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*HD* Piano Tutorial - How to play the hardest song of all time

by ProPianoTutorials • 12,151,645 views

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Seems simple enough. Anyone have an extra pair of hands I can borrow?
You can't play with your feet? 
That would be... awkward.
They just look like falling skittles
they do look like skittles LOL!
Chuck Norris can play this with his tongue
Chuck Norris can come up with original Chuck Norris jokes.
Oh ma god...oh ma god guys,I did it.I did it.i managed to play the first note :0
OMG.I'm too good for it that I decided to ignore it. BTW I don't even have a piano.
You could at least say the song name in the title.... It's "U.N Owen was Her" from the game Touhou. Also cald Death Waltz.
+Green Leaf Nupe, at least those two are the same.
No, Death Waltz was composed by John Stump, and is completely different U.N. Owen was Her was composed by ZUN Two different composers and two entirely different pieces, look up the sheet music
this sounds like something from Mario..
The Touhou Project and the Mario franchise are both from Japan so it makes sense
Which part is the easiest?
flops onto the floor
Can someone legitimately tell me how someone would play this. Because i really dont get hoe many people... Or... Just... Just how im being serious.
2 pianos with 2 people at each piano.
Each color is a different person. So for how many colors there are means different people.
Pretty sure this is more like "Why you will never learn this song on Piano."
I can do this its really easy but i need 4more arms xD!!
+Cloud Blockscus Yeah like the english language intended.
+Pikachu The English language is very moldable. If Shakespeare couldn't find a word strong enough, he just made one up. Spelling, definitions, and sounds change. But I still like when people spell okay.
A octopus on caffeine can probably play this......................maybe
Omg😹😹😹I can't breathe!!!
Chuck Norris can play this with one finger.
Chuck Norris doesn't just play piano, he conquers piano.
would it not be physically impossible to play this even with all fingers (and toes)? Plus, you'd need at least 14 octopuses with fingers on each tentacle that can play as fast as 115 notes per second...
This ain't no tutorial this is probably going to break your arms arms
Ella Idman Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
With 3 pro piano players its seriously possible
This song is so easy that instead of Chuck Norris playing the piano, the piano plays him.
Is it even possible for three people at one grand piano to play this!?!?
what song is this? its familier, but i cant put a finger on it
+Azure Kun this isn't the over used joke song.
Lol from the coments
This ain't hard, I can do this shit blindfolded with one arm tied behind my back.
I was planning to do this song with 5 other friends for our Unit show off. And i messed up on some parts... while practising, they told me just do the violin version.. I said ok... So i did, it was bootieful! i wish i recorded it ."
this is the pianos equivalent of through fire and flames on expert...... Perhaps a lil' harder
I've actually played this before. took me about a few weeks, but I did it.
vid didn't even tell me how to play this on a piano.
This song is like math. 1+1=2. HOW DA HELL DID I GET 52
call your girlfriend, her little brother your cousin your pets and play this this song
I remember that song!
Pewdiepie should try (and fail) at playing this....
All of you people saying this is imposible to play are so incomprehensibly daft. I played it with one finger and a play button.
That ending though...😂 if I had a guy to play like every two keys it's possible. 😂
I have finally reached the level of doing the first 3 minutes, but I am having a hard time with the last 30 seconds, any tips?
zoe Smith Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
东方红魔乡最终鬼畜妹(死亡华尔兹)It is a game BGM from 东方Project [Game series]. The original name should be Japanese... Anyone tells me?
The original is "U.N. Owen was her" of the 东方Project. This is a piano remix. The internet named this remix "Death waltz"
I wanna play this - anyone has the sheets pls:(
... good thing i'm an octopus.
it's a awesome song !
what song is this please tell me what song this is and how many people it takes to play it.
It's physically impossible one part has 17 fingers on the keys at once XD
What sing is this?? ITS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!
sorry but i've been on a "youtube piano" spree and i think this song called "bad apple" is way harder. check it out and tell me your opinion
So on 3:12 you need to lay your entire body on all the keys huh...@_@
Can someone explain this to me: why is this recording totally different from the music sheet (goofy instructions aside) and still called the Death Waltz?
+becoruthia No problem, it's kind of a huge pet peeve of mine when people confuse this song for something it's not. I think you're actually the first person I've seen who's wondered why the "Death Waltz" on youtube was different from the sheet music.  
One doesn't have to be a much of a music reader to see the difference even from the start in this case. ;) (I laughed like a maniac while reading it though).
I can do it. Definitely. Maybe. Okay, probably not. (-_-)
The hardest of sythesia this is not real piano so your pro piano tutorials is false!
Это каким нужно быть Богом что бы так играть? 0_о
That song is so easy! :)
It looks like Ferenc Liszt :)
only Shiva can manage to play this one :-)
it sounds like a mario boss song
Finally found the Music they should have used for the Elite Four champion after all these years.
bruksna hjtop poli zut hawq ririuégl  ö oiäuzsd !!!
I can play this , i can prove it by posting it , but i need 6 more arms and im good to go
Gosh! Even if i'll use my toes plus hands' fingers,I still probably can't do that! Lol.
Brendon Okano Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
This is the "advanced waltz" but I call it "attack of the skittles"
I stand in silence☆_☆
2:22 is only for gods nobody can play notes that fast
do u happen to have sheet music for this arrangement?
Data from Star Trek could play it.
Hey, I am not an Octopus
Bitch did this on my first try.
Ik speel zelf ook piano maar dit kan ik. Nu maar was moeilijk te spelen
Five stars on Piano Hero's Expert.
Whats the name of that song? :D
I actually really enjoy this lmao
Thought it was Mario sunshine at first-_-
you must be an octopus to play it alone
Duhhhh I don't even know what to say
Alter das fickt mein Hirn XD
How many hands was that
mali poulden Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
i can do this by myself ppl say you need 3 ppl 
guys come down i play keybaord in my school band i got cocky i thought i could do it i cant im gonna go get some pizza
+david Hunter than why did u say it... BTW i like ur south park profile pic
Connor Holt Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Its called Death Waltz Synthesia
No, it's Final Savage Sister Flandre S.
Max 30 fingers at a time, not the hardest. Not a challenge for those of us graced with...  more...
same you not blessed with modesty, prick
Twas humor, my friend.
Is there a human Who can really play this??
Yeah the video is on YouTube. It's called 'Death Waltz (U.N. Owen was her?) --Asher Denburg'
Not one but two or four.
A computer did that! You couldn't have had like 20 fingers and play the right thing that fast! It would be a miracle, though, if humans were like robots.
I did it with one finger while baking an omelette and playing didjeridoo...
Wh the hell bakes omelets?
... You wan't me to bake anything else while playing?
I don't play the piano but this cannot be possible to play alone is it?  This looks like something for a duet.
+Red Reaper I stand corrected... I just saw a video of someone playing this... lays on the keyboard at the end to hit all the keys. Absurdity!
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