyway you guys could link the song/music in the intro? i cant find it anywhere
you guys are so talented. Engadget looks like a blogspot blog compare with!!!
who is Joshua Topolsky? I watched this show strictly for the size metaphors... I want the devices corresponding to the following modes of transportation: -scooter -moped -tractor -tugboat -747 jumbo jet -one of the those motorized shopping carts -the moving floor thing they have at airports that compels me to constantly moonwalk in front of strangers one cares about apple or android, analogous phone to vehicle comparisons are why we are here
Damn, that is the best into ever.
Oh SHIT that intro was amazing. OMG
Absolutely agree that the guests need more time to breathe. The show is well-made and definitely has a feel of the chat shows I love to watch, but the problem is that you keep the joke making presenter but swap out the well prepared celebrities or comedians for tech guys. Some jokes fall flat, at least let the guys just talk about what they know, they aren't really all that great at riffing.
Nerds cheering the galaxy nexus xD
@96515325 Steve definitely saw the bigger picture. It's why he was so good: he had en eye for detail while not missing the bigger picture. The people who obsess over how the lowercase e in this font ends while completely ignoring much more important things about Android are really missing the point.
I was thinking about that as well. He is way too funny with his persistent whimsical banter.
@TheVerge Well would Mr. Topolsky mind posting it?
Umm this show was amazing. I could swear this was a late night network production. Sooo much better than the crap on TV. If only this was at least weekly.
Wow. What a show. Haven't seen such high quality programming in a long time.
I would have loved to get a free Titan. Good show.
I give wood to all my family members.
You guys are the 3 AMIGOS!!!!!!!!!! YOU guys rocks...please bring TNKGRL to the VERGE..
Great job guys, top notch!!! ^__^ The dream team lives!!
lol the whole thing was amazing, especially the intro, and the Paul scene. Very awkward though lol
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