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Darius Penta-kill by Chaox. (Darius release day)

by Keiffo Jackson • 120,661 views

Chaox scores a penta-kill. Recorded directly from a featured game.

Yeah, old darius right there. 
Lol don't bring in random unknown people to the conversation when I'm the one talking to you. Get your head straight kid.
Who would you rather the kills go to? The ridiculous late game hypercarry who's struggling to get all his/her items, or the slow bruiser who stays tanky but who's damage falls off by 30 minutes? And yes, I have seen far, faaaar too many times a Vayne/Nasus/Twitch/whoever about to kill somebody, then Darius FLASHES for the slam dunk instead of letting the guy who scales better get the kill. :D
Just kite his ass and let your poison do its magic. Pretty much anyone who can kite is good against Darius.
darius ulti is so OP that even a tank would lose at least his half life if darius overfed..i have tried it once and it was volibear so you know what that means...
any of you realize that alistar was "imaqtpie"?????
/watch?v=aem_yK5wPtw&feature=related penta with the ult dunno if u meant just ult dmg but he does ult all of em lmfao OP true damage ult that resets on kill.
i got quadra with ult only and then i was oom :(
tell me why this guy has the old pics of champions?? and her voice sounds retarded its like way different on mine sounds better and pics of the champs look better
this was 4 ultimates , he didnt have mana for last one :(
You can say whatever you want about me, it doesn't change the fact that it's fake.
i just got one in my first game with darius - but i didnt rec it*facepalm*
Penta kill? from Darius? Nothing new.
i was watching his stream when he had that he were exited as FUCK.
I got the same problem with u bro actually I calm myself that i will do them at brakes and then i speak with my friends and then when the time comes .. ''I FORGOT THEM'' :P
Wow amazing team this is a smart alister he stay on turrent to protect Darius if he go tower dive LooL
Have they changed the voice for the girl saying "double kill, quadra, penta kill blabla" ? It used to sound alot better than this rofl.
mess with the bull and you get the ACE
He does to some degree. If a darius walks into teemo land with a ton of mushrooms he is forever slowed and teemo can kite him for days. Even if darius does reach him, teemo can blind him countering his autoattacks.
There was a Nunu ultimate penta-kill on one of Protatomaster's weekly top 5 plays videos.
watching that lee sin flash and then explode in a bloody pulp made me tear up with joy
come on...why the hell do u have this player's icons they are just terribly awful
Lol notice the title is release day, nobody knew how to build Darius properly? You sound like a moron to because you don't use a set build you build to counter when solo top and what items would do best based on the team your against. Also of course Darius is your main you probably have the Noxian Guillotine disease where you spam R and feel fantastic.
You are a full pro, I see... You need help from your jungle, who must have a dash himself, in order to burn Teemo's Flash early on or you can't catch him with that combo. You also need to level up E earlier or Teemo has forced you out of lane already. You can't lose to much health during the process of killing him or you wont gain an advantage, because you have to back.
yeah and the amumu is azingy. so what? high elo games = high elo players.
I don't see you telling HannaStolt that dumbass.
which are the third and fourth champions on the owned team i cant recogniza dat shit
Ult is pretty interesting and he can be crazy if hes fed but pretty easily countered lanephase, still slightly op, may get some small tweaks but nothing too huge i quess
dota is balanced thats why? Compared to the other champions in LoL darius is op? In dota 2 I would rather half a Lina ult with aghs instead of axe's ult?
omg so true , i daruis main and hate teemo and renkton
well if darius flahses and pull teemo to him its good bye teemo, about nasus yeah its a rlly good pick agaisnt darius if u stack armor
I love how people say he is op but nobody crys about axe from DotA,same ult,almost all the same effects except the stacks
You STILL haven't addressed my argument. Oh well, if you think that you can win a debate through personal insults and not addressing a single point I've made (which implies you just lack the ability to) then I can't really stop you. After all, if you haven't responded to a logical argument so far, why would you start now? Discrediting me doesn't discredit my argument. Admittedly, this is amusing, but are you willing to tell me why exactly I'm wrong, or is this simply just a waste of my time?
lol you said that amumu aka azingy is awesome he gets wrecked every game and hes such a troll he ghosts other peoples stream he needs to ply ay his own game and not ghost to win JUST SAYING
Nope, no HannaStolt to be found. Waste of my time.
Fake, the announcer doesn't say purple team pentakill.
no more fun because they nerfed the fuck out of darius.
looool , are u stupid ? ahah u just need to do it once to get an advantadge, then its super easy, like i said teemo is rlly squishy, if darius gets an advantadge teemo gets crushed
(also this was done on release day, noone knew what a good build for him was :) )
watch?v=wC4XBt9QyTQ is a pretty grand 5 ult chain with Darius
I got one today with darius, but of course i forgot to start the fucking recorder!!
Who do you want to get the kills? The mid-game bruiser who doesn't scale (at least not as well, really), or the ADC who does? You haven't answered the question. You might laugh at the concept of not snapping up every single kill you can to boost your K/D - but what matters more really, is winning the game. And it's easier to do that with an ADC/APC who has some gold under the belt than with one who doesn't. Think about your teammates. Sometimes you have to choose to not take the dunk.
Darius doing a pentakill?? just a normal day in Darius life
i wanna see a penta kill with ults only xd .... still searching :D
It was downright Dariox right there!
teemo counters darius ? ahahah biggest joke ever, teemo is so squishy darius rapes teemo ass
Pffft, the league system doesn't actually mean anything anyway. I only decided to go to Bronze III from Bronze IV to test if the system actually worked. I preferred the elo system. I sort of tanked my elo, mid-late S2 by playing ranked pretty much as soon as I got level 30... That wasn't wise :D Btw, I do know how solo queue works - I'm Bronze III, not Bronze V. Such a massive, massive difference. Believe it or not, people actually try to win games here :D
i much rather go up against a darius in lol then go against an ares in smite or half the champions in dota.
This isn't going to be over anytime soon you know :D Btw, just curious, why do you say "bronze kids"? Specifically, the "kids" part? Isn't that a bit odd? Are you discounting the possibility that grown men/women could be in Bronze too? Are you so unsure of your own adulthood/independence/masculinity that you need to make fun of other people to establish your own authority? The amazing thing is, I don't think you can even understand what I'm saying! Nevermind, this is hilarious, let's continue!
Here is Darius pentakill with ults and not ks
Oh you guys Talking about how You can counter Darius. Sure Teemo, Vlad and Jayce counters him...But Can you kill Chaox when he plays Darius? NO!! xD
me first game darius .... PENTAKILL
What u want ? That OP Ulti killed them all
i think guardsman bob did one with darius. also on release day.
to be honest playing with this champ that guy is the cancer of league of legends,that bitch need a fucking nerf
No one mess with the bull or u get... Aced
It is Azingy. Amazing amumu player, always carrying 2100+ elo players with that jungle :D
Your comment is flawed. The items are for decoration. Any darius main knows this. Darius's only needed items are shoes, frozen mallet and G/5 items. The only reason for more items is to get a triacontakill from the other 25 champions added to the enemy team to balance it out.
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