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Will Nicki Minaj Have a Baby on the Show?

by TheEllenShow • 1,816,324 views

Nicki Minaj made a big promise to Ellen about something she'd like to do on the show. Plus, Ellen asked her some rapid-fire questions. The answers might surprise you!

i think we all know her brain isn't her favorite part of her body
+babydoll kim how about you speak for yourself. people are shy and awkward whats hate doing for you lol
"Oh, okayyyy…" "What do you mean OKAY!?" LOL She got offended AF
no one seems to realize that was an overt offensive in your face make -fun -0f nikki "move' by giving her somethign so extremely outlandish which is to reflect what they think of her. and there are other words for this ... just ask yourself if they would give this to any white person.... such as wig wearing dolly parton , once upon a a time Elizabeth taylor or any ohter obvious wig wearign caucasion person.. ....cher... and whomever else. even Paris Hilton, would they give her such a lame gift. people have no idea how in your face racist the media is. overt vocert sarcastic in your face shamefully out there but only the concious can see it for what it is. the rest are naysayers and of course i will ignore your replies.
Well, she's got two years left!
"I would love to give birth on your show"
Are you that dumb every human has a brain
I love me some Nicki Minaj
Sometimes I get carried away
I admire you as a comedian now you gave your own talk show sorry being honest nicki minaj really I know you can do a lot better so many actresses female singers models to choose from I guess this was not well planned out or thought out well to have nicki minaj that was the joke of the day.
i do the same stuff as her
I love it that she always gives an honest reaction and then be nice.
Hi Ellen my name is Eddie i was calling you because my family is in need right now and we need help my mom is the only one working for my dad me my brother and my 3 sister's my number# 5203109010 thanks Ellen
Why do you always have things u don't need Niki
Ever notice ellens gifts are alway about her?
thats the joke, im guessing
Yeah except they're not -_-
I hope Nicki has a baby and name girl, Serenity and a boy, Michael Jackson!
That cats can smell with there tails
her favorite body part was proububly actually cock
My brain ha lol sure
ha lol i would love to go on the ellen show she is thebest
Nicki is great!  Ellen no comment.
Where the wig on The Ellen Show please you don't,t have an accent
well probably not a virus, just a lot of spam mail
She is soooooooooo awesome I love Ellen and nicki minaj
00:39 her face and haveing a baby on Ellen cool haha
Lol. Nicki lied bout the gift Ellen gave her
You know!? Scissoring. Dont act like you havent tried it.
1:24 audiences !,!!!!, hahahahaha
Oh man I'm cracking up here sooooo funny
she's only 29 she should wait intill she 31 to have a baby #onikafaree
"I would LOVE to give birth on your show!"
Who could possibly want to have a baby with that?
so you're sharing a though lol u need to correct that
"i would love to have a baby on your show ellen" lolol cx
I bet Im older than you, kid. I wasn't really intending to be insulting, just sharing a though. People like you baffle me why you defend people who wouldnt spare a dollar to save your life. Granted Ellen seems like she is a pretty genuine and sincere person. Nicki, haha, no way. Shes a ghetto bitch. Yet you all get so butthurt over comments that dont affect you at all. Dumb people logic.
i thought she was going to have the baby
She looks so awkward and weird , and soooo phony .. wtf ??
hahahaha did you guys see her face!!!!!!!!!!!
She wasn't rude you just don't get her sense of humor. Ellen is smart enough to get what nicki minaj is about. Do you really think Ellen would invite nicki on all these times if she was rude? Nicki is probably one of the most kind, generous and smart artist i know, she may act a little crazy but that's what we love about her.
It's so funny because Ellen just came on
Luv Nicki love her outfit hair and everything #1 fan Nicki is awesome
Who wouldn't want to give birth in front of Ellen?
I love Nicki Minaj *-* ♥♥
They get more action than you'll ever have, that's for sure.
Where is Nicki's sense of humor ??!!! Gotta Love Ellen btw !!!!
omg Ellen dont ever bring the hair/wig when u talking with black women, how u didnt know that?
I'm surprised the real MLK wouldn't kicked your butty for saying that. Of course he doesn't belive in violence that's a god thing about him
Gosh you got me! So youre like 13 then? This some how makes you better than me in your eyes? How does it feel to have a 12 y.o. make you look ignorant?
hold up dont call kids dumb or you can call sheep kids dumb but dont call a human being dumb because you used to be kid so get your facts right lil wayne is not gay nicki is not gay drake is not gay when you say something mean about someone you just talking bout yourself so have a good life Mr.niku dumbo
It is not funny at all, niki is trying hard to laugh, Nice girl . I would have liked Ellen to wear it !!!'
MLK!!!!! wtf the real MLK wouldn't talk like that! shame on you sir
Looks a bit like Katy P's wig haha
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