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ODST CoOp Playthrough - w/ Gassy and Kootra Part 3 (Live Commentary/ Multiplayer)

by GassyMexican • 19,562 views

Since we've been thinking about doing it for awhile now, here is us finally playing the Halo 3: ODST co-op campaign on legendary (with some extra fun skulls on ;D). Watch as we sneak around the...

First tocomment in 2 years.... Hi gassy
gassy is amazing with the alien carbine thingy
are you guys going to do firefight? i think it would be fun.
I never knew the plasma pistol did that to shields. Now I know I am a noob
@GigaoBowser im sure it feels much different being under 300 than it does any other number.Sounds like u care about the video
thats the sneakiest hunter ever!
im sorry but gassy did most of the killing
Nah I don't think its the voice from avatar I think that's Nix from inFamous 2
gassy mexican has uploaded 3 videos in one session? I must go make a mexican hot pocket to honor him
eatin carmel corn watchn creatures
Hunters in ODST are frigging terrifying.
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