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Shawty wanna ride with Me. (car vlog)

by Nicole Guerriero • 192,800 views

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31,000 subs and now 1million ?? Yessssss girl ! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Still remember watching your videos, and getting my beauty tips from you. Lots of love 💚💚💙
I love your musical selection in the video :P hehe That is literally all that I listen to <3
her hair color???? So pretty is that an ash brown
greaaaat vlog :-) love that you are yourself and not trying to be another
Yu should make a channel for vlogs only
Love you Nicole hope to meet you one day!
Your soo funny. Make more Vlogs!!
Omg I remember when you first uploaded this<3333 love ya girl! :)
Your so adorable u actually have a good humor; )
haha yeah im talking to myself....what it doo..... that is something i would do.. haha I so wish we lived near eachother... we would laugh so hard together. btw im a look arounder too... and i talk to everyone like whaddup. what you lookin at fool.
So cute and funny... Love....
From 30,000 to 1,000,000. Wow! <3
hahahahahah nicole i fucking love you
Hahahahahahahahaha lmfao the way you said you don't know my life!!! hahahahaha
I wanted to watch an older video of you so I scrolled down and you said "all 31,000 of you" in this. Now you have 900,000 more! Seriously what an accomplishment
LMAO giiirl u and I need to hang out  (tampa fl ) .. you make me laugh!!!! hahaha <3
I just subscribed this last February so I'm totally enjoying watching your old videos!!! Ride alongs are awesome!
You made my evening! I love your humor. You made me laugh so much in this video. You have such great personality that really shines through in every video I have seen. Your editing is perfect. Thanks for always sharing.
what sunglasses or who are they made bye .. i love love them
Lol you should do more of these :)
2:15 very funny. Love your personality.
Well, She is Puerto RIcan, not much difference between the two.
i couldnt stop rotflmao when u swa the creep watching u!! :D :D :D
haha! i always love watching this video its so hilarious. youre my fav! would love to see more vlogs or any videos ! we <3 u!
What song is that @ 1:20 the beat sounds so familiar
What kind of car interiors really nice
You should really do more vlogs. This is hilarious!
LMFAO at 2:00 lol! u r so damn funny!!!!
Love all your vids!!! Your Soo pretty!!
I ride a motorcycle and I've been in a motorcycle accident. Just so you know when your head hits the ground it does not feel great. My helmet saved my life and my head :) I totally agree that states that have a 'no helmet law' clearly lost their minds somewhere and if you're not wearing a helmet bc the law says you don't have too, I pray you're never in an accident. Ride hard! But please wear a helmet no one wants to mess up their face or head.
Omg your awesome girl c: Loveeeee your videos♥
love this video, hilarious!
lol... "i see you creeper, I SEE YOU!"
make more videos like this nicole... yew my mane<3
soooo fuckinnnn hilarious OMG!!!! aaahaha hahahaha
i looooove watching ur videoes cause your fucking funny!!! love u!
Ur my sista from anotha mista lol Loved this vlog!!!
You should deff. Do more of these (:
You should do more of these videos , I LOVE THEM :*
Dislike button hahahahahha! Love you!!!
More car vlogs ! I have watched this so many times and it always makes me laugh. You are so fun Nicole :)
what kind of car do you drive ? its looks really niceee and i'm currently car hunting :)
Lmao I seriously laughed out loud...this is dangerous omg u r too much
You're so freakin funny! You should definitely do more of these.
Hahahahahahahaha this video is hilarious
love how she keeps switching hands :/ lol dangerous but i still love her :*******************
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what song she was singing. ?
Lol love your videos they always seem to crack me up....
take over control-afrojack & the one after that is one-swedish house mafia or your name-swedish house mafia.. one is like the instrumental version & your name has vocals
This is so dangerous damn Nicole:)
More vids like this plz! Love it!
Your so awesome! Im a new subscriber and must say can't stop watching! Addicted! Make me laugh so much, reminds me off myself a little! =) Keep doing what you do grly!!=)
What's the name of your shades?
Lol I dare you to do this while driving in New York City !
Ur soo funni It would be really fun to hangout with u :)
U Remind Me Of Jlovesmac1 (famous youtuber)......How U Made This Video..
I would love to ride with you(: lol
WOW!! This made me laugh out loud several times!!! More car vlogs please!!!
you are crazy i love it.....please more I laugh so it!!
I watch this way too many times! Cracks me up!!! 'all 31,000 of you' Baha
Omg this just made my night...p.s. U made my 2 yr old laugh like if she was on laughing gas lol..
all 31,000 of you?? wow thats how long its been since you've done a car vlog!! lol..I absolutely love it and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants more!!! xoxox
omg can we please be best friends? You are precious. Move to cali!
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