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Minecraft 12w23a & 12w24a Snapshots! (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 185,212 views

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Please do the book and quill!!! Thumbs up so he can see!!!
Well, this is what MrZombieEnthusiast says: "Notch still works on Minecraft, but not much. He gets the final desicion if something gets implemented into the game, and he still adds a few things of his own. Mostly though, he works on other games like scrolls." So from that, I would guess Notch basically just gets to approve everything, and Jeb, for the most part, makes a lot of new things.
Can you play LAN with 2 internet connections and 1 account? Help hoe could I do it?
those are cocoa beans! they will also be included in the 1.3 update!
the pressure plates activating with arrows was already in the game
use the obsidian all around the craft table squares aND ENDER eye in middle
Well i didn't like the hunger bar so i played on 1.7 and it destroyed the pressure plate.
When u shoot a arrow in creative, u can't pick up it.
1.3 is dated to come out on August 1st from what i've seen
what are those orange things on the trees?
I play on the Xbox, minecraft runs so slow on my laptop...
you cant pick up a fired arrow in creative.
yup cos gamechap and bertie said int heir snapshot vid but who knows
It...It's a metaphor. When somebody thinks that something is really good, they say, "_____ is the greatest thing since sliced bread!". I don't know why they do, but they just do.
How many more snapshots untill the REAL update?
your in creative you cant pick up arrows in creative you have unlimited arrows
well chim welcome to my world of 1 fps
Coco Beans. You can only plant them on jungle wood trees. but yes. you can plant them now
silk touch on a pick can get ice then melt it in the nether
xD I didn't even notice this comment was posted 5 days ago... xD
why do 70 people dislike 1.3 :(
It's a gaming event where it shows new games and new game updates.
@mrsCurlybabby 1.3 is out on aug, 1st :)
Notch doesn't work on Minecraft anymore. Jeb's been doing all of the work since 1.0.0, so it's unfair to give Notch the credit.
no i put 13th but it is 23rd of Junne So Tonight Sometime
Coco beans, you can grow them on jungle trees now, and once they are fully grown you get two coco beans :)
he was on creative so he could not pick up the arrow
2 things i can't wait 4 SC2 Heart of the swarm, minecraft 1.3
I said that 4 days ago,they released the offical date a few days ago. Check back when I posted it,.
Those are cocoa fruits that are found in the jungle since (i think) 12w22a
chim didn't seem to be very happy in this :c
5:15 what are the cow and pig doing behind that tree? >.>
Neither would he waste time on a common troll. Problem?
Can the restone wire stick to the wall
@theman10320 1.3 is out on aug, 1st
yeah you can :P i have before so you are stupid
so is it going to be minecraft 1.2.6 or minecraft 1.3 for the new update?
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