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As of this post, of 22,676,858 views only 0.034% (7,718) give it a thumbs down.  This is by far the best in the Zeitgeist series.  Humanity is being served well by efforts like this.
I bet none of the thumbs down watched this in it's entirety. 
RBE(Resource Based Economy) or an economy without money=Wishful Thinking Nonsense Money is not a brake or a drain on the economy. Money is essential to allow trade to occur in an efficient manner. Money enables the formation of prices. Prices are information. Without prices, you can't know whether or not the use to which you wish to put a good is valuable or not. Without prices, the lumberjack who cuts down a tree doesn't know if it's better for society to sell that tree to the construction company or to the toothpick factory. With prices, he can observe which is willing to pay a higher price and sell accordingly. This ensures efficient allocation of resources, something the RBE wants to magic away and replace with unicorns and rainbows. The RBE is based upon the argument that scarcity is artificial, which is absolutely, breathtakingly wrong. Consider the very simple concept of opportunity cost. If you wish to go see a movie, but you also wish to go hiking in the woods, it is obvious that you can't do both at once. You have to pick one activity, because your body and your time are scarce. You will go with whichever activity you think is more valuable to you. If you understand this simple example, I hope you can also understand how the idea that economic scarcity is some kind of myth is ridiculous. The RBE is attractive largely because of people's ignorance of economics. It's like asking someone of a primitive society who is ignorant about gravity to explain why a rock falls when dropped from his hand. He's likely to shrug his shoulders and say, "the gods make it so," or "the rock wishes to return to the embrace of mother Earth." When you abandon logical deduction in favor of wild and unfounded propositions, this is the garbage you get.
+Gandewa Rahary Congratulations on not addressing anything i just said and are just engaging in sophistry that is completely irreverent to what my comment is about. Just because you r-type brain dead monkeys think that you deserve everything for free doesn't make it so. Your utopia is impossible. Get over it. I already told you idiots a million times why money is necessary for any economy to exist. No money=no prices=no prices=no ability to accurately determinate demand= no accurately demand means you can't ever produce the right amount of products to accurately match that demand. Which will always = overproduction(meaning the waste of resources) or underproduction(shortage of product.) If we are talking about food then that means people starving to death like we saw in the Ukraine because peopled grain was taken away by the government for "the collective need of the people" like what you RBE idiots are advocating for. Will you economic illiterate utopian r-types who just want to live off the backs of others for free just please just go claw back under whatever every rock you dumbass came from and just leave economics to actually grow-ups who actually took the time to actually study it?
+Sarah B So in other words....you are too dumb to make an argument and that is your justification for not making an argument? But I'm the 'sheep'? Right. Up is Down...Left is Right.................You get the point. You are an fucking idot. Goodbye.
This movie makes me SICK. Sick because it speaks the truth, and that truth is horrifying. I wish I could rationally deny the content of this video but I cannot. This video has made me paranoid, scared, and worried about our future. These are unpleasant emotions, but they are also powerful. And with these unpleasant powerful emotions is a very raw truth. Peter Joseph and all the other contributors to this move, Thank You for making these ideas publicly available and widespread!!
You hopefully extract something positive out of it. Learning and spreading the word is always a good start.
On the graphs that they show around 1:20:00, Germany is always much better than the US.  That makes me feel good that my home country is better than the US.  I have always known that but its good to see them in the video.  Btw, Spider58x: you can have an economy base on resources.  However, the your argument is still based on the acquisition of unneeded material things.  That alone is very flawed.  I honestly cant decide if you actually believe your statement or just trolling this video. 
this is for that moron SPIDER58X. you speak like our life depends on money, and the economy  also with every reply you send is 500 pages long.  i will cut you out short and simple. if you think that money is more important then the environment, then try counting $1,000,000. holding your breath, and tell me what number you get to just before your heart stops, and the severe brain damage you have from the lack of oxygen to your brain.
You're a fucking retard.
But one thing i don't understand , communism was just like zeitgeist movement , jobs for everybody , food for everybody , houses for everybody , no crimes , peaceful life , man is more important than property , family is most important , people were happy , crimminals were working for state not state for criminals. Is this Zeitgeist movement like communism or if not what is different ?
I don't even ask much out of life. All I want is 2 chicks tonguing my ass while 2 are tonguing my balls with a 15 car garage and enough land for a par 90 golf course to look at from my kitchen window. I don't need a lot of jewelry either.
No thats wrong. Pagan Romans crucified Jesus, but there might Judas hmmmkay
+Spider58x Another uneducated idiot who worships capitalism. Seems like companies and corporations are throwing money to the poor as charity rather than creating more job opportunities and placements. You know why any other fucking ism doesn't work,it's because of human greed. I hope he enjoys his fiat currency made out of Fractional Reserve Banking. Use your fucking mind and tell me why companies own robots in their factories,it's because it's cheaper in the long run for THEM. Now he will link this long paragraph to a crackpot utopianist or a conspiracy theory. Or he will call anybody as a hippie commie bastard through his small narrow mindset.
+9BoStOnGeOrGe some blog of an unemployable nutcase everything i said was learned in the classroom and reading books written by respectable people I'm not sure what this means exactly. It would appear you've made your mind up before I've presented anything to you. What exactly is acceptable evidence to you? Only that which is taught in classrooms? What makes someone respectable? A degree? Two degrees? A high income earner? if you have read more without getting an actual degree spending all day reading textbooks, you're nuts and should get a job because you have too much time on your hands Is it not possible to have a job that allows someone to study and get paid for it? MOST people have smoked weed in their lifetime, most grow up, so i don't see that as an insult, just a tip Yes, and I used to play Monopoly as a child.
+FuManBoobs According to a recent study 80% of today's jobs can be replaced by robots including this trailer trash fuck whose mom would have been a whore.
can anybody explain this to me; how are you going to get all the resources in the system without stealing everything from everybody first?
you don't, why would you?
These goals cannot be accomplished unless we have a one world order am I correct? And the consequences of that makes humans obsolete and unimportant, especially with machines doing all the work....We are who we are because of our flaws and strengths....Although our flaws are greatly outnumbering our strengths sadly it seems like a loose loose situation. And a one world order in the future will most likely continue to have the same traits of today's society where the 1% control all the power and wealth, most likely more than the current 40% of all wealth worldwide they currently control for personal gain, simply because they are currently the only ones pushing for this while others are in the dark, not trusting anyone, uneducated, and scared of change. While most cannot be trusted to be put in a position of power without being corrupted by they're personal weaknesses, there are probably some (like myself) who would rule justly the whole world. We are just hard to find. :) 
+TZMLife FUCK THE ELITESTS! That is exactly who this "propaganda" would be benefiting...FUCK GLOBAL CORPORATIZATION...Whatever happened to supporting your local Community and local Business's? For instance, when you have money in your pocket, your not gonna go spreading it around to everybody are you? You will lose track of it. Same with local business's! You start losing track of where the money is, hence the term "Follow the money", and you lose your money...Its all in my head its common sense shit and Americans are fuckin dumb...Im an American and the stupidity makes me SICK..I can go on and on about fucked up corporations. However, I am open minded and am willing to listen to all sides, positive and negative criticism I learn from both. Come on wit it...True I agree that Psychology balances itself out on a worldwide level, but one sour potato and the whole batch goes awry. The solution to the worlds problems is NOT to come together, but to stay out of each others countries and mind your own business. That's the natural law of order.
I really love TZM ideas. My only problem is with the distribution of resources. I completely agree that our planet is in terrible shape, and the income disparity inherent in the structure of our economic system is problematic. However, I really would love for someone to point me in the direction of a resource, wherein there can be an answer to the problem of distribution. Currently price determines allocation. I do not think the capitalist system works, but I would like a link to a resource where this question is answered.
+nolips99​ in all honesty, the past few days I have grown interested in economic philosophy, and differing theories thereof. I am not yet convinced of the immutable efficacy of any over any other, yet. I am still open, and want to figure out what is the best method. Have not been totally convinced of any yet, although I was trained in classical keynsian economics, with as free a market as we have today.
This is the best and most important film I have ever seen .I will defo read the book. Listening to the people in this film speak gives me courage to go on and hope for the future of humanity. I was in tears by the time it started talking about the inherent goodness of human nature and how we would all work together and for each other in a fair system that puts our needs first and looks after us all.
2 Films and 1:51:00 mins into the 3rd ....BOOM...first total disagreement!! You cannot create a society that is too perfect and mundane. I was brought up in rural England where you have hidden pathways and scattered variety...basically a place where stories and fantasy's can be imagined. I guess us humans always go too far dont we..... change everything thats wrong about the world sure but let us be free to imput our own ideas into the world...there has to be chaos on some level no?
This video has taken on a very big subject topic. To attack them not having a comprehensive assessment of the worlds problems is just as dumb as them believing they have the answer. I think the more important thing is to open up new dialog and ideas as to how to approach these issues in a sincere and intelligible way. Getting rid of money is a huge step that would require a significant think tank multi faceted strategies to say the least. It would involve changing the culture of our entire species dramatically. The very implications of which are not going to be welcomed by any majority. That already sounds like bad news. Issuing real national money instead of transnational issued currency could be a healthier choice. Nothing is going to change without massive rethinking of the situation we are all a party to though.
The beginning of this video made me think about the fact that I am completely immune to advertising.....I often think everyone must be....who would fall for the corny fluff these companies spend billions on? You guys are totally immune (and often annoyed) by advertising, right?
+Connie Criscitello I agree with everything you said and also am disgusted by advertising and simply don't watch TV and turn off the radio when a commercial comes on and don't read magazines.  They sneak it in on websites but at least its not a bad as TV is.
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Its a dog eat dog world, the strong survive while the weak get eaten up.
you know this is a areally good presentation albeit not perfect it has a few flaws but in general the theme should be we do not need money, there are other projects like the "Back To Eden Project" that is more of a God centered theme, "Love your brother as yourself"  I know this isnt mentioning god but I think we all need some sort of a grounding to some principal as this is a very big shift in process. It may be the "Age of Aquarius" is when this happens. Money is just there to keep everyone competing and creating bigger egos and a sort of idol worship for the massess
This documentary opened my eyes in ways that I never thought existed a few years ago when I watched the first version. It definitely lead me to a direction that feels more expansive and enlightening for my path.
riding the waves of change! I keep imagining you dancing, have any videos
+George Bolton How much LSD have you taken mate? 
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Today..I will watch this with a free mind.  Zeitgeist Moving Forward ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD | OFFICIAL RELEASE | 2011
True wisdom, knowledge and hope she develops, trains and people raise to the rank of divine beings, beings created by God. In this way people evolve in all three planes (mental, spiritual and physical). "The truth makes us free." Quote of the Bible.
WWI lead to WWII, re invading the middle east, as a western invasion, will only fuel the greater growth of the habbie islami crap, which honestly is Nazi ideals re invented to fit the Islamic faith...  There will be a new crash, if we do not solve it, which only occured, with goverment take over of the banks, FDR did it, and it worked..  It can be privatized if that is what the socity wants in the long run...  Howevver the biggest bribers to western world is the banking system..  Un reglated bankig will only lead to booom bust cycles in the economy...  There are local things in any system that should not be solely based on short term profits, aka the furters market, homes, food, fuel of an ecomony etc, are no good with these systems..  Our need is to be logical, thus , if we want to stay on a monetary system we need focus on those goods, finante goods, be used logically...  If you throw this system to the dust of history fine, you can create a new way of doing things, however once againt you have to find a way, link from what we have today to the new one.... If we do not focus on a transition to old to new you than go with a fail model..  That we have to wait for someithing to cause the system today to fully fail once again... But this movie, along with many others foucs more with balance, so if we create balance in the system than the system can be usefull....  But the movie as is, ignores one sad fact, the monetary system is the biggest religion, and if we do not focus on the issues with it, we will fail..  In the aftermath who knows what will happen.
Did you hear Him, those with slight brain damage make better stock brokers because they lack compassion for their fellow Man. I'm just half way through this and depression is taking Me Over.  I do have an Idea though, All debting Nations should file bankruptcy at the same time and allow all Former lending Nations 10 years of duty free status. Ah, what do I know, I'm just an old retired Auto Mechanic, turned useless eater.
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Never going to happen. Ever written at a job with people making the same as you but doing less work. You have to take up the slack. They're getting paid and still don't pull their weight. How do you think they'll be without getting paid? Most people who support this probably haven't done a single hour of volunteer work in their lives. I dose since we'll all be working just for resources to share with each other they'll be no need for entertainment or travel. No movies to watch because actors will be having to tend gardens. No need in government to distribute our tax dollars or fund government programs. Only this small collective of people and a computer that tells us who deserves what and how much. Funny to see it say that drug addicts in prison aren't criminals they just have mental disorders. And Hitler wasn't bad he was just conditioned to kill jews. Which is total b.s. I think I'll stick to my worthless little job that feeds my family and buys my clothes and movie tickets. Have fun with your communist anarchy
can someone explain how bombing to rebuild iraq is profitable
"Now it all goes back into the box" - That's the point everyone fades out. We are the figures and the players clearing the board - like usual the figures don't want to go back into the box - especially if it's six feet under.  Sometime in a not so distant future, let's say 2016-03-10... Brooker: "WTF?! Where does all this water come from?" Me: "I told you the markets will crash on 2016-03-14." Brooker: "That's in four days - a...hole! " Me: "Yes - that's when the global markets will collapse." Brooker: (wooosh.....a huge wave took him away) Me: "Ah - buy rubber boat, BUY RUBBER BOAT!"  [INSERT COIN TO CONTINUE...(No USD)] 3, 2, 2....
  Abandoned children and drug addiction ;in collective context  everyone in US was at some point in there family history reject for one reason or the other from their original society; who is biggest drug user US , 60% divorce rate that bonding brain chemical is failing perhaps entire society , the other less likely way to look at it might be that's a social trend and that's how it is , where ever its headed, it might bounce or whatever ; if collective mind of US  is based on rejection by rest of a world , US as a orphanage of a planet might have negative subconscious vibe toward rest of a world
is there a transition plan? so we don't feel like a fish out of water.
The Bible has already foretold what is to come.  Matthew 24.  And with 100% accuracy it will come to pass.  God loves us and we need to open our eyes to His word. 
resource-based economy is the most absurd thing that I ever heard. anyone who read the history of science can easily see that it doesnt work. once my lecturer told that: if it could be possible to learn by watching, all cats would be buthcher.
Which part exactly? It sounds more like a reflection of your own unwillingness to study and learn onto everybody else. That is absurd.
This is amazing, it covers a lot of issues, it describes how we're conditioned to think a certain way, how we've developed from the womb , what force fed information we've been given that is embedded into our brains,which has a major impact on our development as as well as environmental factors, we're often lead to believe that everything that has a caused and affect is due to genetics, not always the case. A lot of our issues amongst humanity is due to society and the impact that it has on our brains, whilst growing up and even know, even as adults we can easily be brainwashed and we get mislead unless we start to " see things for ourselves" which I hope will happen for us all, the majority of us need to wake up. The way we think has a lot to do with upbringing and force fed information. The way we're treated in life either makes or break us and if we aren't healed from our past hurts and ill treatment it can manifest into something darker  and then what affects us, ultimately affects others too, it's a vicious circle everything has a major impact into the way we think and act. This is a real eye opener! When people realise that war is wrong and war isn't because of religion but because of how we blame religion for the actions of humans and we realise that we have a choice in life and it's up to us to be self responsible and to start thinking for ourselves, gradually more of us will wake up! we know whats right or wrong, we can feel it it's part of our instincts, we can detach ourselves and learn to not believe everything we're told and gradually think for ourselves, as a human species we supposedly evolved, maybe now we can all change for the better! Agree with one comment below, "we are all indeed immune to advertising" so true!
Though honestly all we are, and all are systems are void, the planet once warmed to a point, there is this frozen methane gas all over in layers in the earth.  Methane is 10 times worse than carbon if you do not know, and if the planet gets too warm it will melt.  This has actually occurred in Russian, in the tundra, there were huge holes open up randomly, well the gas goes from soild to gas when it warms,  and if this happens with all the huge amounts in the oceans, life in the oceans as we know it will die.  3/4 of all oxygen in the world comes from ocean life, this methane gas in the oceans will cause red tide, and the death of the system as a whole, there is a point of no return no one talks about, its mostlikly a hundred years from now before that kill date occurs, but who actually knows.  It might be too late it maybe long than that..  But when the planet gets warm enough for huge methane layers to melt, its a feed back loop that will lead mostlikly to a extension event like the last time which means 98% of all life on the planet will die, and unless we build bio domes and we go to under 1 million people who live in them we will fall the way of all other life and just die off..  Though maybe its best, if we are so stupid to do this we deserve not to be around...
some  good  points  are  made  in  this  video..  but  it  misses  the  most  important   element...   the  power  of  the  ZIONISTS...  what  do  you  suggest   we  do  about  them  ? they  control  our  banks,  oil,  mines,  most  of  the  world  economy  in fact  ...
jews make up like 0.02 of world populous....
Love this video however, the bible does talk about how to live.  Jesus taught love, not in the catholic sense, but in the true sense.  10 commandments.  
Why do you need a two millenia old book for that? Myself and many others I know grew up without any religion but still figured out for themselves that cooperation is more efficient and sustainable than competition and that any form of violence and falsehood never yields anything positive.
Money is evil, go to Peter Joseph's steered "projectpeaceonearth" and give it to him.
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It’s simply a matter of historical fact that the dominant intellectual culture of any particular society reflects the interests of the dominant group in that society. In a slave owning society the beliefs about human beings and human rights and so on will reflect the needs of the slave owners. In the society, which again is based on the power of certain people to control and profit from the lives and work of millions of others, the dominant intellectual culture will reflect the needs of the dominant group. So, if you look across the board, the ideas that pervade psychology and sociology and history and political economy and political science fundamentally reflect certain elite interests. And the academics who question that too much tend to get shunted to the side or to be seen as sort of “radicals”. The dominant values of a culture tend to support and perpetuate what is rewarded by that culture. And in a society where success and status is measured by material wealth, not social contribution, it is easy to see why the state of the world is what it is today. We are dealing with a value system disorder - completely denatured - where the priority of personal and social health have become secondary to the detrimental notions of artificial wealth and limitless growth. And, like a virus, this disorder now permeates every facet of government, news media, entertainment, and even academia. And built into its structure are mechanisms of protection from anything that might interfere. Disciples of the Monetary-Market religion- the Self-Appointed Guardians of the Status Quo- constantly seek out ways to avoid any form of thought which might interfere with their beliefs, the most common of which are Projected Dualities. If you’re not a Republican, you must be a Democrat. If you are not Christian, you might be a Satanist. And if you feel society can be greatly improved to consider, perhaps - I don’t know - taking care of everyone, you’re just a “Utopianist”. And the most insidious of them all: If you are not for the “free-market”, you must be against freedom itself. #zeitgeistmovement  
2:01:30 soon we'll all be jobless. One of my biggest fears.
don't fear it, embrace it! Just think, if we are all jobless then the changed society has already happened...you think people will just sit around and die? Of course not. Even if new structure isn't in place already and suddenly tomorrow everyone is jobless (economic collapse etc), people would change priorities and start to work together for food, water security (perhaps looting etc in cities unfortunately), but after the 'craziness' settles and people realize 100 pair of Nikes aren't going to get them food for long, people will change priorities just as happened in great depression, new dynamics emerged out of necessity. I do share a concern of how people will react in a sudden situation like this, which is why I hope we can make people aware and move in new directions now and now wait for the inevitable. I def wouldn't want to be in any city if its a sudden collapse or a nation where there are a lot of guns....I'd want to be as far away from high populated areas in that case, until people calm down again.
They had me with them until they attacked my rights and promote collectivism and communism. So you hate Private Property rights and free markets, I dare you to and live in North Korea or Cuba for the rest of your lives. In Cuba for example people beg you for soap if you are a tourist. The poverty that collectivism brings is other worldly.
“[The founders] Lockean social-contract political philosophy taught them that the preservation of individual liberty was the goal of politics. Its basis was the surrender of a portion of man’s original, natural freedom to a government that would protect the large remainder of it better than any individual could do on his own — the freedom to make your own fate and think your own thoughts without fear of bodily harm, unjust imprisonment, or robbery.” ~ “The Americanism of the American Revolution,” City Journal, Myron Magnet, Autumn 2012 A free market that's free to auction off the military, police, courts, politicians, etc. will eventually become UNfree.  There needs to be a balance and we have clearly missed the mark. “The treasury, lacking confidence in the country, delivered itself bound hand and foot to bold and bankrupt adventurers and bankers pretending to have money, whom it could have crushed at any moment… These jugglers were at the feet of government. For it was not, any confidence in their frothy bubbles, but the lack of all other money, which induced… people to take their paper… We are now without any common measure of value of property, and private fortunes are up or down at the will of the worst of our citizens… As little seems to be known of the principles of political economy as if nothing had ever been written or practiced on the subject.” ~ Thomas Jefferson, 1815; One year after the 2nd Bank of the US was chartered and two years after the War of 1812 ended /watch?v=5hfEBupAeo4
22 million views and still ...lazy socialists waitng for someone to revolt......yawn
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The future is in our hands dear friends! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w HK x 
i would love to see a venus city come to life in my lifetime 
This is a great video for the most part, but be careful how much you buy into this. Much of it is fear-mongering. One example is this great shortage of fresh water that is mentioned around 2:28:30ish, near the end of the video. Google the Guarani Aquifer. It has been estimated to provide all humans with fresh water between 1000-1600 years. Yeah, 8900 cubic miles of water. So yeah, we're not going to be overly thirsty anytime soon. There are other examples. Again, I loved this video, I "liked" it, lots of amazing stuff. But some of these ideas are just absurd and this video seems to want to make you scared more than the TV does.
Looking at a lot of these comments. smh -Some people just can't smell Rome burning.
I'm not an antisemitic person, I think this one was full of information saying the jewish of israel are good people nad in a certain way a more civilized than other regions... in teh kibutz for example, but isn't the kibutz "illegal" settlement in the palestine territory?? But of course as i think there are jewish that are bad people there are a lot more that are kind and respectfull just like in any other religion or ethnicity 
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You wont find this on FOX, CBS, or NBC.....FYI
Ignorance is bliss is it not.  I have no need for money.  I am nourished by the land and the energy of the sun. That is the truth of humanity. One day I will make that truth a reality.
I personally could subscribe to this as I am done with this society, its wastefulness, its disregard for life, and b-line for disaster, but the majority of those brought up in a capitalistic society would need the Men in Black to come and erase heir memory in order to be able to begin to understand how or why this could be a viable solution to avoid the certain destruction the human race is headed for. Well done on this video.
=Embrace communism + let Islam rule + Delete the chinese + Delete those who insist on making benefit from money borrowing and we will be better in this world seems logic well done guys perfect approach 
money isnt the root of all evil...its the lack of it in a society based around it...
Wonderful and thanks for sharing
WHY THIS DOCUMENTARY IS AS FALSE AS ZEITGEIST? Simple: Gasque sent an email to "twenty leading Egyptologists -- in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and Austria" in order to examine the following claims: That the name of Jesus was derived from the Egyptian “Iusa,” which means "the coming divine Son who heals or saves" That the god Horus is "an Egyptian Christos, or Christ....He and his mother, Isis, were the forerunners of the Christian Madonna and Child, and together they constituted a leading image in Egyptian religion for millennia prior to the Gospels." That Horus also "had a virgin birth, and that in one of his roles, he was 'a fisher of men with twelve followers.' " That "the letters KRST appear on Egyptian mummy coffins many centuries BCE, and....this word, when the vowels are filled in, is really Karast or Krist, signifying Christ." That the doctrine of the incarnation "is in fact the oldest, most universal mythos known to religion. It was current in the Osirian religion in Egypt at least four thousand years BCE." What Gasque found in response is the following, also put in bullet points: Professor Kenneth A. Kitchen of the University of Liverpool pointed out that not one of these men (Kuhn, Higgins, or Massey) is mentioned in M. L. Bierbrier's Who Was Who in Egyptology (3rd ed, 1995), nor is any of their works listed in Ida B. Pratt's very extensive bibliography on Ancient Egypt. Only one of the ten experts who responded to my questions had ever heard of Kuhn, Higgins or Massey. The responding scholars were unanimous in dismissing the suggested etymologies for Jesus and Christ. Ron Leprohan, Professor of Egyptology at the University of Toronto, pointed out that while "sa" means "son" in ancient Egyptian and "iu" means "to come," but Kuhn / Harpur have the syntax all wrong. In any event, the name "Iusa" simply does not exist in Egyptian. The name "Jesus" is Greek from a universally recognized west Semitic name (“Jeshu’a”), borne not merely by the central figure in the New Testament but also by many other people in the first century. There is no evidence for the idea that Horus was virgin born. There is no evidence for the idea that Horus was "a fisher of men" or that his followers (the King’s officials were called "Followers of Horus") were ever twelve in number. KRST is the word for "burial" ("coffin" is written "KRSW"), but there is no evidence whatsoever to link this with the Greek title "Christos" or Hebrew "Mashiah." There is no mention of Osiris in Egyptian texts until about 2350 BC, so Harpur’s reference to the origins of Osirian religion is off by more than a millennium and a half. Elsewhere Harpur refers to "Jesus in Egyptian lore as early as 18,000 BCE" and he quotes Kuhn as claiming that "the Jesus who stands as the founder of Christianity was at least 10,000 years of age." In fact, the earliest extant writing that we have dates from about 3200 BCE. Kuhn / Harper’s redefinition of "incarnation" and rooting this in Egyptian religion is regarded as bogus by all of the Egyptologists with whom I have consulted. According to one: "Only the pharaoh was believed to have a divine aspect, the divine power of kingship, incarnated in the human being currently serving as the king. No other Egyptians ever believed they possessed even 'a little bit of the divine'." Virtually none of the alleged evidence for the views put forward in The Pagan Christ is documented by reference to original sources; the notes refer mainly to Kuhn, Higgins, Massey, or some other long-out-of-date work. W. Ward Gasque holds a Ph.D. from Manchester University (UK). A graduate of Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Leadership (1993), he is President of the Pacific Association for Theological Studies. Evangelical biblical scholar Ben Witherington in a critique of the "Zeitgeist" movie writes on the sources used by the filmmakers: "What do we notice about this list of sources? Not a single one of these authors and sources are experts in the Bible, Biblical history, the Ancient Near East, Egyptology, or any of the cognate fields. Many of these sources are quite old, and the arguments they present have long since been shown to be weak....The point of my listing these sources is that they are not reliable sources of information about the origins of Christianity, Judaism, or much of anything else of relevance to this discussion." (Ben Witherington, from The Zeitgeist of the 'Zeitgeist Movie')
Obvious troll is obvious. I took the time to watch this whole video, religion was barely mentioned at all and not one religion was ever singled out. Faith carries mucho insecurities. 
This film shows the Las Vegas strip two times!  Seriously this film and along with the people really have a negative view of Las Vegas. Just curious to know from others, why? I wonder how the place will turn out when the Resource Based Economy comes possibly soon... 
This documentary is quite fascinating and is filled with factual information on some topics but not all. Particularly those related to the systems of economics. While yes, we do currently live in a state of economic crisis, there are many countries that are thriving without a full Democratic Capitalist society. While the blame lies solely on the system itself, not the science behind how the system works, it's easy to misunderstand why are world is so utterly destroyed. A more stable economic system would be something that does not involve Free Trade such as economic socialism. You could also make the same argument for religion. While the big three (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) have caused an unprecedented amount of human deaths in history, it was not Religion as a whole's fault. Peaceful religions such as Buddhism have long flourished without war, and imperialist expansion. Just as a final note on Zeitgeist, I do not have a problem with the information displayed, rather I find it strange how negative the connotation behind it is.
Its so sad how true this film is
Bankers? You know what ""bankers"" are? There is a statement that proves itself extremelly worthy for these betrayers of the human race: REPETILIAN FLUFFERS!!!!!  Anyone know what is a fluffer in the porn industry??? Thats what these fuckers are
spider mate with money the lumber jack just sells to the highest bidder. nothing to do with society
infact u take a teacher. or some other important role in society. put money on his head. someone will kill him. and not give a shit the effects to the society
the only ones who reject a Resource Based Economy are the ones whoe are to deep in this Monetary System and get their advantage out of it. Nobody wants change if they´re satisfied. As we often see only trouble brings change and not permenently. 
For those struggling with the communism thing: Resource Based Economy with leaders = communism Resource Based Economy with no leaders = free world with resource based economy. Leaders and freedom are mutually exclusive. You are either being led, or you are free. You can't be both.
Thank you for translating this video to arabic . Good work . 
Peter Joseph you have opened the eyes of a 19 year old to how the world really is thank you the answer the world and the society we live in is really messed up nothing but a cycle, work until you die a slave to the system except this one doesn't care about your race only how much money you can make it you are a true revolutionary 
Periodically throughout the film, there are inlaid high frequencies. Anyone know what Hz?
Must see for everyone. It could work. I'd be glad to try it. What we got now is not working… That is for sure.
If goods were all traded instead of money being used to "trade", then the entire monetary system wouldn't be needed, and therefore debt.
While I totally agree on most points made in this film I can't help but thinking about what we would actually do when this utopia is in place. David Bowie made a point in the song "Saviour Machine" where we all would die from boredom. (It's from The Man Who Saved The World)
A man with a large junk pile and the skill to repair anything (getting harder and harder to do!) ... is king... !
forever bitcoin dead capitalizm
Awesome... thanks for posting!
I just want to comment how funny Spider58x's post was and answer the first part Money is not a brake or a drain on the economy(No but it is very easy way to have imbalance of wealth and power/influence). Money is essential to allow trade to occur in an efficient manner(Yes. But this is not needed). Money enables the formation of prices(Price is just monetary value). Prices are information(Doh). Without prices, you can't know whether or not the use to which you wish to put a good is valuable or not(Now this is simply false. What is the price of your hands and legs and brain? I am sure you value them. You can also put a price tag on them, but you do not need to to understand that they are valuable.). Without prices, the lumberjack who cuts down a tree doesn't know if it's better for society to sell that tree to the construction company or to the toothpick factory(Price does not change this in any way. This is hilariously stupid.). With prices, he can observe which is willing to pay a higher price and sell accordingly(Yes they can be sell'd to destroy humanity if humanity destroyer buys them. What is the point of this part? That supply and demand decides prices(if wanted to sell?)). This ensures efficient allocation of resources, something the RBE wants to magic away and replace with unicorns and rainbows(Money(+greed) ensures way to allocate resources without giving a flying duck about environment or anything other than profit. My hope would be that resources would be allocated by doing research and asking people what they want. This ensures resources are used efficiently on what they should be.). Anyway, the point. Money is not needed to understand value of anything(other than monetary value).
+Spider58x  = nonsense Nice language.LOL.Obviously you saying same BS what american goverment and american tv presenters . You re so blind  ,
A petition is being sent to UN to suggest that Venus Project style towns could be built to house refugees and the homeless.
At 2:30:03 a chart of World Population has no bases - as the left column shows only lines of zero's, and nothing noted to compare it too?
Criminality is not social, it's chemical. Trying to blame criminal behavior on society is ridiculous. Who wrote this crap?
Ok, you are right: we need new social model, new energy production system etc, but the real key to reach sustainability and to guarantee raw material supply forever is only one: demographic growth control. Ok, it could sound disquieting (and also an idea coming from the worst dictatorial country), but more people on the hearth means more  food, energy and raw material demand. You know,  we can't have a unlimited growth in a limited system.  
Sounds like eugenics. He covered the whole food thing in the "Farming towers". There no excuse for trying to regulate and choose whose demographic gets to grow and whose doesn't. 
Eric Noya Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD | OFFICIAL RELEASE | 20…: http://youtu.be/4Z9WVZddH9w #zeitgeist
I felt this one was the best one yet. Congrats Zeitgeist team for making such a monumental documentary. This series will be held in high regard for changing the perceptions of men in the time which we need it most. 
you know what would happen to the people that would live in the perfect cities they created? we would become robots and you would have freedom but freedom to do what if everything is done for you. anyone who wanted to leave the city would be considered a terrorist or an outsider. you might as well be a slave with no purpose. there would be no point in going to school because you would have nothing to work towards cause robots would do everything. i would also imagine people would be treated like people in the hunger games. each area has a specific job to do. a society of robots that have to do what they are told because there is nothing else for them.
Jeff, I think you do not understand. Not everything can be done by robotics, but the basics for human survival could be done by robotics and other technology. This would mean people do not spend their lifes slaving to pay for basic necessities and bills, and instead can advance their knowledge, be creative and also have more social time with family, friends and community. The things that we value as human beings wouldn't be replaced by robots as they can't be! A robot isn't going to be your Doctors, nurses, scientists, artists etc or walk your dog! Imagine back to when you were a kid, your parents provided all your basic needs for food, water, clothing, shelter etc, so you time was spent advancing your knowledge and experiencing (to a lesser degree as current education is less than desirable). Did this mean you were suddenly thrust into a 'hunger games' situation by your parents?? NO, of course not! Same for this new economics system, it will provide everything people need (like a parent), with little human effort needed to maintain systems/oversea the production, which would free people's time to spend it doing more meaningful activities. This doesn't mean that if someone really desires to build something rather than a robot do it, that they couldn't, just means they don't have to. Just like the automated agriculture, this doesn't mean there is no need for humans to know horticulture and animal husbandry, or that people cant grow flowers just for enjoyment, just means the labor intensive jobs are done by robots (as they are already capable to do this in many areas) . There are so many various things humans do that robots can't. Personally I wouldn't let a robot even cut my hair, would you? lol. So, there would still be activities or 'jobs' that humans can do but they will not be necessary for basic needs, it will allow people more flexibility and choice and a LOT more time to do what we enjoy and socialize.
As I watched, all I could think is, "duh."  We've been hearing these notions and facts or observations for decades. There is no true solution here. Political economy per se is not addressed in the solar, hydroponic and scientific world depicted.  I'd prefer a t-pee below a 14,00 foot mountain in spring. Somehow I feel pushed around by this Venus bunch. I'm not walking their way. Bunk. 
Shannon Tantillo Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Pass it forward!
João Vilhena Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
why is this not being reported to the police?? 
never will work true evil exists and man is evil need to have JEsus as Lord..than this will work
+Richard KANE Well the irony RK is that Jesus was a rebel against centralist monetary hierarchy :-) Just like the ZM is.  No wonder the romans and the jews had him hanged on the cross
alegradance: The Venus project for example, would work better as a model of society, even if humans were evil.  Actually the market of evil would be difficult to keep on and the market for ethics and functional community would be way better :)   The market for individualists would also improve, as the time available for individual activity above general work, will be higher in number of hours. Meaning the mind develops.  So we are talking about progress, not ideology. 
That beard is genetic...
I am looking for people who really want to do this NOW. Not later, but actually work toward this end NOW. Who are actually willing to stop going to a job and start working together to solve these problems. I am not saying for us to go build cities or anything, I am say for us to unite and simply not be involved in the corrupt system. WE ARE PERPETUATING IT. We need to work with one another daily and in any way we can to change things. We need to group up and say enough of this system, we can do so much if we are willing to do anything at all more than just talk about the ideas. Ideas are powerless. People are not. If anyone agrees with me at all, let us connect. There is so much we can do but I can do nothing by myself. 
+William Register the 'system' currently in place, will self destruct because it literally cannot continue to go on this way, but no one really knows what the future holds !
Brau Kohler Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Prove it and I'll agree with you.
James Scalzo Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
CODE BREAKER Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Tired of mindless consumption, greed & manipulated markets trashing the world we live in & demoralizing our human society? Give this video a look for more information
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