5 Million Subscribers

by nigahiga • 4,401,641 views

This video shows you the secrets and my glamourous life as a youtuber. Thank you all so much for subscribing! I say it all the time but I truly appreciate you all watching. More to come soon!...

Funny how he does have a production company now lol
yup all his friends though xD like Sean
Honestly ryan, I want to thank you. Thank you for being my Youtube hero. You are one of the first youtubers I ever started watching back when you had 3 million subscribers. I've been subscribed to this channel for over 2 years now and you are honestly a legend. Watching your channel grow from 3 million subscribers to 12 million has been amazing. Thank you ryan. :D
Can you subscribe to me
+wesshepard1 I honestly think thats sad. Actually get subs by videos... oh wait, youre videos are shit... nvm.
Watching this when he has 12 million subscribers.
You are the best you tuber ever!!! Everyday I watch at least two of your videos and I will keep watching them forever. Best you tuber EVER I don't even know how to say it. I fully support you to keep going on and making more videos, and I really like your channel. Thumbs up for Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! times∞  If you were wondering how I did the infinity sign, I pressed the option key and 5 together Tee Hee!
id rather have a youtuber without a production company then WITH one cough cough smosh cough 
+Jame Wilkerson I wouldn't call them a "production" company. they're just 5 friends making videos together 
+tony suarez They are friends, but still they work for him because I honestly doubt that Ryan doesn't split his youtube salary with them. Sure it's probably fun for them, but it's also still a business.
Teehee less than 3
+Ariadne Way oh, wait, now I get it! it means like this <3 sorry about that I'm really slow hahaahahha
+Alex Lino Ohhhh Lol kk I getcha now
I subscribe 2000 years ago, hehehehe #foreveralone  
Ryan Higa is my homie!!! Oh yeah!!! xD We love ya too Ryan!!!! <3
omg! i laugh so hard at the end when his turn his head at the back!! X'D
3 years later and he has his own production company.. TEEHEE 
Almost 13.5 million subs
I subscribe 4 years ago
Like if your watching In. 2015
13,529,082 subscriber later.........
,my older brother has watched you when you weren't "famous" :) it's amazing
I've been watchig his vids from the beginning just never subscribed, until 3, 2, 1!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Ryan u might not know me but I think u should start acting in a movie or something
Ryan Higa production company...))) LaLaLa!
pdate has no new content. Redown
Ryan: "Here is a preview of the ending of the next video" ..... TEEHEE! Me: LOL! XD
I guess you could say your subscribers are OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!
I guess you could say your subscribers are OVER 9000!!!!!
Wow he has 12million I used to have 13 (not million) subscribers but someone unsubbed and now I only have 12 :(
Ryan don't get a production company!!!!! you are just fine without one. Besides, you would have to pay someone anyway... #excuses  
Ryan higa productsion companey xD
Dear Ryan can you dubstep
Soon you will be getting 12 million subscribers.
Happy 11 million!!
I'd be happy to have 1 subscriber
and now he has his own mini production company, so proud of ryan
I have the same exact desk you had in the background.
How's it going homie!
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) DeRp....
Dear Ryan, Which is your worst day of your life?
He jumped 5 million subscribers in about a year and a half. Thats impressive.
Dear Ryan, Can you fart? :P
I love you too ^^ (ok this looks ridiculous but still) ♥
You gained an extra five million within a year and a few months!
now you actually have a ryan higa production company:)
It's over 9,000!!!!
At end it said less than 3 i paused it at right time
we're homies now
Seriously how are you not #1 most subscribed channel?
the bottom of my esophagus to the top of my sternum... hahahaha!!!
congrats on 10 million subscribers!
1,000,000 subs didnt watch this ._.
I don't even have one sub
Almost 11 million
It means a heart if u dont know see <+3=<3
You forgot thehee
Lastly but not leastly...LOL!!
U got 10 million subs
Jabari Joyner Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Jabari Joyner Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Could I get your production company? lol
this was really hilarious XD best "thank you for the __ millions subscribers !" video that I've seen !!!
After 1 year he has another 5 million subscribers
OMG Ryan your videos and you totally cheer people up. Keep on doing what you're doing! :) TEEHEE
Hahahah only Ryan would think of that __________ Your questions, answered. Check my channel out
apparently ryan has 4 213 279 homies holy @#$% he got homies
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