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My Faith in Humanity Restored

by THECOUNT.COM • 109,439 views

If you like this pls rate n share :) MORE: your faith in humanity restored LIKE me on FB ... Original music on this one guys! Glad you like it! :D

+THECOUNT.COM Random acts of new fave type of youtube video :)
with all the evil in this world its nice to see the other side GOD BLESS EVERYBODY
where can i get this music though?
Anonymous blah Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Restore Faith in Humanity
Yah say thx but your picture is about illuminati so f off man
Elle Gee Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Haha Snooki's one was funny! Great video btw :)
when I clicked play, I got a preroll negative political ad... can you say skip? :) I suddenly believe again...
love you guys very much! thanks for the great comments :)
So you have no faith restored in humanity after watching this....?
Lisa that was very touching and great job picking the music. Ive been gone for about six months but plan on returning to YouTube pretty soon. I miss watching your video's. BTW Im single now. LOL figured Id throw that out there. LOL
Awesome! Look forward to more videos like this from you.
hey i cant seem to find the name of the song? any help?!??!
never mentioned money in it. Ten bucks says though if you created the origional video, and this idiot did this youd be pissed. But you are more than likely going to deny that.
That could backfire if the song is a nauseating one that you've hear too many times & makes you want to puke or just make it go away like changing the radio station. showme a song that 100% of everyone likes.
i miss something ..but i don´t know da thang ! ? i´m sooo confused or 2 confused ..i don´t know!?
That was a great video, Music was was written for this one... I sent this one to my mom..Almost as good as your pool video's
Life is a love that one day will be lost
good people doin' good things..
Left a smile on my face. Not that I'm grumpy, just rare this happens from a 3 minute video. Cheers
Hi Lisa, I really miss your jokes and the incredibly blonde hair of you! I love you, goodbye . Paul
Yes, because everyone is evil and steal stuff for money. Maybe, just maybe he did it to try to cheer people up.. maybe?
thanks for posting this vid, turned a shitty day to a good one!
p.s. restore faith in humanity by sharing a the name of a song that makes people feel better
Beautiful human experience. Snookie = non human experience.
I lack of words to say something about video how brilliant it is, it makes me promising myself to do something similar if someone needs it.
Yah, you're not even going to listen to the other side of the argument so I'm not going to bother. Have a nice life.
Still not okay. those 18k views belong to the right person. How would you feel if someone did this to you? pissed off. They didn't even make it look decent. I dont get why people do this? For views? thats dumb.
Fantastic Lisa!! And as you know, one of my favorite songs now, thanks to you! Snooki Lorenzo lol
Man, he is spreading a video to restore faith in humanity. So really who cares if he stole it or not? live laugh love
Great video although..were literally gettin played...Gun Control-Fema Camps. lol
great to see some joy in an ortherwise cold & selfish world.
People nowadays judge the world by what the media has to say... Forget evrything and live your life, Because good always meets good :)
Who the fuck cares if he stole it , it's a great video.
He didnt steal the video buzzfeed stole it from him
WARNING: Don't watch this while ur stoned or smoking a joint.. you willd end up in tears and happiness.
So you copied Buzzfeed and ruined it, turning it into stills and putting a shitty backing track to it? Not explaining any of the stories. Sigh.
So there are some good guys still up there - good to know ;)
You should have showed a picture of Obama bending over small business owners.
i will don't do this so called good deeds to others, cause it is not fucking true !
I can't seem to find a good version on youtube either!!
you stole this from buzzfeed. THIEF.
Every now and then youtube is cool,This is a cool moment.
You guys STOLE this video. Here is the ORIGINAL video. /watch?v=0F5lbMrCj80 Why do people like you do this?
No Restored your Faith in God only God can restor Humanity
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