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Crazy - Original Acoustic Song by Emily Bt - guitarrx3girl

by guitarrx3girl • 84,103 views

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You guys are awesome!
how do i sing like you guys???
I think that you have a winner because your wonderful performance is just as beautiful as ever
Joyous and rewarding New Year to two very lovely & talent artist who brings joy to many all year round
Love your voices, especially together! Beautiful guitar too!
I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! Especially, the gal on the Right with that guitar who wears that cool white hat. OOOOOH I Love Blondes!!! O.M.G. I'm doing it again, sorry, My Bad = )
god I wish I had someone to harmonize with!!! but alas I am on my own!! Nice job Again!!!!
awsome and 1 more thing awsome
Nice work Ladies! Green screen on Ebay... Cheap Sheet of it behind you and we can see you on the Moon! :)
Olá, amiga! muito bom seu video parabens. Forte abraço e que Deus abençoê. Att.................Juvenil.
Great Positive Vibes. Aloha from Southern Oregon. Sonny K.
You two are awesome. Love the song!
The harmony between you two are amazeing you both are great at what you do keep it up love to hear from y'all!!!!
Great song, very good sound of the guitar and beautiful voice
Your guitar playing complements your voices really well. The harmonics of your voices are just amazing. One of the best originals I've heard in a long time. Catchy tune which is one of the best ways to get really famous. Awesome job ladies, you're an inspiration to all aspiring song writers out there, that's for sure \m/
Ver nice harmony and you make me feel warm ! Love you singin'... Pls keep it up, thank you !
No, no, no, I still love you emily ;)
I so totally lovvee this song. Sometimes Emily would sing and I' think of Savannah Outen :)
Those harmonies are incredible. Really nice song. In fact, too nice... because now I'm late for uni! BYE! :D Ashwin
great song! but the smiles at the end kinda creeped me out
Damn. you're both really good. thanks for subbing. People with your amount of views and subscribers don't usually subscribe to little starter channels like mine, so I think that's really cool. :)
Still adore this lovely song sung by such lovely young ladies
Amazing....Amazing...Kisses from Brazil-Goiás-Goiânia KLeber Thiago MEsquita
dang. yall sound so good. nice writing :)
this is my favorite song yours do you have a CD thanks Matthew
@xhemix100 Hey, I'm not religious, either. But I DO believe that there is a God, and-believe it or not-but Jesus(God's Son)-LOVES YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. And even though you said that word and only three times, it's still wrong. P.S. Sorry to correct. I get it from my mom(ha ha).
@TheMadRabbi666 Funny. I suppose if that were the case, it still wouldn't be so bad. It's the same progression as "Superman" by Five for Fighting, "With or Without You" by U2, and "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling. It seems this chord progression is a hit maker. Combined with the ladies' beautiful, tight harmonies and ever-improving lyrical content, with the right exposure, it's just a matter of time before lightning strikes again. Keep 'em comin' ladies!
why do they keep grinning at starring at camera lol
how you afford such an expensive guitar! im jealous and i love you both
Very nicely done! Thank you for sharing it with me :)
beautiful song, love both your voices!
Great job, great vocals, and great song writing! =]
really nice song, is there any proper recording ,i'd love to hear that .
I'm so glad there is still talent out there, but it should be more recognized. It's disapointing that talent almost means nothing now-a-days. Great song, very cathy, and great harmonies. Don't stop
wow you both keep singing this good you are goring to be superstars some day
@xhemix100 first off imma girl and u shut ur face and PS im not a nerd i dont feel like speeling thigs rite!!!! and grow up?? wow just wow bitch
Nice song great harmonies, love it girls:)C
look forward to hearing ya'll on the radio ;)
Great teen angst song with a very compelling chorus. Rachel's harmonies are wonderful.
Hey if very good i really taste, sing very well, well honed and also played brilliant guita emily and rachel XD
I am really diggin the harmony! Very nice Ladies!
keep up the good work girls pardon me. Ladies.
you work really well together very natural keep up the good work ;)
@spookyfat You're the only one that thinks so. Sorry.
I need more and also for @MrTheweedman88 look up Sunday original acoustic by Emily bt for her new song
I wanna learn this song sooo badly.. What chords did u do?? I can't really tell
Rachel ...please marry me....i can beg if you like.....
This has a great good melody line. The voice leading was written with experience. Harmony is fabulous too.
Excellent!! :) I'll put it up on my FB page. Have a wonderful SEASON!!! Signed, Santa *<;-)
nossa fico ate sem palavras nessa canção voçês são dimais...é dificio de falar ...voçes são o maximo !!!
Great song ! I like the lyrics and nice singing from both of you !
aww im jealous!!! u are goood singers and the guys would go CRAZY for you guys!
honestly, good song, good singing, pritty girls, kina struck me as a little fake with the goody goody , tho a lil redneck gangster in that shit n im sold, :)
@spookyfat What??(Just kidding.)Maybe, but at least I know correct spelling when I see it. And you don't-sorry.
Love the song, really great written. But I'm not that crazy 'bout your voices. But keep it up :)
Nice song, guitar is pretty good, absolutely love the song though!
This is beautiful, Emily! I love those high harmonies of the chorus, Rachel is fantastic too! You both have such lovely voices. Of course, you're definitely NOT crazy! :D
@xhemix100 I agree, but you don't have to get all protective and (especially) using all the bad language. "God wants us to be nice to people." We all have our opinions.
You both sing very well! I liked listening to you song!
wow is a beautiful song..i like it...lucky girls
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