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fan mail big time!

by 1puglife • 9,572 views

I can't say enough what it means to me that you guys are buying these stickers thanks big time thanks for watching!

Real stealth there with the name of the gal who was ordering for her BF. Oops. pologize
@crispyspa lol he could be on the redneck jersey shore
Thealexman ive been sub'ed to him forever haha
awesome video pug, where hasray been & how is he doing?
@AnnyaMoon thats Trinity i use her pic at the end of my videos since we lost her in october
I say Chooch it and Antler all the time at school and my friends are like "Dude, what the fuck does that mean" and I'm tell them to go watch 1puglife on the Youtubes. I've gotten one of them to watch you so far.
@BlankBrain 6:30 he says "Kate".... then Jenny at 6:36. . .. im not a birthday spoiler or anything
@1puglife Thankyou for clarifying that Pug, and Im so sorry to hear that you lost your Trinity.. *hugs* =(
Pug revealed the secret letter writter's name at the end during the envelope reading LOL
i never thought my wife really payed much attention to the videos that i watch on youtube, but the other day i was passing her in the hallway and she looks at me all cool and shit and says 'chooch it' and i about pissed myself!!! the long arm of the pugster has entered my own home!!!! DAMNIT!!! lol
frig ya mountaineers.. pug you are the man umong men, a god of rednecks and a hell of a craftsman
haha i agree Pug, shit's awesome buddy. keep them videos comin'. I have also gained some great new words in my vocabulary as well. Make people laugh everyday using some of your words. haha
You need your own sitcom on tv.
@DaveSlaz Unless the name on the envelope was really Linda.
lol i keep saying son of a bitch
The best part is at work i am sayin antler all the time now. Its only a matter of time till it makes it into the every day life.
Keep shitting out your ass, buddy. CHOOCH IT.
Aw that is such a cute pic of Abby at the end.
youur cutain behind ya looks like a big ass pair of long underware with crap stain on it
Hey buddy , i'll be sendin fer a sticker soon . I'll send a picture of the big bad choochin john deere 6420 that we hook up to the Mixer wagon on the farm ! Yeah, chooch it !
@chaseme81871 thats beyond awesome, sounds like ya got a good ole lady cheers buddy
@barriejimmy Why'd you post that same thing on like atleast three different vids?
You should start doing tours of you shop for the low low price of $10 99 lol
those soiled garments in the background are disturbing. whats the story on those?
@chaseme81871 Same mine just asked me to pass that antler, amazing never thought she actually watched was just in the same room some times lol
Glad to see ya got my letter. I look forward to getting my sticker...Yeahhhh Chooch it.
I bet the letter at 2:03 - 2:25 was from Valleyfever. Because he likes to cooch on Matt's anther every day. YUCK!
Hell yeah we have all learned a new vocabulary from pug. There is never a bad time for a CHOOCH IT!! or FRIG YEAH!! People better reconize, they better reconize till the poligize! Or they can chooch me where my nono stinks! YEAHH CHOOCH IT!!!!!
I say chhoch it in class sometimes, and random people are just like wtf are you saying dude!! lol.
7:04 i love it when pug whores out his video for me RIGHT ON BUDDY CHOOCH IT BIGTIME!
Pugification of the speakin' antler seems to be spreading... hmmm...beg my pard....
im glad your videos are still good, redneck rickem and blokes videos have gone to shit
That's just awesome man keep doing what you do!!!
keep shitin up ur ass queer bag
you're soo weird and homo looking! freaking jew!
press the 5 and 7 keys and you will laugh hysterically
USA has lost many lives on 9-11-01, now Japan has lost more lives on 3-10-11, add those two dates together and you go 12-21-12
pug y u selling stickers u must have no money at all u poor cunt
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