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Myles Kennedy's Highs and Lows

by mob206 • 120,379 views

Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge has a staggering 3 octave vocal range. Understand that he is a tenor which is why his lows may not sound as low as someone like Johnny Cash. But his highs are......

This guy deserves to be on every magazine covers. He's the best rock singer today and he's a great guitarist too. This is so rare nowadays
its 4 octave range, not 3 octave.
He's the Best in the World!
They should of added his live cover of traveling riverside blues. Fantastic.
huh... so multiple orgasms are possible for guys...
I read in Wikipedia that, Myles Kennedy is known for his ability as both a guitarist and a (vocalist, possessing a tenor vocal range that spans four (4) octaves).
+blues2oo What's the last high note in "Words Darker Than Their Wings"?
Great range and control! 
MrJulee96 i think its 12/31 by mayfield four towards the ending
What is the song the minute 01:25 ??
Myles has a 4 octave vocal range by the way, not 3
"My friends call me Thor, the God of THUNDERRRR!!!" - Myles Kennedy, Rockstar the movie.
his vocals in save me are spectacular.
@CuriosityRoads Raw and unique, probably. Phrasing? Lol meh. Range and vocal power? Haha nope.
I'd give any thing for a voice like this. Damn
IMPRSIONANTE!!!! myles es mi idolo!! increible!
@cvillebrillo Actually, he set a new 30 record !!!... :)
This guy si so amazing.. I can't understand how somebody can say he is over rated, do you know a lot of singers with more than 3 octaves?? Only gifted can do that. MM.
en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Myles_Kennedy best I can do, look at the reference at the bottom
i would like to believe that but i dont think he's able to hit a G1 its tooooo low for his voice
@JamesKendric Axl's full voice range spans from the G below low C (G1) to the G above high C (G5), Myles range spans from the E above low C (E2), to the F# above high C (F#5). This gives Axl a solid TEN semitones of range on Kennedy. In falsetto, Axl has gone up to C#7. Phrasing is easily Axl's. His delivery is absolutely legendary because of his phrasing. Myles phrasing is very generic and boyband-ish.
Good to see you here man. Do you go around every Myles Kennedy video trying to throw dirt on him? Just wondering.
@CuriosityRoads Axl's version was mixed and edited in a studio...
Now you can add Words darker than their wings :)
@kodeman1995 Yup, the phrasing and the belting are very much alike.
@artcellrox Well falsettos are much easier to actually do but you cannot hold them as long because more air comes out of your lungs when you are doing falsetto so you cannot hold the note as long without running out of breath.
@radieschen79 He was also the king of Falsetto because he liked to sing notes numerous different ways sometimes you could tell it was falsetto but it did not matter with him it still sounded great. Roger Taylors falsetto is mostly funny though.
@365daysgone hoping that is sarcasm, because he's probably the most under-rated
had rise today not come out before u posted this vid? cuz that has the best note I've heard from him. i don't see why it's not in here
Falsetto counts when measuring range does it not?
@coltonbeezwax94 you can watch the toazted interview right under the suggestions his voice is not deep my voice is deeper than that and im a tenor too
I have seen documented as a 4 octave, but not a 5.
Hellyeah! Myles fuckin Kennedy!!
Lol...I keep hearing Myles singing "Stand up and shout!"...Great voice tho
Oh my mistake, "there". I suppose I might just want to do that. My apologies on that one. While I revisit 7th grade English class, you might want to actually absorb what I said as opposed to making stupid corrections to my one misspelled word (though I know it's tempting), as my statement still stands. You clearly need to realize that simply acting like a douchebag while using correct grammar does not at all guarantee you success; statements containing actual meaning always help.
@DavidKinner Lol, I agree head voice sounds so much better, but this is a natural abibility. Falsetto is like a 'faked head voice'... when a voice does not have the strength to sing in head voice. And Freddie was the King of the head voices, totally agreed:)
Soundgarden is back? That's news to me. Yes, I guess we can agree on something...more specifically that, both Kennedy and Cornell are 239857293875 times better than Scott Stapp (Creed lead singer) huh? Peace...
@TriscuitFan this guy is a rock singer who knows how to SING.
@CuriosityRoads Comon don't be retarded bro. Open your ears, clear your mind and don't be bias. It's a FACT that Myles' singing is BETTER than Axl's, technical wise.
the one category that Chuck Norris came 2nd
wtf? why didn't you put the bridge of Open Your Eyes in it instead of the verse? the bridge has the most beautiful high singing Myles ever did =O (in my Opinion)
Ugh...he's amazing...why is Alter Bridge so underrated? I don't understand!!! It pisses me off! Anyway, I'm disgusted by Myles' talent because I wish I had it! <3
@mattgsperm Nope. You are hearing a face-planted, well-supported, full-voice rock belt in all its glory.
@meer8 because its not all about voices, johnny cash couldnt sing, he sold millions of coppies because he had brilliant lyrics and rythim
@CuriosityRoads Lol I can't tell the notes when people sing, but in his normal singing voice Myles voice is naturally higher than Axl's. Axl is a bass/baritone I think while Myles they say here is a tenor. Myles can probably go higher than Axl in a falsetto, though I've never heard it yet. But Axl can probably go lower than Myles also. As for phrasing, I don't agree. Axl usually sings low then goes higher, but he strains his voice wayyyy too much. Just listen to his voice during the UYI tour.
that E5 on Lyla is just priceless.... "never ever looking baaaacckkk!!!"
has anybody seen him sing my michelle? it rocked
@DavidKinner. No one is better than Freddie. That guy has ultimate perfect voice of all times.
@hefra345 We must be watching different interviews then. I've seen him live in concert, and when he spoke his speaking voice was lower than mine and im a high baritone. Im not arguing that he doesn't have range, I think he is the most amazing singer around. But I will say that SEVERAL famous people with insane range are baritones (ex. Halford, Geoff Tate, Axl Rose). He just might be a tenor, but from what Ive watched his speaking voice is fairly low, similar to axl.
This video was uploaded in 2008, so before ABIII. The high in Words Darker Than Their Wings would probably be there too
I'm pretty sure he is documented as haveing a 5 octave vocal range
Pretentious? Overflowing with disappointment, maybe, but certainly not pretentious. I don't believe you know me actually, but I appreciate your interest in my identity. Exchanging blows? Let's not get ahead of ourselves here bud, we haven't quite done that yet. I think you're simply trying to use mildly intimidating phrases to try to make it look like you have an arrogant response to an insult you really have no comeback for. Perhaps you should return to sucking Axl's dick, it suits you better.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you belt it out
What song is he singing when he screams I will feel your love?
He doesn't get too high in his voice, but he can just hold the perfect note for a very prolonged time, which makes him amazing.
He deserves soooooo much more. He's the best singer in the world and I want him to know it.
Sir, Your attempts in the past at trolling were very funny the first few times I saw your comments, but they've quickly become boring and senseless, not very entertaining at all. Maybe you should just try harder friend: like how your father tried to love you before he left, how you tried to make good videos before they became idiotic, and how your washed-up personal Jesus Graham Bonnet did before he did exactly what you should do: just fell into the silence. Sincerely, an old fan, hadeskiller1
chech out the song far and away live with slash in france. he hits the same note
@leagiar I would also say Mike Patton for his ability to sing and scream just about any genre. I will have to see Cornell's continued career in a few more years before I can make in my mind who is better between him and Freddie. Especially since Cornell is back with Soundgarden. Myles I wouldn't put as the greatest yet because there are so many people with more amazing voices in my opinion such as Ian Gillan, Robert Plant, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson, Jeff Buckley, Tim Buckley, Rob Halford,
@artcellrox the amsterdam live version right? :) yea that's amazing!
this video only re-enforces my theory that he is the greates singer that ever lived, and you add mark tremonti's epicness, nothing but awesome shit.
@JamesKendric Technicality doesn't matter. Axl's voice is much more unique, raw and expressive. His phrasing is far more interesting. He has more range and vocal power. Myles is generic as fuck and his voice is thin as paper.
@cocolukia21 No, I counted. You have to start counting from when says the last "again", from the first syllable. I noticed that he doesn't breathe to rest at "May you never be broken again" the 2nd time. Listen carefully!
I can't really tell people's vocal range yet, but I didn't know hes a tenor! No wonder he hits those high notes effortlessly.
@TriscuitFan Are you sure he uses belting till up to the F#4? I mean, it DOES sound like full voice, just want to make sure. Because, in some live videos, he can go as high as a A#5, with the same technique. If it's not falsetto, this guy is... I mean. FAR beyond amazing.
@RachelBerry7 Something tells me opera singers can hold a note much longer. But you're right in a way, this should be at least a new ROCK music record. SOMEBODY INFORM GUINESS, QUICK!
Wow. You can really hear the Buckley influence in some of this. Great singer.
@pirllo09 Dude, yea the first comment you left on here was not cool at all. Its your opinion and I respect that, but you basically said fuck me, along with every other person that doesnt agree with you. I dont know why you keep calling me a dumbass, I guess it makes you feel like your winning something. I love Cornells work. I never said one bad thing in his direction. But what would you do if someone went on a soundgarden video and said fuck you all Myles Kennedy is way better than this douche?
@DavidKinner Heard it, pretty good, but it brings into question if that note was a falsetto. Blackbird's one isn't, so if they're in the same category, it's okay. The songs rocks anyway though.
@artcellrox I don't think it is possible for someone to sing a note that long in Falsetto because of how much extra air comes out when you are doing so.
@CuriosityRoads Kind of easy to be praised when you're known for being in a band with Slash, though. Myles has participated in multiple bands, all being incredible and ridiculously underrated and doesn't need mainstream attention to be appreciated and revered.
whats the name of the last song? i i think is the best of all the top
@hardrocker93prs , hey dumb ass my first ever comment oh this whack ass video was an opinion, dizzing everybody!!! OPINION!!! EXPRESSION!!!! IF IT DOESNT MATTER TO YOU WHY DO U KEEP ANSWERING BACK!!!
@artcellrox yea, but i've seen many singers do all kind of stuff in the album and fall short live. I like the live version of blackbird better :). He's got so much stamina, it's impressive
I don't know if iam baritone or a tenor. I can comfortably sing from C2 to C4 (one abovee the middle C). I can go lower or higher but with effort. I'd like to know what type voice I have, i don't want to pay a teacher just for one class to ask him that so any information is useful.
I've been reading a lot of comments about whose voice is better that whose...whatever. Every singer has some unique quality to their voice that belongs only to that voice. Certain vocal qualities will appeal more or less to different people in different ways. Myles Kennedy's voice is like crystal clear refreshing water. I'm personally blown away by it. And I've never had that experience listening to Cornell or Axl Rose. But that's me - no hating. I cannot hear enough of this guy.
Four Octave Vocal Range, not three :D
One of the best singers ever :)
i think the newest album has more in either way, he hits a really strong e5 in words darker than their wings, and he goes pretty fuckin low in show me a sign
Your statement certainly does not stand. Everything I said made perfect sense while your feeble argument hinges on your erroneous belief that it did not. You attacked my English language abilities on the basis of your inability to comprehend a perfectly valid metaphor and you made an obvious grammatical error in the opening sentence of said attack. When I highlighted this error, you proceeded to criticise me for attacking your English abilities. You're a funny guy.
@mob206 You should add Starlight to this list, he hits some damn high notes on that one.
@JamesKendric Power is Axl's, without a doubt. Listen to their respective versions of Rocket Queen. Myles head voice is very thin and severely lacking in resonance, projection, weight, and depth. Axl in his prime had such an explosive tone in head voice. Listen to Rocket Queen at the Marquee. Tone is subjective. Axl's is far more unique and interesting, though. Myles is a more consistent live singer, I'll give you that.
ok i admit i left the comment without knowing this was going to happen, and by calling you a dumbass doesnt make me think that im winning this argument it makes me think that u dont get what im saying and if u went to a chris cornell video or anything that deals with him in terms of music and u decided to criticize him i would just give a u a thumbs down dude, thats about, i wouldnt shove it in your face, cause i know its your opinion, c'mon man keep up!!!
@leagiar if you can hit a high C then your definitely a tenor
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