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Zombie Vegan Attack!

by Epic Meal Time • 2,232,546 views

LIKE/FAV this video! (The Return of MusclesGlasses part 1) Bad News for the EpicMealTime crew as they get swarmed by vegans trying to "convert" these drunken meat-eaters to vegetarianismismism. Who...

Animals are suffering and going through torture so people like this can have "fun" ... we are truly creating hell on earth for the animals. Epic Fail Time.
+Enchanted ॐ sorry boo, 90% of the the grains, of which we can use 80%, we could use for feeding the third world countries. You are the stupid one
I'm not the stupid one. You're.
I find it really strange how they know that "bacon gives you high cholesterol", "meat is murder" yet they won't change. 
+Marlon shishishishi nigga, you can't handle my swag fists. My Yolo kicks will send you flying to China. Get gg ez rekt.
+Makoto Kazuki oh shiz sorry brah ill back down mmy homie
As a vegan, I found this funny. I laughed at "come see my Ska band friday night!" and "Dont! They can smell the compost." I dont think these guys have anything against vegans. Comments I see on here like "Fuck vegans!" though, are really offensive. What is so bad about wanting to minimize suffering and distress? I live a healthy lifestyle that benefits everyone, so there is no reason to be hateful towards vegans as a whole.  Yes, I believe that everyone should be a vegan, but no, I am not going to force it down your throat. 
(I'm just saying i found this hilarious but i just want to bring up a valid point here) Are you calling Paul McCartney, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Ringo Starr, Mohandas Gandhi, Bob Marley,  Billy Idol,  George Harrison, John Lennon and a lot of other famous people, weak? I mean, ALL of the beatles are/were vegans/vegetarians. 
Vegans are not vegetarians! Vegetarians eat only vegetables, vegans don't eat any product from they are weak!
as a vegetarian i laughed so hard at this video. and for people who think harley has something against vegans, Harley is very good friends with smosh and anthony happens to be vegan so theres that fact. this video is just for comic relief he didnt mean anything by it! again i've been a vegetarian for 8 years and i am not offended. in fact i find these videos hilarious and GENIUS. im not saying everyone should become vegetarian, thats for you to decide :) 
+Og Mudbone no hes vegan he eats fake chicken check out his recent videos :)
He or she? Well they are right, i've been ovo-lacto vegeterian for 2 years and there is one thing i can actually say about it. It's just like a bussiness, not for everyone ;)
Lol this is so insulting.
And +David Dimalanta​ I like that.."different culters need different awareness" nicely said.
comedy is offensive. That is the whole point of comedy. Jokes are made at another party's expense
"omg lets make fun of people who are healthier than us, aren't contributing to the destruction of this earth and animals suffering like we are. lolol fuck the earth and animals and living past the age of 50" ...stupid cunts
Joe K Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Oh... if only MusclesGlasses was back to stay...sniffle
In response to the handful of self-righteous douche-bags in the comments, I'm gonna go ahead and quote Denis Leary. "Eggplant tastes like eggplant. But meat tastes like murder and murder tastes pretty god-damn good, doesn't it?"
  They made a slight mistake in this video. The vegans would have been the ones tearing apart the fat guys. Ever heard of Mike Tyson?  He is vegan, and so are many other UFC fighters.  If these guys want to eat like imbeciles they are free to do so, but don't go around trash talking people who actually give a crap about their health.  It would be like a meth addict making fun of everyone who doesn't smoke meth.
Yeah, because all vegans are hippies... :/
I think even the vegetarians laughed. How do I know?  Because I laughed, really, really hard.
This is actually pretty funny coming from a young vegan herself.
Man meat-eaters are insecure.
Lol @ people calling vegan food bland. So you hate eating watermelon and apples and bananas and almonds and dried fruit because it's just too bland, right? :P
Vegans aren't weak 😹 most body builders go vegan so they can gain more muscle and get healthier😋
If vegans want to protect animals so much why not just create some kind of biological weapon to kill all meat eaters or straight up murder us, because peaceful protest is working so well and all.
+Joe K Actually that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard
+Freddygun Idrahil Really how so? Are you an 'evil speciesist'? ;-) Academic halfwits of an animal rights/radical environmental ideology argue all the time for an anti-natal view and that humans should not exist because we are so 'immoral' etc. For example, there's this idiot -
Lol we have canines for a reason
Our canines aren't for eating dead animals you fuck smh
+Freddygun Idrahil i guess your right...................because i use them to bite into your mothers ass
It's funny because veganism is a sin against evolution.
Lovin' the gal in the pink yoga pants~  ¦)
I'm such a cliche vegan because I related to almost all of the things the vegan zombies said. Funny video.
I don't know what that was about but I have a pretty epic vegan cooking video on my channel. It covers everything you need to do and eat fast fast fast fast fast and easy.
What I dislike is that if vegans did this with meat eaters then they could call it insulting but when epic meal time does it vegans can't call it affending
Meat-eaters have a hard time taken a shit than Vegan.. So Ha!
Haha yes! Hope vegans cry inside when they see my pic. Tasted great!
I'm a vegan for health not to save the animals or anything so it really doesn't bother me.
So MusclesGlasses left twice?
Lol my boyfriend's vegan and he laughed at this! He also made a pescetarian out of me. Love him 😍
As an omnivore, I have no problem eating vegetarian animals. It's comforting to know that if world hunger becomes a problem, we can eat the vegetarians and vegans. Also, are vegans allowed to use breast milk for their babies? That is an animal, (the human animal), byproduct.
+Freddygun Idrahil Okay, keep in mind that I'm stating that humans are omnivores and not just carnivores. There's a key difference there. Bears, for instance, are omnivores, as well as some of our closest ape cousins, including chimps. Our mouth's anatomy resembles those types of animals more closely, as opposed to say a wolf, (a carnivore). Bears, chimps, among many others, have teeth for tearing and grinding. I don't have the pH numbers handy, but the stomach of an omnivore also contains hydrochloric acid with a very low pH. As far as the salivary glands, you're comparing them to that of a carnivore, and not an omnivore. The saliva of omnivores is obviously going to contain enzymes and liquid to aid in the digestion of both meat and plant material. As far as sweating goes, chimps sweat through their pores like humans. Chimps are omnivores and not carnivores. Bears do not sweat and are omnivores. Sharks do not sweat, and are carnivores. Comparing the physiology of sweat is not really a strong indicator of whether or not a species is carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous. And to say that the consumption of meat by humans is what causes us to have heart disease and cancer is absurd. Please cite the extensive studies that have shown that the consumption of any meat by humans is the primary cause of heart disease and cancer. I'd be willing to bet that even vegetarians and vegans are able to suffer from such diseases while avoiding meat products. The main thing that your statement makes clear is the agenda of the person structuring an attempt to sway others to their opinion and lifestyle choice. What better way to attempt to scare others into adopting your lifestyle than to say meat causes humans heart disease and cancer. I have tried to take your point of debate seriously, but it wore thin in your latest response. Show the evidence of unbiased research in your reply and also attempt to make comparisons that are worthwhile and relevant to the point at hand.
The dietary status of the human species is that of an unspecialized frugivore. All primates are the same, except one very distant relative who eats primarily insects. Frugivores have a plant-based diet which they rarely supplement with a small amount of meat.
Hilarious but so true
We need another one of these videos. Bring back MusclesGlasses 
I'm vegan and couldn't stop laughing, this needs a part 2
Dafuq!? They kill all vegan zombies except the girls? Anyways, meat is healthy with bacon.
"They can smell the compost" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
"Don't! They can smell the compost." Fucking lost it.
Never met a Vegan before?  Don't worry, you'll know when you do.  They tell you ;P
I really did find my people. Bacon loving, vegan fearing, hilarious foodaholics. Thank you guys. God bless.
Fuck vegans and vegetarians, if you can't kill an animal then how the fuck did you survive childhood?
nelumvia, all newborns drink their mothers milk.Unfortunaly, man has a strange habit to other species to kill newborns or use them for the dairy industry.And it is unhealthy for humans.For all animals i ask you,show some compassion.
i dont care neither for veganism or to prove anything with my comment about milk. Obviously its completely natural to drink ur mothers milk. I just told you you cant say u were born vegan, because thats like saying humans are herbivores, and they are most likely not. Not me, not you, not even science can give an absolute answer as to whether humans are omnivores or not, so please dont claim humans are supposed to be this or that. Whatever works for ppl is fine.
I got a good laugh, especially this part: "They weren't people, officer. They were vegans". ROFL! I'm vegan, btw.
Too people who eat veggie meat you do know that it made from MSG right? Plus your gonna lack of protein since vegetables are incomplete protein
sweet as, each to their own, more meat for me, cheers
Am I the only one who is upset about not being able to get a piggy back ride from Harley
It's so funny to see all these butthurt vegans in the comments. Guys, I've been a vegan for almost 4 years. Learn to take a joke.
Canadian police: Did you murder all these people? Lmao
No one can take these guys seriously. "I'm about to shit my pants. No, don't shit your pants, they will smell the compost." This is a funny video. I'm done laughing. 
Am I the only one who is upset about not being able to get a piggy back ride from Harley
I'm vegetarian but I still like epic mealtime
"Vegans are weak humans!" Actually, I'm a vegan. I can run a 5k in fifteen minutes. I compete in boys wrestling (high school) and have made it to the school charts. (In the top five.) I'm a fourteen-year-old petite girl. I actually thought this video was quite funny, just wanted to bust this misconception that many people have. (By the way, not all vegans are trying to push their diet choices on you. If any vegan has done that to you, I am sorry. It's rude and disrespectful. I will only talk about my diet if someone asks.)
I'm vegan and I'm sure you didn't run a 5k in 15 minutes... you could be olympic champion if that was true
+manhunt48 Your food shits. End of story.
OMG that was soooo funny!!!!
Oh no holds burger tightly Xc
0:20 was harley was screaming
As a vegan, I related to this and also found it hilarious. 
Fucking hilarious every time! hahahah
That reminds me of Mr. Meaty.
I'm a vegetarian and I find this hilarious x'D
I still wonder what vegans actually eat. The only things I can think of that they can eat it fruit, vegetables and nuts. How do they live without chocolate?
+EsBarto2 i'm a very warm hearted person, but eh, can't refuse delicious meat.
Lost it at "Buy my locally grown turnips."
I think it might be a little funny at the beginning but the ending is just over the top. I don't like to be stereotyped or pigeonholed, and especially if it seems like it's only partially ment funny, but also defematory.
Im A vegan and found this hilarious lol
I'm a vegan & Im dying at this. XD
Lol love this video makes me laugh every time #vegan  
Omg How they fuck all of this Vegan :) xD
Awesome video, also a vegan.  There were a few people asking what vegans do in order to get complete protein; this can easily be achieved by consuming both grains and legumes, if you're looking to bodybuild, rice protein + pea protein is widely available and cheap, and that combination is complete.  Also, hulled hemp seed you can get at Costco and is very inexpensive per protein gram, and is both a complete protein source + you get a perfect balance of essential fatty acids, which helps stimulate endocannabinoid production and testosterone levels.  
Yeah, just like any of the other various life choices I have made (politics, religion, job, where I live, who I married, how many kids I have), I don't need other people to make the same choices in order to feel secure about what I've decided to do.  I think it's valid to criticize the need for groupthink validation, regardless of where it comes from.  
The guy on the right at the end is holding a arm lol
I'm a vegan and I thought this was hilarious XD
and as a person like me that eats meat is very skinny. not all people that eat meat are fat
BloodThirsty Vegans??? Click on jazzmessenger123.
They weren't people officer, they were vegans!
I always knew I was going to need Emergency Bacon.
Muscles Glasses is long overdue for a comeback.
I like how the cop has a flashlight in mid daylight lol
All these people are upset about the whole vegan an I'm just like, "I don't approve of muscles glasses kissing that chick"
Meat is murder, Epic Meal Time rules...
Being a true vegan goes much larger than just caring about animal welfare. Food is now political. Decision about our food quality and environment are made based on money and power and some of us feel the only way to show these guys our middle finger is by taking away demand that fuels their bank accounts. Do your research. If you eat meat at least do it with your eyes open or make educated choices where you buy your meat.
LMAO muscles with glasses baby!! vegan attack boo yah
well technically vegans aren't people, you can't argue with that
hoping someone that you don`t know will die, thats bad ass
first leonardo da vinci didnt become vegan until later in his life way later and albert einstein still eat meat but mostly eat vegetables
vegans are fucking fuckers , we humans need both meat and vegies!
Wait a minute... Vegans are just weak people!
Vegans ... my food shits on your food!
Yay MusclesGlasses!!! You returned!
Yeah but that's not animal protein AKA bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips ...
Mmmmmmmm MusclesGlasses is hot!
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