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How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake: Assembly

by Epicurious • 1,320,533 views

A wedding cake is one food that always needs to look perfect. Learn how to assemble a classic three-tier wedding cake simply and easily. For tips on frosting your cake, check out our other wedding...

did you put cake boards between the tiers?
I was wondering what kind of scissors were you using to cut the dowels and where can I get a pair? Also, were you using bases under the tiers that you were stacking? Thank you for your feedback.
so is there a card board under each cake? and under the frosting there layered cakes also? and i also wanted to do a cake like this with the foundant frosting is it easier to do or the same? sorry so many qusitions this is going to be my first cake <3
in chinese wedding cake they don't put wood sticks to hold the cake. and what did u use to make the cake u are holding it and the frosting doesn't come off.... O_O its wood hard cake
The dowels are only in the bottom two tiers, which helps to keep the upper tiers from not only squishing the bottom ones, but also to help keep the ones above themselves steadier. The center dowel is the only one that goes through all three tiers, and is usually the stabalizer for the entire cake itself. So, whilst not all of the dowels are holding the cake togeather, on dowel is.
@rowtje12345 If you don't have shorter dowels in each layer, the cakes will crush one another.
@rowtje12345 the small dowels act as support. straight out a cooler that cake is still hard, leave it outside long enough and you need the dowels to keep the cardboard bases from sinking into the layer under it. those cakes aren't exactly light.
Do you have to put rounds under each cake level? if yes, where can you buy them?
Hi, can you a few question? 1.) How do you eat the cake with the dowels? 2.) Where can I get the dowel cutter you are using? 3.) What is the recipe you used? 4.) Do you have layers in each tier, if so how many? 5.) Do you leave the cake board on each cake and then put it on top of the other layer? Please answer me asap. I need to make the cake by the end of this week. Thank you so much!
@rowtje12345 Cake cannot support cake. So all the smaller tiers are actually resting on the dowels, not the cake.
why would you stick a pencil in the cake?? it will get cemicals in it and stuff.. unless its a speical pencil??
I am to cut a cake that has dowels inserted into it? and where do you get such long dowels
This is very helpful. Unfortunately, I know from experience that it is VERY importaint for multi-tiered cakes to have a full support system. When I made my first two tier cake, I placed the top tier directly on top of the bottom tier, which looked fine at first. A half an hour later, there was a giant bubble on the side of the bottom where the cake was starting too expand under pressure. I know better now, and I am making a wedding cake at home soon, so I'm looking for cheap ways to support it.
what kind of icing did you use?
Your icing is stiff (you can handle your cakes without getting icing all over you) How do you get this, where they are easy to handle? How do you get your cakes so smooth? Do you freeze them before you use them?
You don't have to leave the bases in between the tiers if you don't want it. However, in this video it seems like she dose to help with stability, as well as the initial handling and stacking of the tiers. IMO, I would leave the bases there, but the initial decision is yours.
no...the upper cakes with push down & collapse the bottom layer. the dowels support the cardboard plate in between each layer. otherwise without the plate under each layer, the dowels would just push thru the layer above it as it sinks.
do youu need a cardboard plate thing foor each tier ?
well made, informative, and because I am a freak: slightly arousing.
@oldbag699 Banquet workers are trained on how to cut a wedding cake. Every wedding cake I cut had dowels in them for support, you just pull then out prior to cutting each level.
@christalbabyboo00 I believe they are supporting the cardboard under each layer of cake.
@christalbabyboo00 The dowels on each layer DO support the cake. The cake sits on top of each dowel which supports the cardboard base. Without dowels on each tier, the cake will collapse inwards and begin sinking into the cake underneath due to the weight.
@Vompireful hell yea cuz the cardboard is just to heavy LMAO
Does anyone know why they put dowels in a cake??? I don't get it!
the point of the dowels is?....i mean yea i know the big one in the middle is needed but wth is the other ones used for and dont tell me support cuz im sure sticking them in each tear will support the whole cake ?
@christalbabyboo00 r u and the guys who gave thumbs up serious ?..... didnt u have physics in school?
lol when i was in primary school me and my friend used to sharp sticks like this and poke each other with them.... nice tutorial although...!!!
is this buttercream frosting? its so smooth like fondant
@shristy0101 i repeated the video... it does have cardboard base
i find it so cute that u make a heart in between the layers
@rowtje12345 because you dont want the cakes falling in on each other the little sticks help hold them up
When she pushes the big dowel down the middle of all 3 cakes can bits or particles of the cardboard under the middle and top cakes come off and into the cake while shes pushing it through?
I thought the cake was a lie.....
im guessing so the cake can stay together. because she used frosting and not fondant or anythign like that
ok the large stick I understand, but why all the little ones ?
Hi Can you tell me why do you put 4 dowels in the bottom of the cake
Hello, please tell me how to make the icing?
@MsFutureBaker Food safe dowels really? Thats just in culinary school. Regular dowels are just fine and used all over the industry. As long as they are not treated with any chemicals aka weather proof is fine. And by this video she is using them to hold the layers together especially if its a long trip to the event. Perfectly acceptable!
@oldbag699 An even bigger mess would be a collapsed cake. Tiered cakes need those supports to be able to stand straight and be transportable.
Are u talking the site ? If u do, i went on this site, it seems serious. In my case i was talking about the cake and i can tell u this cake is fake. we don't lift a cake as we see in this video.
Whats your icing recipe?very nice cake and smooth.
why do we put wooden dowels in the cake? she never said!
Do cake bases stick to bottom layer? If so how can that be prevented? Thanks for this tutorial it's very helpful
@rowtje12345 to support them, if you put cake on top of cake it can squish the one on the bottom from the weight, this way its all supported ^-^
Dowels bear the weight of the upper cakes. Otherwise it can sink or tip or both. She probably thought we knew that. ;) The center dowel is for "staking" it so when you deliver it doesn't slide off or tip over.
umm .. not trying to be rude but what uf someone EATE the WOOD ??
do you know the game "Portal" ? "the cake is a lie" its a sentence from that game.
i tried this for my aunt's wedding and i forgot the dowles and it went MUSH! and im sad! :'( maybe 12 year old shouldnt make wedding cakes...
Hello! I have a question...whats the middle stick for?...the large one andd for how many people is this cake? thanks
you are very dis respectful she just finished a beautiful artictic piece and all you cna think about is her breasts get a life you did a great job i am now going into making cakes and hopefully soon i will be as good as you
@christalbabyboo00 with a cake even at that hieght/thickness support is needed so it doesn't cave in on itself, other wise it wouldn't be very nice looking
you can use large straws also instead of the wooden dowels, and it's easy to cut with scissors.
doesnt it make a mess of the cake with all those dowels in it
love your video can't wait to actually make the cake, thank you
Why don't you measure the height of the cake before putting that larger (or any) dowling in so you dont have to keep stabbing the cake or finding your holes again?
@BASTEH99 You're an idiot. NO cake is strong enough to support two other cakes on top of it, let alone just one cake. You need those dowels for support, or else the cake will get smashed under its own weight moron.
who needs good looking cake? Just eat it! Nom nom nom
@xXashleyyisawesomeXx it isn't a pencil just a stick that she sharpened :)
@MsFutureBaker you clearly know/knew little or nothing about cake making. try doing some research before criticizing people who know what they're doing :) it's a bit insulting
what kind of cutting implement is she using for the dowels?
@theroadsofar "corrugated round" is what she said. It's just cardboard like the boxes you get from UPS, USPS, etc... except they are clean pieces used for food.
It gives teh cake support so that when teh next tier is put on it won't cruch into the lower tier. You would puc supports in each layer
And by the way, for a butter cream cake, this is pretty neat work! BRAVO!
Each cake has a board beneath to support it. Thats why you need a sharpened dowel.
are these cardboards ( wilton for example ) ? and i can do the last dowel into all tiers ?
how do you eat the cake with the dowels in it or can you not? because i am making a tiered cake but i dont know how you will eat it after the presentation.
@rowtje12345 Without the little dowels, the tiers cannot support the weight of the ones on top of them.
Plain corrugated boards keep the cake from collapsing onto itself from the weight of the smaller tiers. Cake itself is very spongy and soft, and incapable of supporting its own weight. To keep the boards from sticking to the icing sprinkle a layer of shredded coconut onto the icing before placing the smaller tiers onto the larger ones. You can cut your own out of discarded boxes or you can buy them ready-made at craft stores. Wilton products are readily available and are very reliable.
she put in the dowels to help the the cake to not slide off cuz shes usin frosting and it tends to move alot
Am I right in thinking that little shards of cardboard will be pushed into the cakes as each layer is pierced with the final dowel? The only solution I can think if if to pre-cut slightly larger circles in the boards before stacking. Thoughts? :)
@oldbag699 i am a pastry chef and yes, every single one of those cakes you see on television (cake boss, ace of cakes, amazing wedding cakes) and at weddings have wooden dowels inside. they are the support system. The catering halls/banquet facilities or restaurants are aware of them and remove them prior to cutting and serving. they leave small unnoticeable holes. Without the towels, the layers underneath would buckle, crack and break. then you'd really have a mess on your hands.
@farscape46 So the weight from the top tiers doesn't cause the bottom layer to start flattening. Without these the cake may become lopsided or have other problems.
The cake is a lie The cake is a lie The cake is a lie The cake is a lie
@amandamacaulay the chefs usually dont leave anythign beteween the layers
I am a Cake Decorating Amateur and this video was great. Thank you
@rowtje12345 the small dowels are for giving support strength for the tier that goes on top. Otherwise your top tier resting would cave the lower tier in. The center dowel is there for connecting,centering and balancing so the tiers do not slide.
Soo.. They dont really eat the wedding cake, right?
What kind of base do you use under each tier?
Stop talking crap! It's not a foam cake! Even if it was a foam cake for the video, it works just as well with real cakes. This way of stacking is VERY common even with professionals, and the physics of it is indeed supporting. The dowels you get in any construction/ woodwork store (I pour boiling water on them to make them hygenic), the scissors you can use normal garden scissors (garden store) or a small saw/ knife (I did it with a saw). Better not drive in car though - best assemble at party.
@rowtje12345 ~They support the cardboard base of the cake on the tier above. Otherwise your cakes are sitting on cake and will collapse everything.
It is not to support the WHOLE cake. The four dowels in each cake is to support the cake above it. This helps prevent sinkage especially in soft cakes as well as makes cakes being transported much sturdier.
so is there a card board under each cake? and under the frosting there layered cakes also?
Aww I love how the glue buttercream between layers is a heart shape
its an amazing game here a review of it /watch?v=rMQaCF3ZjOw
why so many wood? aren't the first ones enough?
very good strategy but I have a question ... ay people who only get a couple of sticks in the middle but your technique paresio too perfect to me how to measure and I paresio wonderful .... but tell me ay differance between yours and others that just put the sticks in medium hard Reverse the cake ?.... same as yours even better than me parese your friend Kenny other god bye butterfly
now, i wanted to run to the studio at the filming and crush the cake..
@munozangie21 no usually they dont leave anythign between the layers.
You don't need a dowel that thick
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