This is... The Walking Dead Episode 1

by Rooster Teeth • 243,307 views

Geoff and Ray take a look at the newly released episodic Xbox Live Arcade game "The Walking Dead."

Where is a video of ray playing this? I would love to see his reaction while playing
I started playing this game like a week ago and finished episode 4 earlier today. I put off on it cause to me, it seemed massively overhyped like with the whole "60 game of the year awards" or whatever the fucking high ass number was. And it still seems that kinda way to me atleast. The story is pretty damn good and all but story alone, atleast to me, doesn't make a game. It's still a good game and I will finish playing all them but I still don't see it as a game of the year game when it's a series of cutscenes where you occasionally hit a button to talk or shoot or whatever. That's just me though, it's still a good game, both as a fan of the series and an avid gamer.
Have you finished it yet?
look at the date -_-
have this game, not that easy to play, no real intro telling you the objective, you figure it out, but it's kinda boring.
I came from podcast 222 cuz they said Ray cried during the walking dead
Aw... Geoff is so emotional when there's kids involved.=')
I do not recomment Geoff watching the Modest mouse- Little motel video... It made me cry and I'm not even a parent.
1:50 - 2:05 Somebody please show Geoff the entire of Episode 5, i believe that'll change his mind on this subject :)
your a meanie geoff! you dont like walking dead it is my favorite game!
Uh... this isn't a Let's Play. "Fucking ass hole".
If that ever happens, every single one of us is just going to bawl.
are you retarded the comment i replied to said "right now it's free" i wanted to know what this game was free on console or pc dumbshit so now don't you feel stupid
if i havnt seen the tv show or read the comics should i get this
TVShow is shit in my opinion but you can like whatever you want however I don't see how you liking the show has anything to do with what were talking about. So after choosing to discard your previous argument that the show is based on the comic you suggest that the comic is INDIRECTLY responsible for the game...Ok so by that logic september 11th only happened because of the Wright brothers and the only reason war exists is because the Chinese invented gunpowder... Yeah that makes a lot of sense!
I never saw this video until now.
Ha! I got NO FREAKING TROPHIES,beat that...Seriously,nobody got 0 throphies.
the show kind of sucks the game and comics are good
Yes, it's entirely different story, then the actual Walking Dead.
Decisions in this game don't change the story at all, and there's no gameplay other than dialouge and quick time events. There's no actual game here!
Geoff would have a nervous breakdown if he played the entire game...
And please tell me how would one who "pays attention" be expected to know that supposed "fact" anyway? I don't think they ever mentioned in the show: "hey this ISN'T supposed to be like the comic book" if anything their ad campaign was the exact opposite and sale for the graphic novels have skyrocketed since the series was announced so it sounds to me like you're just a dumb ass reaching for stupid arguments.
Yeah, the second after i posted that i just rememberd. haha
Wait, why does Geoff hate The Walking Dead?
By having something called a different opinion?
This is... The Walking Dead : Episode 5 should be out and i want Geoff reaction at the last chapter of episode 5
Not exclusively no but there should be a balance of both action and dialogue otherwise it gets to a point where it feels like filler. Zombies aren't famous because they make people scared and vulnerable let's be fuckin serious here. And if that's the whole point then why give it the same title and say it's based on the comic? They started the first episode exactly like the comics but that was it after that they completely deviated for no reason so i don't think that was "the whole point"
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha "jumped down 14 stairs on a thin fucking piece of wood with wheels" hahahahahahahahaha I bet you cried when you scraped your elbow dude you sound like a fucking 8 year old with identity issues go suck your dads dick kid.
no that's too simple, you can't just kill John Connor, you have to go back in time and kill his mother, it's the only way.
The character called Leland in the 400 DLC looks like an old version of Joel.
no i was aking what they meant. my tropht thing says there are 40 trophies to collect.
Holy shit its good to see someone like this. With all the praise the game gets from even myself its good to see that somebody on the internet has a different opinion on this game.
its her babysitter not her mom haven't you ever watched the end of the series
I like ray more now that i know that he likes the walking dead
Are you guys gonna do a 'This is...' For the new demo for The walking dead 400 days?
@dsol22 Ray did..watch the latest AHWU
Two dimensional characters not well adapted from the books at all,just flat out bad acting, constant boring dialogue (seriously it's like 40 fucking minutes of dialogue per episode it should be called the fucking TALKING dead), weird plot holes, a drawn out plot-line with constant deviations from the comic book story and little retards like you all over the world think it's god gift to television.
Geoff should not play the ending!
Lol Geoff at the start.freaking out
omy god you skydived and jumped down some stairs try fighting off two seniors when Im only in eighth grade and weigh 74 pounds then we will talk about bravery
You don't fuckin know me bud i don't even play Cod and since when did playing Cod become an insult anyways? You know what bud you're a fuckin retard i'm not even gonna bother with you what you think you're the fucking authority on a proper zombie narrative go SUCK A FUCKIN CHUD go ask George A Romero if he prefers the tv show or the comicbook you fuckin dumb asshole.
Let's be honest here if the show didn't exist there would be no game.
It's a "this is." Meaning that they talk about the game and the achievements in the game. Do you see a "let's play" or "gameplay" in the title? No. You're obviously the asshole.
the end of episode 4 made me cry
Glenn from the game is from the show the end shows how he ends up at Atlanta
If you'd read the comics you'd know they're all black and white.... therefore that's just a shitty excuse.
I never understood why people put stupid dangerous decisions and bravery in the same category. The bravest thing I have seen is a friend of mine who told off a drug dealer to defend his junkie brother. Druggy or not he loved his kin enough to risk himself.
Dislike Walking Dead too Geoff.
sad ending the carectars name is lee and lee dies in episode 5 and that is the ending of the episode in episode 5 ghost robo played all the episodes
hmm just see what they tell you on the screen Y X A B hmm find a omputer game there use those keys in a normal game idiot its CONSOLE not pc
My favorite game of all time
How do I download this on xbox. :( I can't find it!
If you show all the comments you'll take 27 min scrolling down
Hating someone for his honest opinion can be kind of dumb in some cases...
*SPOILER ALERT* The comments contain many spoilers about the game's plot. If you don't want it spoiled to you, don't read comments.
i don't think you realise that their company mains on xbox 360, not ps3
Who else cried to this game....? be honest....
You're such an Arsehole, I really hope you learn a harsh, brutal lesson you sanctimonious prick, stop acting all hard on Youtube and go serve in the Army and risk your life for your country instead of shouting shit from behind a computer screen. Geoff is a fucking Hero, and one of the best fathers there is for caring about his Daughter over the smallest of things, Geoff = Massive Respect.
Fought Dragons and Mythical Creatures in Skyrim BITCH!
You say a great game has "SHITTY GRAPHICS" and say that one of THE masterpieces of modern day filming is shit with NO evidence to back it up? go back to playing CoD, kid.
Your spelling and sentence structure is atrocious, here, let me help you. Also, how am I a pussy? You don't know what I've done! I've skydived, fought for my girlfriend, and jumped down fourteen stairs on a thin fucking piece of wood with wheels! What have you done bitch? See? Isn't that much better?
I wipe my soiled asshole with these hideous piece of shit graphics.
This game is the best game of 2012 in my opinion
I fucking hate the show it sucks ass and is absolutely NOTHING compared to the comic. And this game does have shitty graphics i don't see how you can even deny that fact. So why don't you shut the fuck up cuz it seems to me every time you open your fucking mouth you shove your foot in it.
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