Trials Evolution: Roller Coaster Easter Egg

by Rooster Teeth • 339,975 views

Ray and Geoff show you where to find an Easter Egg on the Roller Coaster Map in Trials Evolution. As a bonus, they also draw a map to Geoff's house.

wow, Ray's first video, here from his Tower of Pimps Birthday video
wow, so i made this comment a few days into the new year, and throughout the whole year i keep getting reminded of this comment with all the 'likes' Thanks everyone
Rays first video he started bottom now he is here just blaze
rays first vid, im here from his live stream on twitch hahah
The map is actually of Lake Toba in Indonesia.
If you do that, just for attention. You should kill yourself
Great video for a first good guy ray always on top
you cant be. rays brown, your yellow your a kid, because your a kid you like to lie and it somewhat works at first but then you take it too far because you dont know when to stop... or spell. gavin is from the UK, your from north korea or some shit.
one dose not just bail off bike at tremendous speeds into mordor
stop crying over ads and get chrome adblocker
Who else saw this vid because of rays channel
This is Ray's first video as an official AH member.
I done this before and was thinking "What the fuck?" O.O
Ray is so gonna get his Skorpion Gold. he was doing great in the Prophecy vidya
addblock+ son. Get firefox, never see another ad again.
he was making videos for roosterteeth before in 2011. But i think he meant that this was his first video while actually working at the roosterteeth office.
So apparently this is Rays first official AH video :P
What was the map? Besides Austin..
get adblock, it literally takes less than 10 seconds and you will never have to look at an ad again
Rays video "Happy Birthday Tower of Pimps!" brought me here
haha! excellently dealt with my friend. Why were you even hated on anyway?
And thus an achievement hunter was born...
congrats on a great first video
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can you do trials fails of the week
'I have to make a right at the first turtle'. Oh, ray, gotta love legends bring born
@SnowCream151 Fuck you for being pointless and popular.
the map sorta looked like the map from golden axe?
Future Ray sent me to fulfill the prophecy, kinda like terminator but with less robots and more brownman
This somehow led to him being stuck in a cage.
"So i have to take a right at the first turtle"
The first time I watched this, I watched it like Ray has worked there for years and didn't even notice that he was new.
Ray started working on my birthday!!
I got top comment and now everyone is sending replys saying "THIS IS" and it's annoying. If you want top comment do something origional you fucking retards. Sorry if I misspelled anything. I am kinda new to english.
Do I take a left at the bird? Or did I go too far?...
Before he was just a little brown man :)
shhhhhhhhhhh its ok... be calm young man ... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
B1GnBr0wn or Ray or BrownMan brought me here
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