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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough w/Nova Ep.23 - WHAT A BUS RIDE

by UberHaxorNova • 127,725 views

Leave a like because Max Payne 3 IS FINALLY HERE!! Its been up in the air whether or not i would do this game due to copyright...

Part of me really wants to make a joke about women drivers.
1:19 i remember playing this game at the hardest difficulty, i dived in bullet time right out the window and landed and died. i promise you, i fuckin threw my controller. it took me like 7 tries to beat it. i only had 1 painkiller so yeah...
You can´t find your own ass when sitting on a toilet seat. Prick
Max payne is obviously too old for this shit.
do u actually think COD requires skill or tactics? its a bunch of 5 year olds running around shooting snipers at point blank and cursing out anyone they can. COD is honestly one of the shittiest games out there today.
An opinion= Judging something from your point of view. Are you telling me that when you said that Nova's voice pisses you off it's not an opinion? Also, if his voice pisses you off why did you watch this video and take the time to post a comment?
Oh my god!!!! I can't watch any video without someone arguing over BF3 vs. MW3! It doesn't matter what other people like dammit! Get a life people! They are fucking games! And who are you to tell someone they are dumb for preferring one over the other! No games are perfect! And I defy you guys to say otherwise!
You wrote THIS EXACT SAME MESSAGE in "sumitori dreams"
He is. He replaced "Max Payne" with "Minecraftia" verbatim.
ROFLMAO really? cool kids? skill? tactics? TatteredRock272 is right bro you are hilarious
2:20 Guy's facial expression : The fuck bro? The fuck?
2:19 The guy's face after his head got mutilated: :c
I'm afraid you got those two games the wrong way round.
if Giovanna's child makes it to birth without any physical or mental handicaps, (s)he is one tough fucking child, I wonder wether or not Giovanna will survive giving birth to the kid though
LOL,COD require walking around and shooting evrything,all the dumb noob gamers are on COD beacause it's soo easy.
and by the way... u clearly hav a boner for infinityward in which youll actually suggest james to play an online multiplayer game... screw u!! and i dont know if youve been on his facebook page... but he says that he HATES pricks like u who recommend games that arent worth putting on youtube like call of duty...
it reminds me of the opening part of the dead island campaign
you're obviously 7, so kid shut up... CoD doesnt have a story, unlike Max Payne.....
Hey ThatCommentGuy trolling you dummy. He has been posting these comments on all of novas vids. I bet he does not even play cod.
I'm 100% Dominican James I can speak spanish and understand it the soilder in the video said is there somebody there and the other one said this one is empty before u were palying as max with hair
HAHAHA It's funny that you think nova give's a shit
Skill, tactics, and MW3 dont belong in the same sentance...
That was one of the most embarrasing and pathetic comment I've ever read in my entire life. You're welcome.
when did youtube changed into a spelling bee? and bitch please everyone uses xD
seriously, explain what skill and tactics are involved in MW3. A bunch of dudes running around a map scarcely spread killing one another. No skill, no tactics.
yah... apparently M rated games are for 7 year-olds... yah right getta life junior
i want you to go, walk up to your legal guardian and tell them that they failed at raising you
Yeah cool KIDS, you are right. CoD is plenty of cool KIDS.
Stop being a hypocrite. you said I was replying to a comment from a year ago right? you replied to a 3 month old comment and now we're both getting our shit fucked over it.
obviously shes terrible at driving shes a woman (no sexism intended)
Yet thy one part took me forever and he did it in one try
Having a Reece Mastin add, then finishing having Nova laughing hahahaahahaha
All the dumbasses and jerks that think they're so cool play CoD and then rant on games like this. they say all tht cocky shit in a video game. 7 year old also play Call of duty. All those idiots "kicking so much ass" in call of doody black cocks wouldn't survive a fucking day in real war. Reply already. I want to see your crappy comeback. Oh wait. Its probably just that fucking "what the fuck did you just say to me bitch?" document that you got saved in that folder.
LOL modern warfare 3 skill? dude its easy to kill people. i used to play cod since black ops but now i play battlefield for a long time. my cousin brought mw3 with him so i played it and i can beast at it just like bf3. cod is not skill, its just another game
Wow. Everyone feeds the troll.
0:15 what a fail....#fail = FAL which = gun nova was using which = L4D3
hell yeah we are fat ass this is America bitch were we can do any thing we want even reply to old comments
This game is freaking gruesome
women= terrible drivers don't you know that nova
in mw3 theres only 2 tactics. spray and pray + camping.
"You can always get a new one" Very appropriate there passos.
1. It was probably on easy 2. It's supposed to be a 6 hour game 3. Beated isn't a word
can you make some assassins creed videos
he got you and others to reply so i think he won.... idiot
LOL , its funny how your crappy attempt at trolling failed so hard!! and if youre not trolling , then youre a retard!!
I am going to say that MW3 is nothing next to Max Payne
the trolling is obvious and dumb!! so dumb that it makes him look like a retard , and alot of people agreed on that!
This is the internet. Your opinion doesn't matter.
its still early tho. Giovanna was puking, indicating she is midway through her 1st trimester. Most mutations causing handicaps stem from the 4th or 5th month, and usually not from stress, but toxins in the ovaries. though by no means am i a doctor. But imagine the postpartum depression that bitch will have!
i dont know what your taking about first when ever i get on there is some little kidd yelling and crying secend no 7 year old kidd will think this is cool third ur fagit ass made me write this fucking comment .... good day to u sir .......bitch
ur flippin awesome nova!!! :] keep playing!!!
Because shooting people in the face, swearing every other minute, and burning people alive is for seven year olds. Oh and a story about a wash downed cop whos wife and daughter got killed infront of him. And thats the reason alot of people don't like call of duty. You just admitted it. Its also for kids.
what cool kids ? only annoying 6 yr olds are on mw3 and they are too small to even hold the controller
The only tactic in modern warfare 3 you have is leading a preditor missile down on a juggernaught with a joystick, (ps. you use 1 flick of a thumb for that) If you want a game with "skill and tactic" go play BF3, and also, speak for yourself, but i may seem as if im a hypocrite here, but I know 1 thing for a fact, WE do not agree with YOU so get your ASS out of HERE.
skill and tactics huh? yeeeaaah...your gonna lose that argument, i guarantee it
replying to a comment that is a year old, makes sense makes sense. idiot xD
did this retard just say CoD requires skill? derp much?
look if you dont like this then why the hell are you watching this?!?! really i dont get it
I'm trying very hard to not give in to the "women are bad drivers" stereotype, but damn this video makes it hard. (no hate, I'm just joking; I don't believe in that stereotype).
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