Cat Adopts Puppy

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Just to prove that cats and dogs can be friends, a cat in England has adopted a puppy! Why don't you come and join Uzoo on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our videos and other animal...

The puppy is the same size as that cat and all cats just look like they are saying o my god please get this thing off of me
Man... I'm loving the fur color on that Sharpei.
It's a sharpei isn't it??
What's the name of the song
Its a pit bull I think yup
Looks more like a pug breed..
my MALE pug kinda adopted my female cat when she was a kitten, she just thought he was her mom and now she's more dog-like than cat-like XD
If you are any thing like me, you were supposed to have done it (much) earlier.
@Gokuthe1 Ever wonder why the hell people are so shocked by "you're adopted"?
That is one ugly mother fucker dog.
@batcountryrabid Puppy teeth certainly hurt less than kitten teeth or claws. Those little fuckers love to bite and scratch when they're babies. I don't know how the mother handles it.
the puppy looks like a straight up pokemon haha :D
How can you dislike this sweet video? Honestly!
That puppys coloration is beautiful. I bet he cost a pretty penny.
awww, the kitty and the puppy look so cute together :3
Awww. So cute. My own dog, an aging bassethound, loves kittens for some reason.
The puppy's teefing/teething(forgot what word was)
This reminds me of the 5'2 mom with the 6'5 260 lb son.
my cats adopted my dog too.. who grew to become really big. She thought she was a cat, until one day she jumped down a wall, luckily she did not get hurt too much!
@thehamsterlove1 that's not a chow chow. Chow Chows are fluffy and don't have baggy skin.
That's awesome. I'm really surprised the cat is so tolerant.
@batcountryrabid i think the cat is just too lazy to care
Such a title is a sure way to have LOTS of views, hehe. And so it should be, it's great to see how big a part of people's interest is in cuddly, wonderful animals!:)
the puppy is doing NOM NOM NOM NOM
I hope the puppy doesn't keep chewing on the cat like that when he grows up; he might just be playing but I could definitely see him accidentally hurting his adopted mommy.
@PHILLYHEAT215 thought the exact same thing *nods head*
it's 3:15 in the morning and i am supposed to be doing homework
the song makes the video seem funny!
@batcountryrabid ive seen a baby tiger do that to a mother dog lol
Stop calling the precious little thing ugly. I's a baby gosh darnit! >_>
new book: The Ugly Puppy (based off of the ugly duckling)
@MyNameIsSteveYesitis Well we all need a little break sometimes ;) (We are a good influence sometimes honest)
Probably I am going to be hated on for saying this, but this dog race seems so incredibly disfigured ... such a pity that humans can't leave nature be.
@GaladedridDamodred he's a shar pei. They all look like that.
shar peis are some of the cutest pups!
sharypay should adopt a shar pei puppy -,-
Not really, more like cat puts up with stupid new dogs shenanigans! For now!
cool I'm tiarnan...is that a german name?
This is some "Get Fuzzy" comic strip stuff. The cat tolerates the dog because he believes he's superior.
Hey, I know cats, and that cat is NOT a happy camper XD
Ugliest puppy EVER, but very cute video!
Praps more "Cat tolerates puppy begrudgingly" but still cuuute
That dog is trying to EAT the cat!!!!!
Thats one REALLY tolerant cat to allow being bitten by those sharp little puppy teeth
@GaladedridDamodred it's so ugly that it's actually kind of cute
Nothing better than watching videos like this, when you're in a bad mood :b Really, this just saved my entire evening :)
@XOXDZYIZYXOX please, dont stop there, what happens in chapter 2 of your amazing life story?!!
@xtoxictear i thought the same thing, that it's a sharpei. it looks exactly like one, but the colors are strange
@ImTheAsianChick13 no i mean have you read the ugly duckling? He wasn't a duckling he was a swan; raised by ducks. This puppy was raised by cat like the ugly duckling (who was really a swan) was raised by a duck. That's the joke the puppy's cute i wasn't making fun of the dog. God you really didn't get that? That's pretty sad!!! idiot.......
@TheDevilsMouth i think shar pei (can not spell today x_x)
@MyNameIsSteveYesitis Everyone slacks off once in a while ;)
My dog does that to my cat, gets all nibly and stuff, but shes a lot bigger than my cat, shes a german shepherd, but my cat actually likes it. They cuddle when she starts nibling him. Its a bit odd....
it's not gonna be a good dog whan it's grown up, it's gonna be a bad cat!
@bellaxedward132 i get what you mean :3 your making a connection to the ugly duckling to the puppy :3
Aah!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!
wow two of the worlds most mortal enymies or actualy a family?! now ive seen it all.
OMG that cat looks exactly like my grandpa's cat. I mean excactly. now i feel weird :D he has exactly the same fur color, eye color, the same face, he even acts the same way.. i just found a clone to him :D
@Charliem1994 no man i wasn't - wheres chapter 2? and, did the dog not just fall in by accident....?
I don't believe the title of this is correct. that dog is way too fucking big for the cat and the dog was trying to eat the cat. not really a correct title
@EdgarRossetti thats funny but mean but also funny :D
yeah, but you can still sort of see the look on the cats face like "Oh lord, ugliest kitten in the world"
puppy: hi mom!!! :D cat: hi son puppy: why dont i look like you guys? cat: your adopted... puppy: D:
That puppy needs a botox injection :P lol
Of course they can be friends, haven't you seen Milo & Otis?
@naomiwright27 Sharpae. I think that is how its spelled :) LOL
can i know the song to this? :D makes me happy
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