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Boss Bacon Burger - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 4,011,506 views

LIKE/FAV!!! (The Return of Muscles Glasses part 2) After beating down a zombie vegan horde, EpicMealTime prepares a Boss Bacon Burger in honour of Muscles Glasses' return. With over 400 bacon...

Just wondering. What will happen if Harley Morenstein (A.K.A. Sauce Boss) and MusclesGlasses meet Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Please explain.
+David Dimalanta Sauce Boss and Muscles would meet Floyd and be friends, but to JB, they would kill him at once. I hope that so.
An epic rap battle will occur. 
Jacksepticeye needs to come on here. why, BECAUSE HE'S A BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a waste of food. Stupid.
Actually they eat it for the rest of the week. They said that in an interview.
Muscles is a douche
almost every fuking vid has badass muscle glasses
This was the last good Epic Meal Time episode for me. I stopped watching like 5 videos after this. This meal was the perfect size for something "epic". Everything current isn't that big as this. Plus, this had MusclesGlasses. :)
goe fuk yur self u dum sit nigr u smel lik beg diks fukr patunia niga bitchs fuk yr fas fukr.
the real musclesglasses. kills me that theyre trying to sell him as a character that anyone can play now. so stupid
This is proof that Canadians can defy both logic and physics.
I have a confession to make... I am a bron- WHOOPS WRONG CONFESSION I don't like bacon
There is like no muscles to glasses. How awkward is that?
bacon strips and bacon strips AND BACON STRIPS
What happened to muscles glasses
Business related disagreements with Harley, so he left. Unfortunate, but life goes on
This makes me hungry after eating a 5 pound meal
I wish all the characters that were in this episode were still in the current ones :.(
I have the weirdest boner right now
I so wish I could have a beard as epic as the one Harley wears. That thing is glorious.
MusclesGlasses gonna die so hard soon .....
More bacon please.
hmm artne ther starwing peopel we shoud be serving ?
I am drooling at all that bacon
EMT simply do not make videos like they used to be. Not that because MG's gone but Harley's inarticulate yelling is no longer as funny as before. lol
Every time I watch their videos I have the urge to get drunk and eat bacon.
You get money for eating bacon, the best job in the world. This and making money with playing video games <3
I love you guys. I am totally an EpicMealTime bitch-ass groupie. But I have a question: Why is that short little dwarf tool who is slightly puffy with water weight known as "muscles"? He shouldn't be known as Muscles Glasses. He should be known as Puffy Shrimp. Ha! What a silly little jackass he is.
Fuck man, I wanna be in their group so badly
I despise muscles glasses.
What happened to him!?!?!?!?!
Bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips and bacon strips, shit loads of bacon strips, put the bacon strips on the top of the bacon strips, mix bacon strips with bacon strips! everyone loves fucking bacon stripes, hell yeah more bacon strips
If every country in the world had more bacon there would be world peace
OMG!!!!!! They should have like... 5 Guinness world records or something.
3:26 Epic Meal Time's WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
This guy 3:27 is going to die
dayum i want to see furious pete against that burger
Weed and Diablo 3 brought me here.
I ask often myself how much time you guys can spend on a cooking like this? And have you tried your recipes in normalsized meals? I guess they'd still not be really diet but the JD sauce seems amazing!
epic meal time predicted the unification of world heavyweight and wwe championships :P
Fat strips with a bit of bacon on.
if u ate the whole thing you would gain 31 lbs !!!!! or about 2 stone
"hank at the gas station said some shit was about to pop off" seems legit
That actually look so good ;_;
On Elders react.There's SO MANY BACON :I
I'd like to see the guy from Man vs Food eat this.
muscle glasses can kill himself with bacon NO MORE MIDDLE FINGER!!!!!!!
Wow! You guys love bacon a lot
dude that looks awesome
Muscles f'ng .... Glasses rofl
Did he just use a machete to cut that?
I watch that only when I eat something, just sayin' :)
behold the creation Africa.
Oh shit muscles was on wwe.........did he have the glasses?????
Muscles Glasses: EpicMealTime Champion and WWE World Heavyweight Champ
too much bacon can kill u...just sayin
+deathb4betrail No he left because he wasn't being fairly treated when the channel started to turn into a business.
+Shane Holmes Actually, you theoretically could die from too much weed. You'd need to smoke 1500 pounds in about 15 minutes to die, but it's technically possible.
i don't like root beer i am scotish
I MISS Muscles Glasses :(  Its not that epic meal time NEEDS muscles... its just that he made it more entertaining and Tyler too I guess 
Holy shit man he faded as all hell fucking look at him in the opening talk!
LOL the world heavy weight champion and the wwe champion P.S. thought was the miz
a vegans worst nightmare
I just wanna eat the bacon patty xD
The feeling you get just waiting for him to say "Glasses", and when he said it so quiet was similar to waiting for a sneeze to come, but then it not happening...
Yo dawg, I heard you like bacon
Just disgusting and cool at the same time
you guys should go to masterchef USA
Omg will you marry me? **
I think i DIED and went to semi heaven. Full heaven is eatin that goodness and yeah im as hungry as mucles glasses
Muscles glasses looks like m shadows
how do you eat sssooooooooooooooo much in america!
+Eric m canada is part of america, so he's tecnically right
We both know that's not what he meant
He wasnt always muscles glasses for the first few episodes you could see his eyes
I'm not a vegaterian I love meat it taste good and I enjoy eating it and I also love animals I just think that all that was wasted they died for nothing 1 man raming it in his face he never ate all that... For years people have hunted and killed millions of foxes and for what cos they don't just kill the chickens and eat them they'll kill loads of them and not eat the rest that they kill. People think this is a justified reason to kill them yet other people like this just stuped to their level yet if people said this men should be killed it would be wrong? What's wrong with people in this world.
Watching this made my heart ache.
So youre back in the black eh
I wonder how many Pigs theses guys have got through so far. 
The Rock, Paper, Scissor fight at the end is hilarious.
im actually gonna use musclesglasses rock, paper, scissors strategy: stick your middle finger at them every time and you win
Im surprised their not dead
am i the only one who want to puke right now
Muscle glasses=Matt Shadows!!!!
I want this sandwich!!! FOR breakfast, FOR dinner, supper etc...!!!
Guys, I've been a monster fan of you depraved, demonic, meat lunatics for two years now. This is still your best video ever, Boyo!
Muscles Glasses -The REAL First WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Planet fitness ran a ad on this..... ML marketing
I fucking love Diablo 3 and the new Expansion for it
That shit could feed an entire freken town in Africa for a freken month
Somehow McDonalds fits this in one normal sized burger that doesnt take 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999 people to eat...
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