"My YouTube!" at St. Lawrence Arts, Friday August 12th at 7pm

by Jeremiah McDonald • 37,801 views

http://www.stlawrencearts.org/ St. Lawrence Arts, Friday August 12th at 7pm. Tickets $5. I realize most of you won't be able to make it, so hopefully you'll at least enjoy this updated version of...

@Toemta To be fair, the actual narrative is...I made one video that got really popular back when I was hungry, anxious and working at a job I hated. YouTube proceeded to lose all its fun and became unbearable, then I was rejuvenated by a theater company that hired me to make videos people didn't like as much. I'm nearing a crossroads where my future is uncertain, and I'm trying to make local people aware that I exist. I know, it's frustrating for everybody. What can you do?
Nice work, Jeremiahs. But I don't see your event listed on the St. Lawrence's website yet...
Well that was amusing, interesting, and I really enjoyed the concept. Good work 12 year old Jeremiah.
Wish I could go. If you do anything in the UK let us know!
Hey Jeremiah! It's me, your alternate 14- year old self. Wazzup?
ahhh that makes sense i saw in another video you're also a fan of joy division clever and good taste in music <3
It is amazing you posted this last year almost exactly 1 year ago and it didn't go viral as it did now. Yes, the added jokes and great editing you added on def played a role in the millions of views but I am a strong believer that God also played a large role on "timing" Sorry if I offend anyone who doesn't believe.
Is that really a video of you from when you were 12? You actually waited 19 years to film the rest of this video? That's brilliant!
I love how the 10 Year Old you just pops in on the end.
You are brillant! 1:01 is sooo funny!!
Pretty much everything.....is DEAD. :D:D
He did. Check his channel 4 it. It has over a million views
*braces self for all the "Thats not really you", Comments*
That's what I call planning ahead...
Oh I wish I could make it. But I live too far away. Sorry honey.
I did the same thing when testing audio! But it was only about a minute later when I watched it.
Ha how do you undo accidentally voting something down :(
@PerhapsPossibly I wasn't thinking that far ahead when I was 12. Just long enough so that there would be a noticeable difference, as there was when I hit puberty not too long after.
wibbly wobbly timey whimey... stuff
Hahahaha ''Hi! I wasn't talking to you!!!'' you of the past is mental... needs therapy. Or a hug. Want a hug? :)
iMovie HD? nice. that is what i use
"why can't I leave myself the fuck alone?" I laughed so hard XD so creative :)
Just goes to show... if at first you don't succeed, keep posting revisions of your older work!
There's a slightly noticeable improvement in acting ability.
Great videos man, really innovative and clever, keep up the good work! :)
First comment since one month ago
Its the same video as the one thats made you well known, still a good concept all the same and I hope you get do get mainstream recognition.
I think if you redid this it could go viral. Just saying.
As a Scot, I love the swearing at the end!....and the song at the end for its double-entendre!
@kickasslibrarian I posted this a bit early. Should be there by Monday.
@weepingprophet I couldn't help myself. Haha!! Can't wait to see it
I realize I'm asking a lot, as you're under no obligation to us and we're able to enjoy these videos free of charge. With that being said, if you found the time to caption this, I have friends and family in the deaf community that would find it as hilarious as I did.
I for one, and I'm not knocking down your beliefs, think that it is the change of title which led to the views.
This is cool, interesting how this vid got no attention last year, but your new one gets like 3 millions views in 2 days
2000 views... Add a little editing, release it now, and you got a hit with over a million views in 24 hours. Brilliant
the other video is better this one seems half assed
Oh I'm Sorry I got the Herp derp thing on, Ok here it goeoh shit.
And I thought I was the only one that talks to myself.
"Everyone will hate you because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved." Mark 13:13
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