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Siri: The Horror Movie

by Rooster Teeth • 5,662,622 views

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I guess you could say she's.... a siri-al killer.
The only real horror in this video is that the camera angle in Barbara's shower scene was too high ;)
what would you have seen lol she was probally wearing something 
reminds me so much of nfs most wanted
It is Joel's and it has the Competition Package.
I think my favourite part is fucking Nathan hahaha
So in the first month of her job, the new girl from Canada is in a short where she is seen as naked...? I mean, I would too if I had a new job at RT, but damn...
The same happened with Blaine, Not too long after he was hired full-time, he was naked in a short, I think its a tradition
0:56 why cant they just tilt the Camera down a Little and everyone would be happy
In this trailer Michael reminds me of that guy with the glasses in Chain Letter..
omg Barbara has actually been naked before ughhhhh 
+Ronan RiemanJohns I guess we have similar tastes! (Rooster Teeth, Game Grumps, The Killers)
Samsung: Come with me if you want to live! XD
The Ghost of Steve Jobs are in these phones.
+PlatiniumSmart Do you buy the new iphone every year.
I have now seen barbara naked, O.O spontaneously explodes in epicness.
+Tim Bulut I think i found a feminist. 
I should let you know that she was wearing a boob tube, she wasn't actually naked.
Rooster teeth make yhis a movie after lazer team is done
and now i wish this movie is a thing
Not enough blood and war around the world, so that you guys make jokes about that?
If you search for this on Google the still it shows you is Barb in the shower.  Google is a dirty dirty boy. 
... Oh God! I will never trust anymore in iphone D: was amazing ·u·
Join us if you want to experience true horror.
Careful to all iPhone owners !! 
Lol does anyone have a knife? Siri "There's an app for that"
Sounds like one Siri-ous movie. I can't but app-lause at this trailer... XD
Not gonna lie, I would absolutely watch this if they made it. Regardless of how awful it could turn out.
I know right where's gavin xD
Honestly if you make Michael (the one who gave them the phones) the killer and not the phones this would be a good movie. Like Michael could spy on them through the phones mic and camera. The knife part could also be done but the knife would come out through the bottom of the iphone then Michael comes in and pushes the phone inside of the other guy.
I would pay high money yo see this.
How to get rid of Being scared about Siri? Easy shit, go on settings disable Siri. Your life is saved.
I like how everyone click the video because of barbara, and any fan or man otherwise is a fucking liar
+Satoshi Mochida I won't. Just don't go throwing me the spinning beachball of death.
Android already had their scary movie. I robot
I just thought the boondocks episode, I dream of Siri. Hahaha
Okay but the most horrifying part of watching this video is that I had my iphone directly next to my laptop and when they started asking Siri what the meaning of life was it some how activated my Siri and oh my god I had a heart attack.
There´s actually a Dutch movie with kind of a similar plot... It´s called App :)
I would pay to see that.
Like this comment if you would go see this movie
Everything I mean EVERYTHING you say to Siri is sent straight to the Apple Headquarters, analysed and stored. My fun with Siri has ended.
So the link does not work so  does anyone know what the ending song was?
Probably too late but it's called "Can't Trust Anybody Now" by Jeff Williams
wherever there's an iphone involved, there's always a pathetic fandroid lurking, ha get a life. it's a friggin parody.
We Rock Your Web Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Apple's Siri becomes a "Siri-al" killer. #Siri
Michael Jones is playing the role of shia lebouf when he is at the carnival, fair. That is what it made me think of when it popped up.
It would be cooler if this was an actual movie
I would watch the heck outta this
I'm watching this on an iPhone
This might be the dumbest video I've ever seen and I love it
The OG Five Nights at Freddy's.
Lmfao, this is a perfect trailer for an Iphone horror movie.
Trent Smith Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
It's funny how no one has talked about how Barbra is Jewish
HAL must be really pissed off 
Its fun to read all the comments about barb being naked
Fake. Micheal is to nice in this video.
Check out my iphone horror film!
Scariest part was the portrait orientation video
This is the reason I love my track phone
I'm i the only one that wants this to be a real movie?
The Real horror movie is the vertical filming.
Michael running from the car hahahaha
Galaxy has a hand in this!
Michael: "I think its dead..." Barbara: "you killed it?" Michael: "no.... forgot to plug it in last night..." LMFAO love these guys XD
LaGaspa McDougle Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
What's the song name at the end?
Hahhahahahahh the knife is a phone is the funniest horror movie XD Iike it
I'd pay so much money to be the person that holds up the phone behind Barbra in the shower just to see her naked
this was really cool! very well made. i liked it 
I actually wouldn't mind seeing a movie with a killer siri
All ready better than twilight.
That's really just messed up
Does this video mean someone in RT has seen Barbara's tits?
im sure she had a bra or bathing suite on, strapless of course 
I would pay hundreds of bucks to see this movie :3
fuck, now im afraid to use siri
Now do one with google speak vs siri
barbara is totally hot
Kham Kham Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
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Eduardo Alevi Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Who was lucky enough to film Barbara in the shower?
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