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Super Mario Land - Piano Rendition - brentalfloss

by brentalfloss • 112,927 views Seriously y'all, I make little videos like this all the time for my Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Also, I interact with my fans...

Is it ok if i use this in an upcoming video (Pokemation: The Spy who Swagged Me) (I'll give credit)
i still own this game, beaten it (at long last!), and I LOVE this.
Green black and green, hold it in your hand it's Mario Land. In 1989 this came down the pipe line.
I could so listen to him play piano all day long :-D so talented!
How did you know I've been wanting to find a piano rendition of this?!
You, man, ___. Left it blank 'cause right now I'm not really sure how to put into words, but it's something positive, do not worry :D It just... Touched me. First game on my GB Pocket -and of my whole handheld gamer history- back in those days, and.. Well, I'm happy you republished it through Facebook, or I would have missed it. Nicely done, loved the way you played it and had fun with it. Thanks for the video, and the fun times. Keep on rocking, you're great.
Now play it with a jazz organ.
You are really good! Maybe I could record myself on the piano.
Is that an Onion poster I spy in the background!? Bravo sir! Awesome tune too!
Lmao aww I only just saw this >.< Better late than never. Im disappoint no april fools joke :P
I really think that this is the best Mario theme of all time. Brent, you did an awesome job with this!
Brent needs to do Super Mario Land with Lycrics. With this as the backround music.
man, i love your lyrics series, but i you should do more piano videos too, i could listen to you play piano all day
super mario land overworld song > super mario brothers overworld song
really cool!!! I love this game! I made a version on the guitar of the ending theme of Super Mario Land, if you have some time to watch it's on my channel!...
your throat is controlling the piano!!!!!
beeeelt leeeeaaaaather beeeelt i just had to do it
@mattysillyer Rebecca black is prettty much always in the related videos of a youtube video in the "music" category.
This my first GB game Nostalgia Attack!
i've never played this game, i want to play it now!
This NEEDS to be on your next album!!!!! Introspective man in black and green or something.
Mah boi, this piece of music is what all true warriors STRIDE for!
@StreamLineVision yes I did. huge square see-through carrying thing with different compartments for games, protective game cases, the multitude of gameboy accessories. I had it all. *sighs* good times, man.
is there music for this? Because i would love some
How long did it take to play piano like that Brent?
But he has superballs. Seriously, that's what they're called! The quality dropped off like some kind of Mario knock-off!!!
Dude, I got a keyboard exactly like that, also, wonderful playing.
I wish i could play piano like that.Look at those hands go!
Maybe, but Ciccio! Flying heads! That displays a great imagination
APRIL FOOLS!!!!! XD What? It stands there under the video 1 apr 2011
that has to be one of the weirdes April Fools joke evar. What did we fall for?
Brentalfloss the Ben Folds of the game world.
@Cyberxion Maybe they just don't like Brentalfloss? Perhaps they missed the like button. Or maybe they just found the rendition too boring. Who cares?
it's pretty cool, though I have to say I like the faster bit more than the slower. ^_^
@TheMegamanhero The world couldnt handle his epicness if he had more time.
@Baalthazzar maybe he just needed to clear his throat?
that was beautiful i love when you play the piano and that song is one of my favorites i had the snes thing that you could put a gameboy game in and play on your console and this was a game i played alot on gameboy and that
I have this game! And a gameboy too!
"... 20 tracks of, Brentalfloss goodness..." BUY NOW, or you'll make Chad cry.
I'm an aspiring percussionist working on piano right now, this is the kind of stuff that you see that keeps me learning :)
I LOVE THIS THEME! I actually have this game, and while its a little different from the other marios, its still pretty good. The larger cartriges rule!
One of my favorite Video Game tunes. Love it. :D
Forget the 3DS, this bring back memories! *digs up his old gameboy*
thanks for the video, kinda slow version, i wish you would have picked it up slowly, then full speed by the end, but oh well, thanks for the upload regardless... a good video...
you should do a tutorial of this!!
Nicest guy I'm subscribed to considering he didn't just do something random to make me look stupid for April fools day. Plus the Jazzy parts were amazing.
The point I'm framing is that the state of portable gaming... was still just larval, this was a technical marvel!!!
Note to self: Start practicing piano more often xD
I prefer the underground theme from this game.
No, but seriously though, I do know exactly what you mean. It was one of the big things I thought might be tricky when me & Brent were first writing our With Lyrics version. I never realised it before, but the Mario Land tune is really a textbook example of how to write a looping melody well, it fits together in such a neat, natural circle that you hardly notice it's looped.
Sounds like a songs straight out of 1930s Jazz.
yay i have that game and i love the music!!!! it was fun although you coudn't save your highscore XD
Very nice rendition. I like your interpretation - keep it up.
ahh good memories i remember when i first picked this game up on the original gameboy............
We have Lyrics 101, now lets get Piano 101. I would love to learn how to play improv and write renditions like this. :D
I would buy a cd of you playing thirteen or so of the greatest video game songs ever on various instruments. One cd at a time though, one at a time.
Oh, I see what you mean. A normal butter knife should do the trick, but don't get crumbs in the clotted cream!
Just got my signed copy of your CD Love it! Shared it with my sister who now has a big crush on you! :)
I love when it gets all jazzy. Best part.
@Dustin Minjarez: Exactly what I have done. phenomenal! This was one of my favorite themes before..but now...Triple Awesome!!
YOU HAVE THE SAME KEYBOARD AS ME! =D Now I feel all special. =3
Why the hell is Friday a Featured Video???
Sweet Celestia's horn. THAT. WAS. AWESOME!
Amazing stuff Brent! I have to link another favorite rendition of this peice here, this guy sightreads(!) some videogame stuff in ragtime and embellishes it to amazing lengths. You'd love some of this stuff, as would many of these fine viewers, check this out: v=mPa4i-ASpqs
lol, and i thought i was the only person to ever play that game :P
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