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Fallout 4 Teaser Trailer

by 104 Productions • 805,938 views

Fallout 4 - Teaser Trailer Developer: Bethesda Softworks Platforms: PS3/X360/PC Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Coming 2013 EDIT: Because it apparently wasn't obvious to some people, yes this trailer...

Fuck you, copyright.
Because the trailer for fallout 4 would have graphics worse then the last game.
fake this is gmod its quite obvious look at the camera movements
+PrismaticDarc i didnt think it was real m9
wow 800k views on a fake teaser lol, holy shit
Anyone notice at all that this was GARRYS MOD... anyone, come on, I don't even have Garry's mod and I know what it looks like.
What happened to Simon and Garfunkel?
one of the best fakes i see. But still a fake.
How do you know it's fake?
че за говно я только что посмотрел?
fallout on source engine.i ain't buying. :D
Congrats you made somthing fancy in garrys mod 
I jizzed but then it got sucked back up. I thought this video was on the YouTube main page but it was only on my Recommended list -_-
4 тысячи идиотов! 
If Fallout 4 had graphics this crappy I would burn down their company.
You know its a fake? xD
Why do graphics matter? Even if fallout 4 had oblivion graphics id still buy it, id be a little disappointed but id still play it.
fallout 4 на движке source! Очень увлекательная игра под названием Garry's Mod.
Это гаррис мод. За что столько лайков? капец люди опомнитесь 
HOW THIS VIDEO MADE                |               V 1. Get In A House And Kill The Owner 2. Find And Open A Radio 3. Press é And Write tcl 4. Hold Backward Button And Press Always Walk Button                                             HERE YOU ARE
пидоры звук удалили, с ним было намного лучше, я сам почти поверил в то что это Fallout 4
Congrats you made somthing fancy in garrys mod :I
так fallout4 выйдет???или нет
Stop thinking you are so cool and you can deceive people by not writing that this is fan made.
Why is there no sound
В гарике такое каждый может сделать
this is no falout 4 this is gmod idiot
great work man! this is awesome
What's the song in this one?
+GrindCoreLou Ironically the song was called Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel
u r so stupid, Since when did Fallout the wasteland a huge desert became a dumbass forest and it would be stupid for creators to do this. Because Fallout's main idea was to make a world after a nuclear war. War... War Never Changes... 
its not stupid, you are.
Наебур жы есь...
+Ylke van Spankeren here's the video I was talking about
still better than fast travel, both of the games has a chance of crashing after several travels, have the vbird in a free dlc if its too much code for the disc
It's not so much too much for a disc as it is too much for the programmers, etc.
Lance Cokley Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
+Ylke van Spankeren here's the video I was talking about
pcgaming aliana Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
YES..YES..YES..YES..FALLOUT 4 NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN NOT WAIT!!!
Queremos un fallout 4 y cuando lo queremos pos ahora xD
Just because it says teaser does not mean it's real people lie
Even though I do agree, I have to say that it's probably much harder to program with their engine then Fallout 1 and 2's engine since it's much more complicated.
Reminded me a lot of fallout 3's trailer but I liked the enclave soldier there instead of the brotherhood of steel.
You can't really spoil a game that hasn't come out yet by saying who's in it.
ces vraiment bien fait même si ces un fake ;)
You know what all you fags who think this is fake you find a river next to the forest and a house in the forest and also find that armor in fallout 3 and new vegas....YOU CAN'T?? Oh than that must mean this is real you fucks..
you really don't know what a teaser trailer is do you?
This is fake. I think it's gameplay from point lookout that the guy made
Maybe it isn't the real teaser but damn well made! :-)
ive shat out more convincing trailers!
good fakery, You had a 10% chance of persuading me to believe your Lie
Even if it's fake good work on the video
This is Garry's mod, I HATE YOU
Because they are making in source...
I wanna know what fucking idiots fell for this. It looks like it was done in GMod, using a bunch of Fallout 3 assets. I may not like Bethesda, but even they aren't stupid enough to reuse assets from F3 into F4. I mean, seriously. This is just amateurish. Made by a GOOD amateur... but an amateur nonetheless.
F4 trailer with F3 graphics and models... Nice video but you didn't fool me.
How is it a spoiler if 3 dog is in it?
for a fake trailer I thought it was really good
The noise?? I don't have any audio for this
nice I actually believed it at first goodjob :)
Hmm, I liked it, even if it is fake :) Good job.
is this the point lookout DLC from fallout 3?
This video is fake the real traler begins at a bell tower as it zoomes out and at the end the guy ses "war war never changes"
Title of the song, please? :) Too bad they muted it. :/
fake it is in Boston the teaser is of a bell tower and other stuff
u guys should chill who cares id its gary's mod
Ahahha garry's mod!?!?! hahah nono! It's Fallout 4 Noob! Ahahah
No it's Gmod. i've had it for years, I think i know what gmod and fallout look like.
Ahh, they removed the song :/ If anyone wants to know wich song it was, i think it was this one: Simon and Garfunkel "sound of silence"
fake 11111111111111111111111111 ahahahhaha jk
Да вы заебали, американцы ебучие! Хватит тут писать, ебланы!
Well to those whom think this is fake, you are wrong. First off this is not a trailer. This is just a Teaser not a trailer. This was first spotted on the offical Bethesda Studios website. Second, The animations of the sparks flying off the radio is somthing that comes from a new engine. "Curretly with bethesda software you can't mesh that type of texture into a bethesda game without creating your own engine" which is highly unlikely that someone would would create to make somthing this simple.
What's the name of the song???
во пидары блять, заебали со своими ёбаными авторскими правами. сосите хуй!
this is how i discovered "Sound of Silence". Thanks for this teaser trailer!
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