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Hotel Zombie Prank Call

by Friday Night Cranks • 209,865 views

Jared, Kristin, and Stu Stone prank call a hotel about a disturbing guest next door. The best part is this lady is more worried about her break instead of saving us from a Zombie attack. Meet...

It sounds like the guy really has to go
Michelle mad Michelle smash
those noises though he sounds like a retarded old man having a baby LOL
"should it let him in he sounds sad" LAWL
laughed so hard I could not breathe.
WHERE WOULD I FIND IT??!! 😝😝😝 This guy is knocking on my door should I let him in he sounds sad. Lol! 😝😝😝
That guy in the beginning, can't even answer the damn question. I don't even know how to react to that.
It was a. Fucking joke
+Jason Alden Hah, indeed it was, prompting me out of sheer amusement to be unable to form a proper reaction!  Apologies as I can see how that didn't come across properly. :D
Michelle mad Michelle smash!
Hispanic fucking retard.
this guy is knocking on my door should i let him in he sounds sad
"Hit him in the face!!!"
Omg omg omg, he's a dieing whale
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!
omg you should call my hotel and do this lmao
Oh no. The cordyceps virus must have spread to that hotel. Watch out for clickers. lol
Lol can't imagine this actually happening.
only if theyed heard that bit im gonna shoot these mother f**kers in the face wonder what she would have said the reaction to that
"ya know what...ima take matters into my own hands and shoot these muthafuckas in tha face!!!"       LOLOLOLOL
At 4.15 mentally challenged whale
michalle creber!!?!?! XD
The sound affects scared me
One of the funniest videos
I couldn't stop laughing!!!  XD!!!
give him the room nummber LOL
Lololololol lmfao lololololoLolololololololololol
haha this is really funny man, you should do another of the same prank call
What the hell is a wild aminal ?
The hotel workers obviously know that its a prank otherwise they would of got police officers at this point lol, but it was so funny hahahah :D
Those noises sounded like a retarted hyena
you should have said the 13th floor and in the 13th room
michelle mad michelle smash. hahahaha
love the sounds! man it must have been a bad breakup lol........
Lolololololololololololololol hehehe
Wow. Such retarded, programmed individuals the american educational and corporate system provides. I dread the day I could be among them.
WHERE WOULD I FIND IT? I almost died. lol
Why is the girl just texting the whole time???!!!
6:29 " It sounds like there's a monkey in there
Hitting zombies that'll solve it!!
Omg thank u I'm not the only one who thinks he sounds like Raymond from everyone loves Raymond
Wow no one cares what if they were in danger
At the end when the other guy called back, he should have pretended he got hit in the face with a toilet seat. :P
"If you're tiny it doesn't sound like you should be coming up here" hahahahaha!
what hotel manager tells u to hit a guy in da face?
One if the funniest ones I've seen!!!
How am I supposed to get the room number? I don't know hit him in the face! With the toilet seat? Are you guys ok with that?
Please check out my youtube channel. I upload prank videos thank you
The background noise is crazy what the hell jared you Are so funny. Lol
I laughed so hard on this 1 XD LOLZ
Not sure if a zombie orgasm, or a zombie being raped... o.O
"He sounds like a wild aminmal!!!" xD
michelle mad michelle smash. LMAO
Well that is obvious. I was meaning their home neighbors.
that first guy was a complete idiot.
what if the holtel worker saw this vid! lol
Should I let him in? He sounds sad.
he 1/1000000 who have that pic. its not so original.
What an idiot! Can't even give the information on where the room number!
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