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Donuts in a 1966 Cobra - /BIG MUSCLE

by /DRIVE • 280,833 views

It's a 1966 Shelby Cobra replica that was built by a Father and his two sons more than 10 years ago. It's faded fiberglass shell is chipped and spider-webbed. The stainless trim is pitted and...

your best one yet! Inspiring to all  gearheads out there !!
Love him or hate him?  Who hates Carroll Shelby?
Impractical? I would think not, It has a trunk...bigger than some "Supercars". Mileage is something the likes of an F-350 truck. So....a standard truck usually seats two, maybe three. A Cobra has windshield wipers...something my liter-bikes never had. Put a tonneau cover over it, grit your teeth & "suffer" the rain. Small price to pay......Now, I need to call my insurance agent...
I have one. It's an ERA I built 22 years ago. This video reminds me of the days I had it out on the road. It's been in the garage for a long time. You're right, it's a scary ride that commands respect behind the wheel. At the time, I road raced Turbo Carreras and Corvettes and beat them all. I built mine because my favorite car, the '67 Vette big block was over $100k at the time. So I decided to build my own race car for the street. The cops hate the loud side pipes and they used follow me everywhere but gave thumbs up they found out what what was under the hood: A '66 427 Side Oiler. 
i dont care if your the little librarian from down the street, she'd get in this car her nipples would be like wappaaam
kinda ironic that theres a prius right by that cobra. lol
Did I see a superbird in the garage??
Right on! get out and drive it, enjoy it, live and let it live! that's what I do with mine and it's fuckin awesome, go for it!
i saw u before cobras vids
Best part about this car, besides the sound, are the fans exposed where the grille is(n't).
What roads are in this video? It can't just be PCH
"She'd get in this car and her nipples would be like 'bam!'" Best line ever.
Wonderful car, looks like plenty fun! But did anyone ironically notice the Prius in the garage next to the Cobra. Has to be one of the biggest car contradictions ever!!
Shelby, this Shelby that... Its AC Cobra, British sports car!
It's not famous becuase its a british body, it's famous for having the biggest V8 America had at the time.  427 A/C Cobra, the name speaks for itself.
It may be doing AC a dis-service to heap all the praise on Shelby, but to be fair, the Cobra wouldn't have existed without Carol Shelby. Sure, it started life as a British sports car but with Shelby's work and input it's only fair to class it as an Anglo-American sports car.
Dude the real one is an AC Cobra, the Car was built by AC with a Ford motor fitted by Mr Shelby. Ford didn't build this, nor did they design the GT40 they took credit for that but it will be Lola's baby.
Every time you go out that door, might be the last time you come back in it. Worth it? You know it is.
Marry an asian, get the power huh? So thats the way to do it.
Non no no ac cobra is british shelby cobra is american 😊
what engine is in this car
enough of the stupid commercials
Have one, she's about to come out for the summer. Unlike the car in this vid mine is a show quality racetrack type that isn't raced or shown. But wherever it goes it's a showstopper. Park almost any new car next to it and no one will even notice it..
+Jaaziel Munoz  I didn't buy this car to show or race, I bought it to drive, for fun
Mike, your comment about project car so true... drive, wrench... but do it NOW ! Like it !
Wise words,"Do it now".
A guy I know built one of these back in the late 70s. He put a Ford 460 and it. And it was just flat crazy to drive. It would smoke the tires forever. It didn't matter what gear you were in. He ended up selling the car because he was afraid of it.
Why the hell would he put a crap truck motor in a cobra? that's just retarded.
+Eric Wheeler You have a limited budget. I would not call that a engine.
Mario Ochoa Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
One of my absolute favourite cars of all time. I´ve only ever seen one in the flesh one single, very short time, but that encounter is still cemented in my brain. The looks, the sound and that very distinctive sweet, tangy smell that only older gasoline engines have - I´ll never forget it. To me, the Cobra is THE definitive Roadster-type car.and I don´t think anything in its class will ever come close to beating it.
Love it, and the philosophy behind it.
Tater Abner Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
man that's a cool car
I want to wake uo every morning, walk out to my garage, hop in a charger and shred through a set of tires on the way to school ever day. That charger is my dream car
Does anybody know who produced this kit?  Love the channel, keep up the good work!
Don't know what's in the vid but factory five makes most of the cobra replicas and they have some awesome stuff.
I will build one one day! I have loved this car since the first time I saw it
what a beautiful piece of British design.
it doesn't matter if its a replica its built the same way as the real one with the same type of engine the real one is too expensive the replica is very close to original
+Austin B Never said I was your only love interest. I'm sure you've many guys you think about in your day to day, while you're in the car, pretending not to care about them.
+Alec D. The fun part about a replica is you can drive it hard without being terrified of rock chips, miles, or (worst case) an accident. Driving a real cobra hard is like standing on your mansion juggling molotov cocktails while your insurance agent watches.
I'd love to get in my project and take it for a cruise, but I don't have seats in it.
that car is very stylish I like it it has allot of character its very nice take care of it 
Amazing they didnt ban them in california yet, with all those environuts there..
If I correct, I believe the LT1 was the enigne of the day back then. So Iron block aluminum heads I believe. If you move the battery, washer fluid, ditch the power steering for manual, and equipped a larger hollow rear and front sway bar, fiberglass hood, dry sump oil system I'm pretty sure you would of negated about 60-70lbs off the front end. That should equal about the same weight as the turbo 6 set up. You have to remember. The 3800 is an iron block too.
As long as the sport suspension is off. Exactly. And then it doesn't handle at all. I'm used to my XJ12, which handles AND rides well at the same time. It's a trick many people seem to have forgotten now that variable suspension has become popular. Lotus can still do it, BMW occasionally manage it. Jaguar can still do it. That's about it. I think the V6 is a better car all round than the CTS-V. The coupe is fugly as hell though, how can a rear end be that fat?!
Stop bsing now, I manged, 23mpg in a Z06 on the highway. I never driven the SLS but considering your lack of knowledge of the LSX's character and your lies about the Cadillac's suspension, I would say that the SLS's mpg was largely distorted as well.
Oh they're not slow, and those driving them are usually as good as or better than I. But to go truly fast in a Corvette, it seems you have to be a godlike driver. I am not, and nor are many others. Which is why with a car with a nicer chassis, I can be faster. The D type I think I mentioned, that's bloody fast on six cylinders, there's not a lot under 100k that'll keep up on a good run. My XJ12 is no slouch, with 400 horses and a surprisingly low weight. Then there's my little 180SX. Quick car..
Yes, if you look at the engine from an efficiency point of view it should be making more power. But after driving one you really wouldn't wish for more. The Viper has a wheel base barely two inches longer than a Miata. This is just part of the reason why the ACR was such a beast.
You are forgetting legends such as Sydney Allard who used TORQUE to "compiled a list of 40 first place finishes; 32 seconds; 30 thirds; 25 fourths; and 10 fifth place finishes" in races such as the Le mans and Monte Carlo Rally. So don't even begin to lecture me on the merits of historical automotive entities.
NO, HOT tyres are stickier. But, thanks to a quirk of physics, a slipping object requires less force to maintain the slip, so a slipping tyre has less grip, because it allows less force to be applied against the ground than it did just before the slip. Oh, there's a certain thrill to 400hp... but it soon wears off. I mean, accelerating from 30-70 is only fun so many times. Bashing through apexes at maximum attack... that never gets old.
Your show never gets old. And you are rite about enjoying what you drive no matter what it is as long as you enjoy every minute of it.
So any car with 2 doors, a V8, RWD and whatever the fuck an 'intermediate body' is, is a muscle car, yes? How about a Morgan Aero 8? Or a BMW M3? Or maybe a Lotus Esprit? I don't think so. A muscle car is a car that dedicates itself to power, or 'muscle' nothing more. Besides, doesn't everyone keep calling the Viper a muscle car, despite its V10? I can assure you that Cuda's, Challengers, Boss (stupid name) Mustangs and Camaro's did not 'handle'. Not in their day, certainly not now.
All I know is... I want one for a daily driver all year around!!!!
Ah, see I'm more old school. I judge the speed, throw it in hard, trust it to stick (which is why I need a good chassis) and power out. Keep the car hard on the fronts for turn in, then drop the weight onto the rear and let it move out, as it gives you room to maneuver given unforeseen circumstances (useful when overtaking or on unknown roads) This sets the car up to power at the apex and away. Done right you can brake late and power early. Smooth action and smooth power is key speed.
Mike has a 69 charger, a daytona replica, and a 2012 5.0 mustang
It's not to make the engine work harder, it's to trim unnecessary weight, make the engine lighter, more responsive, smaller, able to be placed further back, for better weight distribution, able to rev higher, which gives better control at the top end, a better noise and more excitement. I'm not saying be stupid about it and make a tiny engine, in 1992, a 5 litre engine could EASILY have made the 400hp the original Viper had. Even today, a 6.4 litre engine would be plenty for the SAME power!
What kinda people would dislike this video? There's nothing but awesomeness :-)
I just want one with modern suspension, fill the wheel wells to the edge with rim and tire, enough HP to make me smile, and a long twisty road with elevation changes to play with my heart rate.
My mom doesn't want to daily drive a 11MPG Cobra. Or drive it all, matter of fact.
What was the first car you drove? the black one with the red stripe on the trunk.
American cars do tend to work better on much of America's roads than on the vast majority of the roads of the rest of the world, but even there, a decent European or Jap car is better in the long run. Slower, slightly, but better built, better looking (yes, opinion I know, but it matters a lot in cars), cheaper to run and they can deliver when you do venture into the rest of the world. I discuss because the best way to learn is to argue for or against something, or to teach it, simply.
Hadn't realised this was down here.. Ah well, to business. All Corvettes I've ever driven were Chevrolet test cars, usually the absolute best cars Chevrolet can find, except my own C5, which was used, but barely run in. The trouble with the US is that, because it's so brash and vulgar all the time, the designs that seem boring to you, seem dreadful to the rest of the world.
"High rpm gives more power," Wrong, high rpms do nothing for power. cold air, Intake Flow rates, tight Cylinder compression, higher octane gasoline to support it, proper flame porpergation within the cylinders, proper intake and exhaust ports to match the cams, proper pistons to match those, equal length headers with scavenging, low restriction cats, and muffler for proper back pressure. Those create power, rpms mean next to nothing.
Beauty is opinion not fact some find the Mona Lisa terrible others find it pretty. "Beating a Corvette is hardly anything to shout about..." Have you ever raced a Corvette before with 6 cylinders from a stop light?
Then upon exit full power while short shifting so as to keep from spinning the rear wheels out and utilizing some of my Lsx's torque on the exit. If all of my observation, clutch and pedal work, steering corrections, and gut feeling is correct. I will end up scarping the yellow line tearing out of corner meant for 45 going 75 and revving up to 5k. Driving is 60% driver 40% car.
The T/A Cuda and Challengers, Boss 302 mustangs, and Z28 Camaros DID handle. Like it or not it happened and you can either accept the truth or ignore it I really don't care which. Compared to modern day cars their handling might be called dubious but in their day they were the true sports car versions of their more straight line brethren. BTW I like the name Boss, it really makes a statement. :P
wtf was that that exploded on 03:47 ?
I explained, while I COULD wait that extra second for the final drops of horsepower, I would rather use the torque. On a back road, torque is the name of the game, no horsepower. Allard was a king of torque and his cars won many races. "Horsepower sells cars, Torque wins races." Carroll Shelby Those who disregard torque are destined to be overtaken by it.
The ONLY reason that BMW, Audi, etc put V10's into their vehicles was because a very brief moment within F1 where the rules tightened enough to force engineers to work with them instead of 12 which forced the F1 players to scramble to justify the costly V10 F1 projects by dropping domesticated versions into their road cars. The Viper got it because it was available. That's what impressed me about the Viper. Where as the other manufactures wouldn't of touched the motor, the viper accepted it.
"A muscle car is a car that dedicates itself to power, or 'muscle' nothing more." Wrong this is entirely in correct. Muscle cars are not dominated by power. The power is the end result of the configuration. Now, the only cars I would consider muscle cars produced in Europe at the moment are the BMW M3, and C63 AMG.
It's not THE measure, but it gives an idea. Big engines that make no power are crap though, logic tells you that. Well, in a performance application anyway. What's the point in wasting litres when you could just as well have a smaller, lighter, more responsive, more economical engine making the same power?
Racing heritage WORTH MENTIONING. NASCAR? You mean, turning left? Pikes Peak? Never seen a Dodge do anything there, nor at Le Mans Drag racing? Trans Am? Indianapolis? Try MEANINGFUL motorsport. F1, WRC, WTCC, D1, MotoGP... You know, WORLD sports.
I'm not sure on the exact specs of the two engines, but to get the same handling characteristics, you'd have to ditch weight, and move it slightly back, as the V8 is a longer engine that will extend weight further forward. It's a tricky thing to get right. I do it by pure trial and error as the mathematics is too complex for me, and I refuse to go at something half arsed.
Wrong, Muscle cars need V8, 2 doors, intermidate body, and rwd. Muscle cars DID handle back in the day with models such as the T/A Cuda and Challenger. 302 Boss Mustang, and Camaro Z/28. I believe AMC had their own model too but I'm too tired to check. Muscle cars could handle with the right options it's just that many weren't used for such appilications.
No, that's what you do in a normal car. In a supercar, which is where Chevrolet is aiming the Corvette, you design it to be its best where it SHOULD be driven. At the limit. No, but it's very nearly the same as the LS7, and that was shit.
Really your brought back this old argument again? Let me again clarify that it makes absoutely NO sense no matter how stoned, drunk, or mentally incapable the engineers are. To take an engine that can easy make 1000hp in it's original configuration. And Downsized it...just to force the engine to work harder to make the stock hp/tq. It would be like telling Ferrari to go back to making 1.5L V12's and asking for 500hp out of them for daily use on the street. They would laugh you out the door.
"More power is not always the best option." Horsepower sells cars, Torque wins races-Carroll Shelby.
You do know the Viper is a V10, right? The point of the Viper is that it was supposed to be an American super car that can compete with its Euro brothers and sisters. People (Ferrari, Lamborgini, Etc.) won't take an American super car seriously even if it pumps 10,000 Horsepower. Its all about the sound of a V10 and the prestige of owning it. The V10 in the Viper was from a truck, and engineers from Lamborgini turned it into what it is.
Neither, in fact, matter. What matters is lightness, a good solid chassis, and the driver. Power is secondary once all these requirements have been met, and then, the torque needs to be 'enough' that it moves the car smartly, but not so much it simply spins away power. Power should then be as much as the chassis or driver can handle, and no more. I will always prefer a revvy, power-over-torque engine as it suits the cars and style of my driving. Aggressive, smooth and chassis oriented.
1. Mike has a Superbird?!?! 2. Why does the guy with the Cobra also have a Prius...
There's no such thing as "wasted litres". An engine is an air pump, not a water bottle.
But England doesn't have American highways in it, does it? Where you can't sit the Corvette where Chevrolet designed it to sit to get the best efficiency for the tests. You have to use all the engine, accelerate, DRIVE. Same with the SLS, except it does DRIVING more efficiently. End of. Lack of knowledge? It's my JOB to drive, review and write about cars. I do this for a living, and although I'm not very good at it, I only work for a small publication, I'm still probably more qualified than you
"Smoking tyres is slow and for idiots" Please hand in your Automotive enthusiast card. And while you're at it, refrain from making responses that have little to nothing to do with an argument you have no basis for.
"7 litres. That is about 3 litres too many for a V8." LMAO someone needs to do reading on racing history. Please, before you embarrass your self read up on the history of the 7 liter engines from Ford, Chrysler, and GM. They are LEGENDS.
No, sorry, I forgot. You can't really tame a 7 litre engine making REAL power, while a pathetic LS, with what, 500hp? That's not so difficult. Explanation of my metaphor. Imagine someone who's really good at boxing. Now imagine another chap who's crap at boxing, but can bench press twice as much as the 1st guy. That's the LS. Got lots of muscle, but can't actually use it for anything useful. Why does it have a large aftermarket? Because people modify it. Why? Because they're crap, stock.
OR, Dodge could have done a proper job in the first place, and designed a proper CAR engine for their flagship model. Even then, they designed a V10 engine, for a TRUCK. They're evidently not shy about throwing cash away, given the idiocy of that plan. 4 generations is a lot to squeeze on one, crap, engine. Look at BMW. Two cars, on one V10, end of life, done. BMW is one of the most profitable companies around. Why? Because they're new and innovative, not prehistoric and crap.
Let's take a real example. The Viper, makes 640hp from an 8.4 litre engine. A 6.4 litre engine could make that exact same amount of power fairly easily, especially nowadays. That's 2 less litres, litres that are wasted in the Viper, making the engine less economical, and less responsive and revvy. Alternatively, you could make 840hp from the 8.4 litres and utilise that space so much better. Personally, I'd rather the smaller engine with the same power.
Actually, its a dodge Daytona (not trying to sound like a smart-alec)
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