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LeBron James OWNS Kobe Bryant, literally, this is not fanboy talk, WATCH!

by LEBRONMVPJAMES6 • 580,684 views

I can already see the Kobegeek sitting there at his computer, by the 1:30 mark of this video "awe man this sucks" (thumbs down) (clicks x) (goes to watch his favorite Kobetard worship mix). This...

the only argument could be scoring but its easy to score 30 points a game cause kobe takes like 60 shots a game
I don't think I can imagine all the hate mail you get bruce LOLOLOLOL
lol 6:30 Kobe cant take it no more
You gonna make a vid for the christmas game?
@jaysonshooter Hey Jayson! I recognize you from myP2P. Man you're a legend, you work very hard for those links, god bless!
amazing descripction dude..just brilliant!thank you for this video..
@80s90sRealBasketball lol you can make that 10-5 now haha
don't have to watch.. the description was enough.. I believe someday lebron will go down in the history books as the greatest player that ever played the game. not that I'm discrediting M.J.. but lebron's a different monster
lebron is btter than kobe kobe cheerleaders will say: kobe got those rings and lebron has none i will counter w/ that argument and say. lebron did not have the luxury of walking on a team that had gasol.bynum.odom,fisher,barnes and a in his prime shaq. yet lebron took a team of avg. players 2 the nba finals. kobe cheerleaders will say" kobe still has the record of most active players of scoring those 81 points. i will say that proves my point that kobe is shoot 1st .pass 2nd player
Kobetards are creating accounts that they can use to thumbs down this video
Both players are great but I've thought it's funny that Kobe said he thinks he would win in a one-on-one with Lebron. Lebron is better at post defense, on ball defense, stealing, blocking, taller, stronger, faster (straight line speed), quicker (agility), has more length, better jumper (probably missing a few things)...Kobe has great range and make some crazy shots but he'd have to make tons against Lebron while Lebron just shakes him, watches him fall (like in this video) and then dunks it.
Great vid description. But u have to understand who ur arguin with. Most basketball fans who can view the games with a shred of objectivity can easily tell u Kobe is overrated.The only ppl who think Kobe is the GOAT are LAL fans and kids. Kids just watch the highlights and take everything the media says as fact.These fans are extremely ignorant and hero-worship kobe and ignore all the facts surrounding kobe. Props to u for trying to inform them.
the kobe monkeys have only 1 argument other than the shooting (and right now in 2012, i'm not sure about the shooting either): the rings. kobe can wear rings. oh wow! really now?! tell me how kobe played 1v5 in 2000, 2001, 2002, etc. ...2009 and 2010.
Cue the butt hurt Kobe fanboys..... NOW!
you need to post the Milwaukee game where he made like 6 threes in a row
You gonna make a vid for the heat lakers game on christmas?
My favorite part of the description "Kobe would also have more MVP's if the media didn't hate him, yeah the same media that's all over his nutsack and constantly over rates his legacy, defense, and offensive ability" hahaha. so true
Lastly, this video reminds me of how much more confident LeBron looked playing with the Cavs - specifically on the offense end. I hope he is able to get this back as the year goes on playing with the Heat. Great video Bruce.
HAHAHAHHAHHAAHHAHAHA OOOh man, Bruce, you just k i l l e d it in your video description. I live alone, and I couldn't stop laughing out loud reading it (it has to be really funny if you're all by yourself and you're actually laughing out loud).
@LBJ6Wade3 Also forgot better all around defense
make that 9-5 vs kobe in the reg season
bruce i hope you will post the heats vs lakers on christmas
great vid. im sure all the dislikes are from Bron haters or Kobe fans
and yet all them kobe grupies will denay this :)
"can already see the Kobegeek sitting there at his computer, by the 1:30 mark of this video "awe man this sucks" (thumbs down) (clicks x) (goes to watch his favorite Kobetard worship mix)." XD!!!!!
kobe is not a defensive 1st team caliber defender, he always lets his teammates take his man in the lane after they get past him, rarely gets back on d in a fb and doesnt guard the best player on the other team.
Very true and informative. Kobe is being highly overrated. Kobe is a killer? Kobe is a winner? Kobe does it alone? Kobe kobe kobe kobe? You need kobe to win? When you really break it down...Kobe's team brings him to the promise land..
from 9:34 to the end of the video is really epic, actually the whole video is epic
Great song choice, Not Afraid! Great video too.
lebron james respect is on u.. people keep hating on u..dont mind them all of us as ur fans we know you are more better to kobe.... KING JAMES..forever..... kobe go play with ur team not only on ur ball huggingg ass,..
Fucking awesome video Bruce.. i started LOOL @ 4:05 slow motion replay
this video.and ur description and facts just were amazing.thank you for doing this.
The only thing I'd have to disagree about this video is at the end. We all know what Lebron has to do if he wants to become the unquestioned torchbearer of this league, Michael did it, Larry did it, Magic, Kareem etc.. till' then it is still Kobe imo, great vid though
there's a lot of stuff I didn't know in the contradictions and it's so true! LeBron gets HAMMERED by the media for every tiny mistake. Kobe? not a word. Sexual misconduct? Not a word. Hits a game winner bank shot from three: he's GOAT. James makes a swish on a game winning three: he isn't clutch. no 4th quarter. say what?
Love this video Bruce because people dont give HEAD TO HEAD matchups enough credit. It is usually just ignored .....since most Kobetards can only count to 5. Also, since Kobe has this 'killer instinct' YOU KNOW every time he plays LeBron he is extra amped up and wants to out perform him individually. So since lebron was able to out perform Kobe under these circumstances - it says even more.
looks like lebron is doin it in the 4th quarter
LeBron better scorer, passer, rebounder, leader, more athletic, stronger, more consistent, more efficient, makes better decisions in the end of close games hes just never had Fisher, Gasol, Bynum, Artest, Odom etc to make his look so good. LeBron with the Lakers is a 70 win team. Why is it even an argument anymore? Great vid Bruce
wow look how fast lebron is right here 2:08-2:14
bruce welcome back. cant believe nba keep deleting your accounts. those fucks, you' and prince are youtube basketball.
How can anyone deny that LeBron is better than Kobe. Quite frankly, I don't even think it's close. I mean, what exactly does Kobe do better than LeBron? The only argument that can be made is shooting.
Great video this year will be lebrons ring baby!
Not even Kobe thinks he's better than LeBron. He'd be retarded if he did.
Awesome video, man! You outta make an updated version. LeBron's numbers surly dwarf Kobe's even more at this point. Be sure to include LeBrons respectable 42% percentage in clutch situations up against Kobe's horrid 27%.
lebron is 2012 nba champion mvp and finals mvp kobe got broned
Read the video description, when you see a thumbs down on this video, you know that was one of those guys who saw it.
@Armadylelite Yes, I'm glad people are reading the video description, EVERYONE read the dang description.
I love the video description. I swear, it's like arguing with monkeys. Or bacteria. Or rocks. The sheer level of logical fallacies and contradictions Kobe-tards throw at any opposition to their beliefs is overwhelming.
why are you even comparing lebron and kobe? its a no brainer. kobe is an average player, lebron is much much better.
bruce stupid people will always be stupid.. he has the most expensive teammates, very lucky guy.. kobe is the most overrated player ever, he's great but don't overrate him like he was the GOD of basketball.. Bring kobe to the cavs now and let's see what he can do with players like that, bron took that team to the best regular season for two straight years.. kobe looks good with gasol, odom, artest, bynum and fisher.. but with mo williams, varejao, moon,hickson and gibson?? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!
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