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BLACK OPS 2 - "NUKETOWN 2025" FREE Multiplayer DLC Map! - (Black Ops Gameplay)

by Ali-A • 1,796,326 views

• NEW Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES trailer: • BLACK OPS 2 gameplay! • MULTIPLAYER gameplay!

Nuketown, Array and fringing range.
I didn't pre-Order it but I got it the second day it came out :L
I got it like 2 weeks ago and it has nuketown in it!!!!!
I have the season pass for black ops 2
he has 4 bombs i have 1 flashbang and 1 combat axe
GDI JOB Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Bastards took off nuketown 2025 wast of money and the only reason why I got black ops 2 was for nuketown 2025
plz can somebody send me a nuketown 2025 code for xbox my xbox name is killshot josh
i know i saw that is there a way to get it back
Black Ops 1 and 2 best games i have ever played and Nuketown is the best map ever :)
gamestores are ripping people off i Went to walmart and bought it with no pre order and got the code
Even though it already came out,they should make launch 2025 style
PLAY MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nuketown 24/7 is gone for the moment but will be back at special events like DLC, double xp etc. But there are a Chaos moshpit gamemode that includes nuketown.
jungle is one of the biges and bestest maps in call of duty black ops1
HOW LONG DO WE KEEP THIS? till monday??
I would like jungle as because it is the biggest map I think!!!
sorry for bad english Where were you when Nuketown was removed? -was at home -in kitchen -fone rings -Nuketown is gone "no"
I own a gold fish, he lives in the bathroom and watches me take a shit.
hey guys I upload minecraft, skyrim, and call of duty come check it out if you get a chance
It's just like a normal map, you'll have to wait and vote on it like any other map
I pre ordered it but didn't get nuketown can someone answer why
matriox or ali a when does it come out for season pass plz reply
I havent got THE code is it possible to use a second time from a friend? Any suggestions?
How much does nuketown 2025 for ps3
black ops 2 is so much better than black ops 1
I'm so pissed how they Created all this hype about NukeTown returning, and made millions preorder the game because of that... And than 4 days after release. They take it down. Nice Move Treyarch.
why they say pre-order it to get the map even though it came with mine and everyone else?
Can I buy the nuke town map on ps3 store?
they need to make nuketown free!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
plz go to my youtube chanel. ps is videos of bo1
Hey there Ali-a... I wonder if you can try to play the call of duty world at war it Wood be very funny.... ☺
When u buy the game nuketown 2025 comes with it dont read this its a spoiler
The funny thing is in my town that even if you dont pre order the game you still get the nuketown zombies and 2025 nuktown map
lol sak toto neni nuketown 2025 toto je call of duty black ops 1 sa spamatajte kkti
I did too.. and guess what? Treyarch took Nuketown out of Black Ops 2
Lol Could I get a free Virus On the side? Oh, Oh! and some Ketchup!
i would like to see summit in bo 2
i got black ops II late i still have nuketown 2025 by downloading
omg old nuketown :d :d: :d:d:d:d:d::d
how to u get past the adverts cant do that part annoying
Does anybody else like videos before they watch them?
I got the code and downloaded ho do i play on it
I just realized no one knows about tacitus and no one cares about it anymore
Any extra nuketown 2025 codes 20$
My poster says 11 13 12 when his video thing says 13 11 12
Have the bonus maps option that came with the season pass now been mixed into 'core' because the option is no longer there after I click 'find game'???? is it due to the upcoming map-pack???
Giving away nuketown2025 zombies and multiplayer map when I hit 100 subs!
Hey guys we're a new youtube channel and it would be great to have some support :) We only have 1 video up so far and it's not the best quality but well soon have a capture card and more clips so if you could help us out that would be great :D If you subscribe to us we'll sub back thanks :)
How We PRE-ORDER Everyone To Got NUKETOWN 2025 And We Playing For One Week And DELETE LoL
Hey Ali-a I got a question I got nuketown 2025 downloaded it and installed but I can't seem to be able to play it on multiplayer
dude black ops 1 hasn't even come out yet....
Do you have to have online to get xp on black ops 2 or can someone tell me how to enable it or something im confused?
Does anybody have a code? here plzz send me one or 2 on my email FOR PS3 !!! plzz
They just announced that it will be back in time for X-mas as Special Limited Edition DLC. only $20.25 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
And now it's gone. Freaking waste of money...
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