The Wallflowers - "Reboot the Mission" (Official Video)

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Like This? You Should Subscribe Here Now: http://bit.ly/VErZkw This new video from The Wallflowers might mark the very first time anyone's ever pop-n-lock'd it to a song from a member of the Dylan...

Excellent Cinematography
Jared Sauceda Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
The Wallflowers AND Mick Jones? #HellYes  
Felippe De Pin Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
more than surprised that this song doesnt have more views........
Where you're going has no signs And you're not going in a straight line You ought to have me on your mind I dare you to think otherwise...  ♥  AWESOME!!
Susan Colson Morson Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
The Wallflowers - "Reboot the Mission" (Official …: http://youtu.be/4QY08MoM97k
I am madly in love with Jakob, but this video makes no sense.  who comes up with those ideas?
A worried face. A worried mind. Assassins brain n I resting. It 71 degrees. F. Here!
Awesome song.. why so less views!! 0.o
They killed. Blue craig cd player. That $37.00@CVS
I burning battry tablet. Save yusof islammmmmmmmm
It ok. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
the kid is a chip off the old block!!!
+Jakob Dylan ! :/ :(₩₩₩₩₩? Your Dad has been named in a civil suit against me! $$$$$$$
Susan Colson Morson Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Mick Jones and Uncle Bob just dipped the wallflowers in solid gold, Jacob looks just like his old man now...
Great song!! Luvvin IT--good collab!!
I LOVE this song Mick Jones did a grest job making it
Great tune, so Funky! Awesome Lyrics, Oh, Thank You, Wallflowers! Big Fan, Pamela
una banda que ha cruzado 1000 fronteras muy bien echo Jakob Dylan y compañía, les deseo mucho éxito desde México
Bob's kid must have certainly made Papa proud! Jakob is very different from his dad, but a talent in his own right. Going to see them with Counting Crows on Long Island in June and psyched!
Still not tired of this song and listened to it countless times. Looking forward to Clapton and the Wallflowers this March in the ATL.
The music and whole song structure screams THE CLASH! which makes a lot of sense considering Mick Jones from the Clash had a helping hand in this song. Sounds good!
one headlight was a great song
honestly, it's NOT what i expected from this song. i'm so disappointed...
Great STUFF just like the CLASH a homage no doubt
If you listen to the lyrics this is very a typical wallflowers song!!!
Es una gran canción, porque es una canción de The Clash con la voz de Jakob. Igualmente es genial. It's really a great song, because it is a song by The Clash with Jakob's voice
latest example of using real black soul to underpin & enhance whitebread
DAm it this song is incredible!!! what a come back!!!
Great video! The rest of "Glad All Over" is incredible
I dunno cant really get into this song but im sure the album will be great
oh yes my ex from back in the day we would go out drinkin and she only had one headlight we never got bust iv been a fan sence the start
i have all their cds so far. only band i've done this for. gonna save up some money to buy it the day it comes out! this song is really different, though, eh? i am sure there will be at least 7 tracks off the album i'll get sick of because i played them so much.
:( I don't like this! Not the Wallflowers I know!
great song and nice to hear Mick Jones put his personal touch on this one too.
Great vibes from this song. So good to hear new stuff from the Wallflowers. "Glad All Over" is going to be awesome!
Wow this is getting me SO EXCITED for Glad All Over to come out 10/2!! It's been a while since we've heard a new album from these guys, but this song is so good, so I'm sure the rest of the album will be too! Can't wait to get my hands on more new Wallflowers tunes!
lol at 59k views.... Solid song. Let's see how much airtime it gets. Truly sad how a lady gaga song will get 59k views in less than an hour :-(
I'm loving this. I love the band so much. Wish I could play and extra acoustic with them.
This song is just ... *snap* *snap* *snap* .
Awesome. Let's hope this is the direction of the whole album.
Love this! Can't wait to listen to the full album!
Part 2: It makes me mad that their music is so underrated and that more of it after Bringing Down The Horse didn’t go main stream or super popular. Breach and Red Letter Days were awesome albums but never got a rotation on the radio when they came out like Bringing Down The Horse did. I guess I should have clearer, I wasn’t being mean about it, I LOVE THE WALLFLOWERS. I already preordered “Glad All Over”
Yeah, this sounds similar to what the Clash would do. Very funky and artsy.
Would you happen to know if Mick is touring with them? That would be a good reason to see them since they'll be in my area soon.
WTF IS THIS i know this isn't a typ wallflowers song kinda dissapointed on this song !!!
I love this! Such a new, different and fresh sound! Jakob's voice really suits and enhances the funk of this song. It give me chills. The same chills that I get from One Headlight... I LOVE this song... I can't stop listening to it. Fantastic!
what? what? What is going on in this video? Ok lets take a melody of Jakobs, smash some crappy, crazy licks behind it, tack on a catchy hook and then add random dancers from the internet and call it a day????? GOLD..... I like the song but they are desperate for "One Headlight" fame again, they wanna be mainstream again sooooo bad! sorry Wallflowers, I had to be truthful, still love you guys though.
Love the song. HATE the video. It's like they were just like "This is what's popular now, so lets put this in the video even though it has nothing to do with anything in the song"
Can't wait to hear the rest of this! October 2nd needs to get here already...
The political ad I had to watch to see this video, no....The Wallflowers and Glad All Over...yes.
I love this. I've been The Wallflowers' fan since long time and really happy with this new style. This is what we call "innovative progression". Well done and couldn't wait for the album! :)
Part !: I didn't say they shouldn't reclaim their fame. I am one of the BIGGEST Wallflower and Jakob Dylan fans you will ever meet, maybe even a little obsessive. I am just saying it is very apparent this is meant to be poppy or whatever, I guess catchy. I just love the more meaningful lyrics I know they are capable of, that's all. The vid is a little lame but I like the song.
i think Jack Irons even worked with RHCP at one point, if i remember correctly.
Check out the iTunes previews for the rest of the album... bout a minute or so of each song... I think that's more Wallflowers than this... However, I do like this... I'm going to see them on Saturday and I'm kind of excited out of my mind.
I love this song. I'm so happy the band went in a whole new direction. It's still undeniably Jakob & Co. Just with a twist.
Slinky, funky, and bluesy with an edge - sounds like Jakob's walking a more textured street these days. Great to hear. The swampy mood of this song reminds me of a 'Bob Dylan type' of song in a lot of ways (and that's a good thing), but it's still its own thing entirely. Looking forward to the new album now more that ever!
impressive wallflowers....very impressive. i love the old stuff, can't wait for the newness
Peronal touch??Uhhmm.This is a take on The Clash's "Radio Clash and Magnificent 7" of wich he wrote
Jakob Dylan and the wallfowers, hmm pretty plain but a pretty cool song. Kinda catchy and sticks with ya. Heard it in Fred Meyers and thought I would check it out.
absolutely agree- these people saying "but its not how the wallflowers used to sound! it sucks!" well.... they just simply dont understand music.
Great song, really smooth vibe, reminds me a lot of Magnificent Seven by The Clash
sounds a little Zappa like to me... No complaints, couldn't believe it was the wallflowers at first
Jacob Dylan sucks! Now the singer on this track, Jakob Dylan is fucking aces.
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