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BAYONETTA - Live Action Comercial

by Bayonetta Stuff • 1,199,770 views

SUSCRIBE: - THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! :D CHANNEL : Bayonetta - Live Action Comercial Enjoy and thanks for watching! Platinum Games - Sega - Nintendo - Wii U -...

Bayonetta 2 out now since yesterday (October 24th) on WiiU!!
BAYONETTA!!! Will come to PC!! Be sure about that! 
"Nonstop Climax Action"  nice XD
I am working on a music video to this footage.  Should be pretty boss
This game is so fucking amazing. I played alittle on ps3 but never gave it a chance. Picked it up on wii u since bayonetta 2 comes with bayonetta 1 also and remastered. Holy shit what a great game!! The anime movie is badassss too. For anyone that hasnt seen it its called bayonetta: bloody fate
And yes its in english dub and jap dub.
whats with the song? doesnt fit Bayonetta at all >.<
If you want Bayonetta for PC sign this: - it's very close to its goal.
+S3X14NG3l Bayo 2 sold crappily because the portion of Nintendo's install base that would play a bayonetta game is tiny. But, without that tiny install base existing at all bayo 2 wouldn't have happened at all. And, unfortunately, I think it's pretty certain that there won't be a third due to bayo 2's poor sales and Nintendo's unlikeliness to fund a third installment. 
+S3X14NG3l We'll just have to be satasified with the great game's we've got and on the consoles they're on. 
I can give non stop climax action aswell.
I thought she was white not asian.
It's just a cosplay for the commercial... Bayonetta was originally released in Japan first anyways. ヾ(^∇^)
+Selvokaz Cleopatra was an Alexandrian, basically a Greek. I guess even still, an English-American playing a Greek-Egyptian.
I give up. Where's the live action? Saw like 1 half second of an actress dressed as Bayonetta. Rest was video game stuff.
What is that song called?
MiChi- something missing
Still in love with this commecial, Bayonetta 2 or not.
what is the song name?
MiChi - Something Missing
@FantomOmega lol dude epic comment one of the best ive seen about bayonetta
BAYONETTA SUCKS ASS hahaha i fooloed you people bayonetta dosent suck i love this video game alot i only said tht to get your attention trololololo
@alvisplacebo Except a hotter - and more likeable character - would be Trish. I prefered that one thing about DMC2 because you could play as Trish. One of the best scenes in any DMC despite the graphics is the scene before and after the battle with mundus, when Trish sacrifices herself to save Dante and he leaves his mother's necklace and his father's sword with her - before she comes back.
Damn that lady they used for Bayonetta is beautiful.
japanese game commercials is much better than (game/comic/anime) hollywood adaptation
@alvisplacebo da fuq this bayobitch is one hit from dante dude dont go comparing them its obvous that bayobitch is weak like shit
she's like a walking fetish lol
What I want to know is where they found the perfect model and sexy too? O_O
As a very pragmatic exercise I try to put myself in someone else's shoes... It's hard and you may never really know how it feels like. However, would you really say it would be different if a Belgian went to your country of origin, wouldn't he or she face the same problems you did/do? Just so you know, I'm a foreigner living in Europe for about 3 years now and I've been through a lot, but I don't think it'd be any different if an European moved to my country.
@TheRamosOnline Idk? Tell you're girl to cut her hair?
I always forget that her costume is her hair. Weird.
@Silfalas if you speak english you dont need subtitles..the game is in english
This game made me climax all right ;-)
Bayonetta: The game where witches are the good guys, and angels are evil. And somehow the game never sparked controversy from that.
He generalized Japanese culture with almost nothing positive to say except for "there are warm and kind japanese but they are a minority" and you're defending him? Or her, for that matter?
but even for not being european, she did look similar to bayonetta, and that was one of the best commercials ever!!!
@BBoy2020 Everyone was too busy masturbating to notice.
That song is catchy and the game is awesome
Cosplaying her for fanime this year
It would almost invariably end up in sex. Followed by regretful heavy drinking and consequently large amounts of drunk dialing.
The point was to say that the person who made the first coment didn't say something that is not truth. It may be applied to any country, yes, but that doesn't mean that what he said is a lie. I don't want to argue about this ridiculous topic and I most definitely don't want to insult someone. So let's just say I have my opinion on what he said and you have your. here, for every1 love trap =))
The "girl" in this comercial is actually a dude.
no... the game and developer is japanese, but was americanized ... I Think..
@alvisplacebo Oh, I'm pretty sure girls like Bayonetta, too. Like me :D And boys probably like Dante, too. I bet everybody would go gay for these two...
Anyone know the name of the song?
what women wouldn't want to be her! I would and im a girl >.< i want to be her!!!!
And this is why sega should make a second one
Cosplay girls beauty mark is on the wrong side of her face
I imagine the live-action sequences would be the graphical quality of the sequal if one were made. Now THAT would kick multiple forms of ass.
@harlsandivy I speak english but my television speakers are total shit so I need them.
0:21 "Non-stop climax action" Hahaha.
@alasredeye as opposed to TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION....
Dude, there are few Asian girls that have slender, toned butt and C or D-cups...
Japanese commercial, Japanese actress, it ain't hard bro.
anyone know the music used behind this video? Id appreciate the name of artist and song title?
The very PEAK of excitement. Like when a song gets really pumped at a certain point.
I take it no one knows the model's name yet...
is this anime? no wonder how i magikaly loved this game!
Live action my ass,there's no way shes real
that's where you're wrong. have you ever travelled to any african country and saw it for yourself? africans that are undereducated, which is the majority, pretty much worship europeans. as annoying as that is i'm just stating the truth. that's mostly because the only image they know of white ppl is as problem solvers, coming to make their lives easier with aid, medicine etc. they do not know, nor are intersted in their real nature. when you're busy trying to survive you don't have time for that.
The song is called "Something Missing" by MiChi (Album: UP TO YOU
I am a long running dmc fan. Is this game good?
Does anyone know the song in this commercial?
@ArtisChronicles lol! id get dante high then steal Ebony and ivory.
well as an african, muslim woman who lives in europe (that's 3 economical handicaps in a row lol), i consider belgium to be very tolerant as long as you conform. the people here aren't bothered by those foreigners who let go of their cultures and worship the belgian one, adapting simply isn't enough. otherwise it would be practically impossible to get a job. so in terms of racism, they are the worst. obviously they are the ancestors of white americans so that pretty much speaks for itself.
0:20 Nonstop climax action?? O_O
Believe it or not, the person in the live action is actually a dude.
I'm about to buy this game. Do you know if every version has subtitles?
I don't see you asking other people about it. If you don't know it than you look it up yourself.
what's racist about not being obsessed with the japanese? they are not a race, they are a culture so i can say whatever i want about them. btw, i was writing about anime in general, i could care less about bayonetta. look, anime is a very lucrative business, and as with all businesses, it's just smart to target a group which has the money and the spotlight. anime would look completely different if the world was run by hawaiians for example. sorry but that's just reality.
Snake: I rule, Non-Stop-Espionage Actoion! Dante: No I'm better, Non-Stop Stylish Action! Bayonetta: Hey boys, Nonstop Climax Action! Dante, Snake: ... Bayonetta: Do you want to TOUCH me? Dante, Snake: GOD YES
Rather then placing the blame on individual countries or specific group of people it's better to just remember the entire world as a whole is intolerant and violent if you're a minority or stranger to any different place. Of course that's not to say one should only look on the bad sides of the world.
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