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New Audi RS4, Old Audi RS4s, New RS4 v C63. Phew. - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

by /DRIVE • 1,432,712 views

We drive the new Audi RS4, try the original B5, the amazing B7 and then match the latest version against the 6.2 litre Mercedes C63.

Sadly, Mercedes never knew how to make a good looking estate car... Neither does BMW...
The front end looks great and the back looks cool on the AMG.  Just the roof line is not as nice as the Audis.
+666demonknight666 i dont like the bottom of the Audi.
This is the only guy which I'm not frustrated with, watching the steering wheel on the right side. Damn, he does his job really well.    
CH could drift anything , even a tractor 
The Mercedes, no doubt
100% and that sound.
The 2L difference is what I am seeing. How are they to be on the same plate? The MB better have more Torque and HP.
The new c-series sedan has just been launched. So we could expect a new c-series estate for 2015
*C-Class. And it's already launched.
I don't know why everyone s so obsessed with autos, autos are boring, manual is what makes driving fun.
+Tony Mihovilovich Yes but you don't need to fast shift unless you're on the track, these aren't track cars... My dad does 140+ miles a day to work and he drives a manual, he gets stuck in traffic and says it's no problem.
did he say that the b5 RS4 motor is bullet proof? I recall those things needing vavle cover gasket's every time they see a shop, they leak oil like a sieve. 
Bulletproof in terms of power potential. 
Apparently we're not getting the RS4 in Canada as of 2008 and there are no estate versions of any Audi except for the A4 AllRoad. :/ Seems really odd to me. I really want a luxury sports car and right now I have a stage 2 Subaru 2013 WRX STI sedan. The boy racer tuner look is wearing off on me as I get closer to 30.. and being single, tuner cars attract more guy buddies and reppel girls to a point. Hehehe ********Any suggestions, people of /DRIVE? :)********** My car depreciates slowly and it insanely fun to drive even at normal speeds so I have time to switch. It has to have AWD though.. long winters up North where I am. All suggestions will be researched.
For me it's the B5 RS4. Squat muscular looks with all the torque you need to drive very fast without having to wring the neck of the car which on most roads is is not very practical or safe to do. That said the Merc C63 looks stunning as well but has the slight edge in terms of classyness. But living in the UK where it rains 'all' the time I think it would be difficult to find opportunities to use its tremendous power without spinning off in a tree. Audi RS4 B5. An iconic depreciation proof practical supercar.
C63 sound wins! The best V8 out there! Fuel consumption may be a bit dramatic though :D
I remember watching a video about a car crash fail that happened on the same road as 7:30 I think it was a BMW haha
hatchbacks are ugly vehicles...
Hatchbacks have three pillars, estates have four. Don't comment next time, it makes you look dumb =/ 
Btw nice Rolex...
Apart from admiring how Chris drives all cars with so much professionalism, I also appreciate how he is knowledgeable about tuning these cars and is not so out of touch with reality like the Top Gear lot...
A video with full of Audi, then the C63 comes for a few minutes and eat Audi for breakfast.
It was the rs2 that started it all !!!
4.2 b7 for me, if only these cars weren't so expensive to run! The annual tax for uk is £500 and increasing by the year, so buy one now f*** it lol
Great review, love your presenting style.  Brits do the best car reviews imo
Great review on some great Audi's
Get a Audi S4 and chip tune it, end of story.
I'm looking forward to getting a B7 RS4 in the coming years. It's just so.. perfect. And I'm saying that as a BMW fanatic.
mercs are made for burnouts..End of the review!
Chris please please give up trying to talk about cars. Useless.
Does supercharged count as naturally aspirated!?!?
i want a audi 4.2 quattro rs4.what a monster.i heard those once.v8 with exhuast.omg
Probably already been asked, Why does he use the Wipers manually ?
What a stupid comparence.... A 6.3 liter vs a 4.2 liter.... What whas expected then? Did anyone ever had the idea that Audi just wants to make a fast, good looking, safe and perfectly handling car? They keep on comparing it with an M5 and an C63 AMG but its a smaller engine...
Displacement has nothing to do with power output when talking about high performance engines.
What you're saying is that review three audi s and the winner is the C63 AMG... soo typical nowadays these people review cars.
@2:54 and again @ 16:00 There you see Audi's problem with the entire engine in front of the front axle. Like a revers 911 that induces all that understeer which only increases with AWD and pushes the car straight in corners. That same design is found in all new Audi cars (not R8). No amount of torque vectoring or electronics will get rid of that entirely. They have great acceleration and go crazy fast in straight line but no drivers car. They have realized they can't fix it unless they move the engine back which they have started. It will take some time as they need to change their chassis design.
+SIMcityplayer2002 If it's set up right then yes. But all Audi cars (not R8) has most of the engine in front of the front axle. That is Audi's biggest problem. Even with AWD, torque vectoring and electronics they still suffer from it. They have got much better in recent years but it's not the best design. Think of it as a reverse 911.
Yes, that is true. But I meant that part of the reason they have a front bias with Audis is because of AWD. With only FWD they still have it because they wouldn't change the entire car to add Quattro. And that also gives you more space inside, even though the A4/S4 and RS4 don't have that much room in the back. But yes, that is a main problem.
Vincent McDonald Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:corvette
Forward to 12mins 50secs onward for the best car. Its a matter of taste. If you want silly toys, suspension settings to confuse a rocket scientist,  and silly gadgets, join the other aggressive testosterone fueled muppets that sit on your rear bumper (assuming they keep up) get the S4. If you prefer a proper driver's car that powers from the rear wheels and does everything without having to shout about it (apart from the sonet from the exhausts) then it has to be the C63. See the 507 edition for more kick!
Mercedes supporter. RS4 is less shouting about it and j quicker in the real world. 507 is just a tuned C63 anybody can do it.Also, AWD is also a driver's choose. Say to avoid FWD.
And 507 is just a tuned AMG.
The Best Or Nothing
It's a fact that ...the REAL! RS-Story ends in 2001 with the b5. No LaunchControl,no Automatic,no naturally aspirated,no Sedan, no convertible or any other shit!! Audi sell his soul since these years!
There was such thing as a B5 RS4 saloon. Just type it up on Google. Also, I meant no n/a is a bad thing (in some ways) because you have turbos.
c63 is ugly in the back.. or boring I should say
An AMG C63 Coupe selling in Malaysia at RM781,888 (US$241,472.51). plus yearly ROAD TAX at RM16,980 (US$5,243.98) due to the engine displacement of 6.3L. plus compulsory insurance of RM23,456.64 (US$7,244.18) yearly.  anyone?
Thats why i live in germany where u pay 500€ per month and 40.000€ once Fuck ur malaysia
i have an audi RS4 600HP
b5 RS4 is soooo much cooler than the others...  I really love it. 
When does Chris drive a rs7 ...
penelope pecks partied out poo ploppers
Is he driving the same car as me!?  I used to drive a "fast diesel" (a chipped 3.0TDI A4) and I know for a fact that it's nowhere NEAR as quick as my B8 RS4.  I had an S4 after the diesel and that was fast.  The RS4 is BIBLICALLY quick....  And you really don't have to be up it the whole time.  It's fast period.  If you boot it it's kick you in the back fast...  Personally I love the dynamic steering.  It makes it much easier to get around in tight spaces.  And I find the suspension just fine, although I would agree that the dynamic suspension is VERY stiff!  
when it comes to amgs mercedes just dystroys any other luxury car out there
Tbh most of it was his opinion either car is good and it didn't destroy nothing. They are different cars for different people.
These are the type of videos that just makes him look stupid. I haven't heard one reviewer until now that doesn't like to be able to control all the settings in a car.
+Alfred Booth It was at one point, they even tried it in the new series. Sadly the majority of people just want to see non stop messing around. I find Top Gear amusing but it's starting to get a bit old to me, sadly. I wish they'd get Tiff back and have him be the Stig and give proper reviews of how a car drives. Not the usual "it's American, it is crap", "it's german it's boring" "This English car that broke down 8 times on the track is the best thing in the world" yawn.
+AudiDriven13 I think his point was just that he couldn't find a setting that worked well every time, he had to constantly change something to get it right. That may vary in everyday usage, as you're not pushing the car as much, but I think the car just didn't have a nice balance between performance and comfort.
It's like watching national geographic but about cars.
The newer MMI is easier to use than this car.  Just saying.
He's wearing a tire slayer shirt I knew he was a secret hoonigan 
Since when did all the unwanted negativity wash into the comments section nearly two years after the video is made? Beyond me...
You're surprised that it burns gas???... And you're the car experts, smh. You just mentioned it was a V8. Your descriptions upon the two vehicles is not accurate nor credible. B5 is effortless, but the B7 is better, due to...? So much nostalgia going on about the B5...I don't like the comparisons, or the review made by you....With All Do Disrespect.
13:40 - start of a huge smile on my face 
Do one of these style video's for the BMW M5!
I want a B5 S4 so bad had to take a a4 2.0t Quattro instead. I swear I missed out on all the good cars
Audi is just next to VW. They never catch up with Mercedes and BMW. This is what I think about Audi.
My uncle took me in his rs4 yesterday, how fast it pulls of the line! And the sound omds
What is chris driving in real life ???
This Indian dude is a diabolical audi hater.
yeah, and that's why he owns a B8 S4, quite logical..
Mercedes wins again :D The best car in the World, from day 1, 10000000 years ago
+saine414 and the Merc has sideways! sliding around all over the place
Why did Audi use that great but old 4.2 v8 an not the smaller lighter more efficient and powerful 4.0 twin turbo ? I think they had a sh1t load of them sitting round an thought let's see how many mugs will buy one after the success of the last rs 4 , I bet with the new m3 an the next c class amg arriving the rs4 will get a revamp with the new engine! Here's hoping anyway
What fucking Indian dude :/
Audi is all weather car it is built for the road
I would love an m3 wagon.
They were going to make an e46 one, the pictures were amazing.
@7:25 to 7:48 he is spot on about Tq!
That C63 sliding around the corners with its ass in the other lane, is a negative for me. 
+johnny rex wow, what an unintelligent comment.. Yes ofc the Traction control was turned off when he did that slide, otherwise the car wouldn't have spun the wheels.. Only Americans build cars with Traction control systems that can't hold the power back :)
Called driftinh which chri wnated
Digging this one up from last year...3 estate shootout
yah he's good and his driving is so-so ;) hahah +Lee Liu 
I love Chris Harris videos lol. The RS4 is definitely more practical with the AWD, but the C63 is an animal!
chris, there is a huge pube on your chin at 12:45
"...the optional dynamic steering is pants"
Have U ever driven the old R5 engine? Just the sound and the totally different feeling of this motor is worth every penny of it. The Rs3 is a bit small for anything else but a city car or for very small persons family car. For fun - it is a bit on the heavy side. With some prepwork it can be a monster of a car and this R5 engine is not only capable but tunable and it lasts! They do need a lot of attention though. And it costs like hell.
he always explain why he don't likes certain things, but mostly he's the only person who thinks that why. The MMI in the Audis are fantastic, especially as a family you will learn to love the election between sporty and comfort. His statements are contradictory the whole time. Both are great cars. But Chris is a dick.
the audi is much more beautiful that the mercedes which looks like has a van.this car is bland its engine is extraordinary but why in this car?
And before you start crying it's an RS4, not an RS5: the RS4 was built at the same time as the M3, has the same weight and power so all these things are taken out of the equasion. It just comes down to chassis, suspension & balance. I.e. the real driver's car will come out on top. So I'd say enjoy the understeer when you're watching the Audi.. Enjoy!
Manually operating the wipers... I used to do the same thing in my A4
I've had a B7 RS4 for the last 6 years and I'm never selling mine, it's just the most complete vehicle I've ever owned.
think he's right about the options cost , whilst touring around for a new car ( ended up with an xkr-s) saw a c63 touring , but a lowish spec one with a bad paint option ( red , non metaliic) and tbh it looked shit. it looked cheap and you could barley tell it was an amg model , you really have to spec these things for them to look any good
Yeah. I'd be inclined to say the same thing...BUT...That is pretty expensive in the UK. A 505HP, 7L , Fire breathing, mag ride equipped Camaro is an incredible deal when it's 10k less than even the slowest AMG car, and $30-50k less than one that will match up with it. But if it was $100k, which is about how much one would cost in the UK in USD...Yeah...Is it a deal anymore? No. Would I, or any respectable guy with more than 3 brain cells buy a $100k+ Camaro over a UK market GT-R or 911? Nope.
The Audi RS4 has never been my first choice new, but secondhand with a few modifications: its hands down what I would go with for the money
audi shits on all of them, the led lights alone on every car
no automatic windscreen wipers?
Would love love love to have a C63 Estate or as we call then a wagon. Bad ass redefined!!
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